MANILA: Free Postal Heritage Walking Tour

Every third Sunday of the month, the "Filipinas Stamp Collector's Club" conducts a FREE Postal Heritage Walking Tour of the Old Manila. So for their May installment, me and 3 of my friends enlisted ourselves in the said event. 

We were at the meeting place (Plaza Lawton- Liwasang Bonifacio) at around 12:15 p.m. The sun was out and we were not complaining about the intense heat because of excitement. We were kinda early 'coz the call time was 12:30 p.m., so we sunbathed waited and took this time to appreciate the playful fountain. We were saddened by the sight of the homeless people who found solace in the park. I used to pass by this area (via jeepney) for 4 years when I was in College and I never got the chance to really observe and experience the place.

We transferred and trespassed the "steps". We were reprimanded by the guard-on-duty because the Post Office was closed and you need a permit to stay in the area during weekends. We told him that we were part of the Walking Tour so he allowed us. He even said that there were this other group in the area for a debut photoshoot, they secured a permit from the Manila Post Office. I think it's for free. 

And then someone mentioned that we have to proceed to the Postal-Philatelic Museum and Library for a quick lecture about stamp collecting and other postal-related stuff. 

I won one of those
Afterwards, there was a Postal Museum tour. The tour was the highlight for me. Why? Back in College I have a "Curatorship and Collections Management" subject and one of our projects was to Re-launch the Philatelic Museum. I was so excited to see if the exhibit was still there.

thinking about sneaking one of those in my bag - bad!

Unfortunately, our exhibit wasn't there anymore. But the good thing was they replaced it with a better one. I remembered how filthy the place was before and how we had a hard time painting the entire room with Boysen-sponsored paints. I'm happy they maintained it very well.

After the museum tour, we headed for the Post Office tour.

The Filipinas Stamp Collector's Club (collectively) are so nice and friendly. The lecture was informative and entertaining at the same time. They even raffled out some pre-WWII stamps and I was so lucky to win one! Woohoo! They also gave some biscuits and juice for refreshments. Free tour and snacks?! Nice! The club is so admirable. I salute them for their passion in preserving our culture. They even asked us if what stuff do we collect and nobody answered. They were in awe and told us to start collecting and this will be your most prized possessions in the future. Either coins, stamps, phone cards (yes) and other stuff. The lecturer even said that the generation now is so hooked into techie stuff and they tend to collect facebook friends rather than preserving culture through historical stuff. 
Supposedly, we were to follow the prescribed itinerary in the invite but there were some problems. First, Mr. Lawrence Chan - the guide - was down on influenza. Second, due to heavy rains the day before, the Metropolitan Theater was left with slippery floors inside. So the option was, we would do the guided "Intramuros Walking Tour" instead or explore it on our own. The very diverse group chose the latter. Others went to Binondo area while others went to - I dunno. hehe. 

Me and my group decided to go to Intramuros instead. Honestly, I've never experienced Intramuros. I've been there before for NCCA gigs or for wedding receptions but never walked on the "wall" or the ruins. So this will be my first time. 

The "walking tour" - our own version.

reality talaga! R.H. Bill anyone?
1981 or 1861?
are they knocking down the original ones?

Finally! Meeting a Guardia Sibil.
So there, I finally walked on the "wall". It's a different view up there. Lucky are those who are studying/studied inside the Intramuros area, very conducive to learning. Such a different Manila compared to Padre Faura - my world for four straight years. 


Kudos to Filipinas Stamp Collector's Club for the passion and love for our culture. 

So if you have time to spare every third Sunday of the month, might as well enlist yourselves 
(and also your friends) to this very worthwhile experience.

Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club 
Manila Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila
Mrs.Josefina Tiongson - Cura - 0917 9800708 / 735 50010
Mr.Lawrence Chan - 0919-3901671 / L_rence_2003(at)yahoo(dot)com

Postal Museum and Library
3rd Floor Philpost Annex Bldg. Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila
Ms. Nena De Guzman - 527 0096
Monday to Friday / 8am to 5pm


  1. Sana makasama ako next time, monthly pala sya. =]

  2. yes! monthly nga ito. june 19 saka july 17 yung next. gusto ko rin magpa-register ulit para makita ang MET. :)

  3. ay sayang di mo nakita yung ginawa nyo.. interested din ako makita..

    intramuros is home. 5 taon ko yang inaraw araw puntahan. hehe

  4. hi chyng! onga eh, sayang kasi saan kaya nila dinala yung exhibit namin, "105 years of philately" ang tema nun eh. pero ok na rin kasi na maintain naman yung nilinis namin dati. hehe.

    malamang mapua yan kasi 5 years eh, engineering?! hehe.. buenas ka! ang ganda ng intramuros!

  5. ohmygod... ang taas ng post mo.. hehehehe. Anyway, I'll give you tip, make a collage on this, para ang reader mo di mahirapn mg scroll. Kasi matataas, just option lng naman.. Layout is nice, but you can try to make it not transparent, kasi mukha cheap( no offense meant) I will help you to tweak it, if you want to... thanks..

  6. hi tim!thanks for the suggestion i'm really taking it into consideration. haha. di kasi ako ma-techie masyado. try ko mag-collage. onga, di ko nga naisip yun. kasi dito sa'kin ok naman. cge nga, help me to adjust. super thanks!

  7. ang sarap balik-balikan talaga ng Manila! di ka magsasawa!!! and ang ganda ng ginagawa ng organization. Kudos!

  8. korek jerik! iba talaga ang passion ng grupo. ramdam mo talaga. :) i love manila too, pero siyempre kyusi pa rin the best! hehe

  9. Uy MET next time? Nice!!
    Abangan ko yung next talaga =]

  10. malamang ako din papa register ulit..haha

  11. Kung nasa Manila lang ako, sasama ako dito, gusto ko yung Postal Museum Tour.

  12. may ganun kaming telepono sa bahay. hahaha. ung nakakapudpod ng daliri. (--,) buti working na yung fountain sa may post office. (--,)

  13. @claire - we really had a nice time, pero malapit na daw kasi itake over ng philhealth yung postal museum/library and yungmga items eh i-stock daw somewhere kaya habang andun pa eh go na next month!

    @ka bute - kami naman may plantsa na de uling pa. galing! gumagana nga yung fountain pero malumot saka medyo madumi yung tubig.

  14. wow! intramuros is my favorite spot in manila.we should promote it yun nga macau proud sa facade lang ng isang church

  15. hi chris! maganda nga ang intramuros, maintenance lang talaga and dapat tourist-friendly.

  16. hi there christian! bale ayon sa sched nila eh sa june 19 at july 17 ang susunod na tours, that will depend sa weather of course. pero you can contact them thru:

    Mrs.Josie Tiongson - Cura - ( 0917-9800708 / 735-5001 )
    Monday to Saturday 1pm to 5pm only
    Ms. Nena De Guzman - ( 527-00 -96) Postal Museum and Library
    Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm only for parking instruction.
    Mr.Lawrence Chan - ( 0919-3901671)

    nagrereply naman sila agad...:)

  17. Nii June 19 may pasok ako.. =(
    Intay na naman ako 1 month..

  18. hi christian! malamang di natuloy yung tour kahapon. di kasi natutuloy sa met pag malakas ulan. next month ulit.:)

  19. gusto ko rin gumala diyan. magpaparegister na ako for the september 18 tour. thank you for sharing!

  20. hi anonymous! go lang, free naman:)


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