Back to school, Back to...

5 more days and then game on. The smell of fresh young bloods in a bright, crisp morning. The very first Flag Raising Ceremony. The sight of freshly ironed school uniforms. The neatly packed notebooks in a school bag. New shoes, new socks, new pencils and crayons. New faces but same old feeling. 

I should be excited by this time to go back to school and go to National Bookstore and buy some stuff ('di lang naman estudyante ang namimili ng school supplies ah! hehe). By this time, I would probably be cleaning my own table/space. I should be given my load and schedule for this school year. But I will not...

Instead, I will fix my things and leave my table behind or "pack away" in pre-school's term. The table I kept for the past years. The things I accumulated from 1,100 students for almost 3 years. The co-teachers/mentors that I will be leaving behind. My first ever advisory class from school year 2008-2009 that will graduate this year. And how could I ever forget Bryan? (Sino na ang magbabantay sa kanya?) I will be leaving my old school and just like a freshie, I will be moving to a new school.

Although I've been teaching in the same school for almost 3 years, I am not a permanent teacher. Permanent teacher -meaning- you don't have a "permanent item" from the government (Dep.Ed., DBM, etc.). You get a "permanent item" either if someone retires, dies or if they gave you a "fresh" new item (which is rare). Or you know someone who has a "pull" inside the you-know-where. You know right?! **wink wink** That's just the surface, how about the issues regarding lack of textbooks, teachers, classrooms and other deficiencies. Arrgh, I don't want to talk about Government issues here (ito ay masalimuot na usapin). So let's move on...

I have two options; either go back to my old school with my old status or transfer to a new school with a higher chance of being a permanent teacher. I weighed the pros and cons. I don't want to leave 'coz I don't want to adjust but I want a more clear career path. It was a very hard decision but I chose to leave. I went out of my comfort zone and went to a battle blindfolded.

Oh yes, 5 more days and then back-to-school fever is on. And I'm not going back to my old school. I will still be assigned to a public high school in Quezon City (hoping that this will be my permanent home). It took me two days to finally have the courage to decide. 

I felt anxious and jittery the moment I saw my new school. It felt like I was brought by my mom to my first big school. I met my new principal and she seems nice. We discussed a few things and briefed me with her "expectations".

Going home, I felt weird. I was so anxious and excited at the same time. Irony it is. But change is inevitable. We all know that.

Back to school and I'm not going back  to my school. New school, new students, new faces, new friendships, but still the same passion. Let's hope and pray that this school year will be a blast! Welcome new students! Welcome new teachers! 


  1. it's so hard to leave your comfort zone... it takes a lot of courage and confidence and for that I salute you ms. blissfulguro... i've been in my institution for 4 years and i'm also planning to leave but i don't have this guts to move... goodluck to your new school and God Bless.

  2. hi teacher j. are you in the same situation as mine? then go ahead! just leave. kaya yan! sayang ang mga benepisyo na dapat natatanggap natin pero hindi dahil sa sitwasyon. ganunpaman, kung saan mang eskwelahan, ang importante ay ang dedikasyon natin sa pagtuturo at pag gabay sa mga bata. pasukan na! excited na ko! sana ikaw din.

  3. sana di mawala ang gana mo sa pagtuturo sa public school di tulad ko
    pero nung mabasa ko ang blog mo naisip ko na ganito din ako dati kasigla parang ang sarap balikan
    naaawa ako sa mga istudyanteng umaasa sa akin

  4. hi there! sana nga wag mawala yung masidhing pagnanasa sa akin. mabilis pa man din ako ma-bore. sa ngayon, ine-enjoy ko lang ang pagiging guro at ang mga batang nakakasalamuha ko araw-araw dahil sa totoo lang, mas marami pa akong natututunan sa kanila...

  5. I miss schools while looking in the pictures. They so cute. Naalala ko tuloy ang aking panahon :)

  6. I admire you passion for teaching and your patience for staying in public school. We need more people like you.

  7. hi claire! i just wish na hindi mawala ang passion na 'yun...i've been into different industries pero dito pa lang ako tumagal ng 3 years...:)


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