Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod City

Saltimboca Tourist Inn is really famous in Bacolod. Mainly because of the cheap rates they offer. We reserved (thru text) 2 weeks before our trip without any deposit. Maybe because it was off-peak season that time. The texter asked for my full name for her/him to book us.

front desk
cozy ayt?
Before we went to Saltimboca, we checked for room availability at L'Fisher Chalet for that day. I read somewhere that their cheapest room is 900 pesos and based from the photos I've seen, their amenities are so inviting. Too bad 'coz the Vice Mayor's League of the Philippines were having their conference in Bacolod and all of their rooms were booked at that time (overbooked nga daw). L'Fisher's front desk is so posh. Sayang. 

So we went to Saltimboca Tourist Inn (check rates) and they confirmed our booking by asking for my I.D. The lady was so nice and she has this distinct Hiligaynon accent. She asked if it's ok for us to transfer from our booked room - the Garden area (800 pesos) to a Standard room (900 pesos) with the price of the original room, we agreed 'coz it was a free upgrade right? We paid 1,000 pesos (200 pesos for the key deposit) and a bell boy ushered us to our room. It was only 1:00 p.m. and they allowed us to check in.

pool area
garden area
The first thing I noticed was the front desk - Moroccan inspired. From the bright colors to the fixtures and stuff, it felt so cozy. Then we went to the garden area where our original room was then went to the pool area for our new room. The compound has this homey feel to it.

Standard Room
Our room was big and it can accommodate more than two persons. It has a cable television, drawers and cabinets, hot and cold shower and two beds. There were also some bath towels and other toiletries. For only 800 pesos. Not bad.

food coupon

And did I say that it also comes with a free breakfast? Upon checking in, the front desk officer will give you a breakfast coupon with their menu for breakfast. You just have to be in the restaurant from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. to avail of the free breakfast. No room service guys. I ordered Chorizo (pudpud) with Fried rice, egg (your choice) and a drink (coffee or juice) and my friend chose Sausage with Plain toast, egg and a drink. My chorizo was the bomb! It's homemade and it wasn't too salty or fatty with vinegar on the side. It has been removed from its casing so it was kinda toasted. It reminded me of Cebu's version of chorizo (grilled and with casing). 

take a dip - sayang... hehe
We also tried their pool. There were some guests who got envy and changed on their swimsuits right away. The free wi-fi access was not reliable when you're inside your room. For strong signal, you have to go to the front desk, restaurant or the garden.

wheel bench

Overall, Saltimboca is probably one of the cheapest inn in Bacolod in terms of rates but not in quality.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn (book online)
15th Lacson Street, Bacolod City, Philippines


  1. it pays to upload via flickr no? ganda ng shots, improving! =)

  2. I love the hotel design and the room! thank you for sharing:)

    And I agree with Chyng....madaling ang buhay sa flckr yon nga lang...lumapas na ako sa 200....hahah so need ako ng new account di cary ko mag pay...hhaha:)

  3. wow naman, thanks chyng! medyo kabisado ko na eh kahit papano, dati nangangapa pa eh..hehe

    hi sunny! oo nga kailangan gumawa ng new account pag lumagpas...di ko rin carry magbayad noh!

  4. ayiii! trip with boylet. hay! kelan kaya ako. char! hahaha! aylabet gurl. Take note ko to pag nagawi ako sa bacolod.

  5. hi maricar! magkakaron ka din ngmga ganyang moments noh! ang bata mo pa, enjoy mo lang yan dahil pag may jowa ka na...ewan ko lang...haha

  6. Your post about Saltimboca is quite informative. It convinced me to book a room there for March 23-26 for a Bacolod food tour a friend from Bacolod is organizing. Would you have their cell phone number so I can text them my request for room reservation? Thanks.

  7. hi there moni! thanks! you can text and reserve at the same time. they didn't require us to make a deposit. enjoy bacolod!

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  9. ooopss.. i forgot the number.. it's 0910-4903377

  10. Replies
    1. eek! pasalubong darwin... calea blueberry cheesecake lang bilis... hihi


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