Sights in Bacolod City

Armed with a list of "where to go" and "what to do" in Bacolod, we strolled around the city even if the sun plays hide and seek with us. Staying at Saltimboca Tourist Inn made it very easy for us to walk around and explore the city. 

We went to the Capitol Park and Lagoon, around 4 blocks away from Saltimboca. At 7 a.m., people are busy jogging, walking and doing some aerobics around the park. There was a loud music that you can dance into during that time. We can't help but be hyped up by just seeing people around doing their thing. 

man and a water buffalo
One activity that you should try is feeding the fishes (tilapia) in the man-made lagoon. You can buy popped rice along the sidewalks of the park for 2 pesos a bunch and go on with fish feeding. The fishes are so used to feeding. They are conditioned that whenever someone throws anything, they would grab it - thinking that it's food. Even if you just wave your hand, they would think that it's food and will pop their mouths up the water. We fed them and walked back and forth just to see if they would followed us - and they did. Cute. Dog walkers were also everywhere. There were also some sculptures around the park that were very interesting.

Paghimud-os (HIligaynon for "endeavor") - a sculpture by Eduardo S. Castrillo, 1972-1975.
fish feeding
dog walkers
We also passed by San Sebastian Cathedral. 

San Sebastian Cathedral
There are tons of things you can do while you're in Bacolod. Spontaneity is the game here.

try reading a local newspaper
experience trysikads
graffiti artists

'Till next time Bacolod. We really had a great time.


  1. aaww dogs na naman! kagabi sila din nasa panaginip ko! ^_^

    papapicture ako sa graffiti wall na yan!

    have fun in Penang! hope you met dec gelo!

  2. sayang nga kasi nasa van kami niyan kaya di kami naka stop para makapagpa picture sa graffiti wall! lapit na bacolod mo ah... don't forget the ruins huh?

    oo nga in-email ko si doc gelo, sana makasalubong ko siya dun:)

  3. thanks for the 'free tour' in bacolod via this post. my uncle hails from mabinay (negros oriental?) but we never get a chance to visit his province yet. ang ganda talaga sa probinsya dyan sa atin.

    off topic : i'm glad to see you joined chyng's anilao snorkeling trip in her blog post. i've known chyng for more than a year now, nakalabas na din kami about a couple of times and share common friends. we'll be in the island this weekend (sat and sunday). we'll be in queensbay mall on saturday before we pick up my dad at penang airport, then sunday we're planning to hear mass at immaculate conception near gurney (few min from your aunt's place) in the morning if and when weather permits. have fun in your penang vacation! drop by the buddhist temples here, your lenses will love them!

  4. hi doc gelo, it's nice to hear na friends pala kayo ni chyng... yung next post ko the ruins is so breathtaking! saya nga nung anilao namin, buti jumoin ako...

    when we get to penang i'll e-mail you sa mga activities ng mga thunders, hehe... thanks doc gelo:)

  5. nice shots carla! woot woot! ikaw na ang nagjumpshot sa hagdan. lol! aba aba aba! at penang naman ngayon. Have a safe trip girl hexcited na ko. =)

  6. hi maricar! ako ay isang julalay lang ng tanging ina ko..hehe..kaw sa bacolod for masskara dba?

  7. Wow, ganda ng Bacolod. I planned to go there last February to watch the game of the Azkals but global financial crunch hinders me to (translation: wala lang talagang budget). LMAO.

    And Malaysia naman ngayon. Wow. Ikaw na talaga! :D

    Ingat and have a nice trip!

  8. thanks hoobert! it's never too late to visit Bacolod... food trip ang masarap gawin dun:)

  9. fantastic shots! you make the city hall look really good.

    now i miss bacolod.

  10. thanks dong! ako babalik talaga sa bacolod para sa food trip!

  11. @ christian... saya talaga ng food trip sa bacolod...ibang klaseng appetite dapat ang bitbit pag pumunta dun, congrats ngapala!

    1. two years ang reply?! haha. sa KLM ata to... teka lang ha... *dory moments*

  12. maam, kamusta ka na? bka pwede makahingi ng itinerary mo sa bacolod. saan place ba maganda pumunta at saan hotel, any beach in bacolod na mganda puntahan or saan lugar maganda mag punta. TIA. ^_^

  13. thanks for blogging about my home city, the City of Smiles!


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