Hotel Roma - Tuguegarao City

The original plan was to go straight to Sta. Ana, Cagayan right after our muddy but amazing Callao cave stint but because of the weather and the you-know-whys in the Northern area, we ditched the plan and went to Tuguegarao instead. Our gracious host, Sol (who was Tuguegarao-based during her younger years), scouted this hip hotel in Tuguegarao. You will see why later.

it was Christmas season then
It was just the right decision to skip the 4-hour travel to Sta. Ana considering the weather and some foreseen danger on the road. You wouldn't know what might come up during the trip. We headed to Hotel Roma right in the heart of Tuguegarao city. 

count the beds
have you seen such set-up before?

We were charged 4,000 for a room which can hold up to 8 persons. With 1 toilet, 2 hot and cold showers, a television set, fridge, sink with cupboards, a dining area and a balcony.  It also has a free wi-fi. It's a steal right?

We were on the 5th floor and upon seeing our room we gasped and shrieked in excitement because of their unique set-up. It's so cool. Imagine, all 8 beds circled around the room and the dining table and chairs in the middle of it. We hurriedly chose our beds and played tag around the room (exaggeration :).

chyng's bed
doni's trying the free wi-fi
doni - ang pinakamayaman na bum sa pinas
view from the balcony
It was so spacious that if you move the dining table to the side, you can play Patintero. It also has a balcony which I loved the most. It's quite chilly when we were there. You can compare it to Baguio. It was that cold. 

We decided to have a quick dinner somewhere and buy some booze to break the ice even more (we were strangers to each other, except chyng of course). We scouted the area and saw nothing but the popular fast food chains. And then we saw this nice and quaint looking restaurant just right beside those food chains. 

doni, peng, chyng, sol (our host) and dra.ivy
It's the Urban Kitchen Restocrib. We went inside and observed that there were many diners. We ordered some of their specialties like the burger steak and the likes. Too bad they don't have any vegetable dish. The food was forgettable but the thrill of looking at our photos from the Callao cave was really fun. 

We then went around the city to score some booze. It was so creepy that at 8:45 p.m., almost all of the establishments were closed. We were asking the locals, "San po kaya may red horse?", and they were like, "Wala na, sarado na". We then saw a Savemore outlet and upon learning that it will close at around 9:00 p.m, we hurriedly run to the supermarket and we were so lucky that we made it inside - it will close in about 10 minutes. We scouted for the booze and some stuff and owned the supermarket for that period of time. It was so Amazing Race-like.

We went back to Hotel Roma and had a great time breaking the ice until 1:00 a.m.

Call time. 4:00 a.m. Whew!


  1. doni - richest bum sa pinas!

    and sa room - hindi lang patintero ang pwedeng gawin. pwede magpractice ng cheerdance! =))

  2. Astig talaga yung hotel ha... Panalo!

  3. Hahaha bakit nadamay ako? What is the meaning of this?? ^_^

    Namiss ko talaga yung room...

    Chyng, pwede na ganapin ang children's party sa loob ^_^

  4. hi chyng, pag cheerdance eh ang naiisip ko yung room nila dyanie sa dumaluan 1..hihi

    hi gladys! panalo talaga... mura pa

    @doni - maraming pwedeng gawin sa kwarto na yun... kahit mag tagu-taguan pwede..hehe

  5. I've never seen a hotel room set up like that! Ang laki at murang-mura pa. Btw, ibang-iba na pala ang Tuguegarao ngayon.

  6. .. kahit 12 beds kasya, ang mahirap e kung nag-iisa ka sa kwarto na yan. :D

  7. teka kayo pala magkasama nina chyng dito. nice. ganda nga ng mga kwarto. mukhang di na ako lalabas pag ganito ka ganda ang kwarto.

  8. ang ganda. First time ko ngang nakakita ng ganyang setup. Nice find. Mura pa.

  9. hi bert!mura talaga at may free wi-fi pa!first time ko sa tuguegarao and mukhang sumasabay na nga sa urbanidad:)

    hi rob - parang ang saklap kung solo ka tas ganun kalaking room noh? parang "lonely table just for one" lang ang drama,

    hi dong. mga 9 hours lang kami nag-stay sa room and mostly inom, tulog at ligo angginawa namin :)

    hi car! kamusta naman ang sumolo sa el nido?! hihi

  10. It all depends on the point of view. Very beautiful. Thank you.

    hotel roma centro

  11. Hi, do you have any contact number from the hotel? Thank you.

    1. I actually don't have the updated contact details. Sorry :(


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