Boracay Beach Bumming

Still tired from our Kalibo to Boracay transfer, we rested for a while in Ate Leonor's Inn and took a quick shower. We went out and promised to devote the first day for relaxation. Oh! I totally forgot, we don't have plans or whatsoever for the next three days. So que sera sera it is.

achieve nyo na ata, awat na.
takot sa araw
parang bata lang - asan na 'yung shovel and pail?
The scorching heat of the sun welcomed us on the first day and luckily for the next 3 days. It was sunny with no rainshowers at all - the best beach weather that everyone wishes for. I noticed how tourists were loving the sun in Boracay (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Boracay). People were either engaging themselves in water activities or reading books or just bumming around. Others, of course, were there to get that hard-to-achieve-tan specially if you're from the far north of the globe. They were perfecting their sun-tanned body and were able to sleep on the sand under the heat of the 12-noon-sun. 

tempting water
kita ang mga flaws kahit underwater
We stayed on the shades first and then took a dip on the clear waters. No one could ever resist the crystal clear and refreshing water of Boracay. We enjoyed the sun, sand and the beach - away from all the stress in this little paradise. We couldn't help but play with sand and fully understood why people are so raving about Boracay's sand - it's flour-like (the best way I could describe it). And the water? Oh c'mon! it was so clear that skinny-dipping during daytime would probably put you into trouble. That became our routine from days 1 to 3.

good job!
the only one we saw
the shade of power nap
live, unpretentious and raw tribal music
We walked frequently from station 3 to station 1 to check out what's happening on that side of the island. We tried looking for the sand castles that we usually see on friend's photos but we failed. The only thing we saw was a small pile of sand with a carved "Boracay" on one side. It might not even qualify as a sand castle because there's no castle (did I make sense on that?). 

Then off we went to the famous Willy's Rock on station 1 which probably was a good 20-minute walk from our inn along station 3. We were so dead tired and spotted this part of the beach where a tree provided shade for people who wanted to stay away from the sun. We took a rest and saw Willy's rock just a few meters from where we were. We then decided to take a power nap for about 15 minutes just to allow our tired body to recharge. The 15-minute power nap became a 2-hour power sleep. We totally had the best sleep for the last 2 days. 

The raw and unpretentious tribal music from a musician along with some local children cradled us to that power sleep we had. They used indigenous instruments for their music. It was so calming. We ditched the Willy's Rock and promised to go there the next day.

beach volley
ze scorer
The second day after our island hopping and helmet diving (which will be featured next) we agreed to watch the sunset from the shore. As we were looking for the perfect spot, we saw some group of Swedish guys (I learned later on) who were setting up to play beach volleyball. They were up against some Filipino locals. 

My not-so-shy friend joined the team Philippines and the casual game turned into an intense UAAP-like match. My other friend who knows the rules of the game served as their scorer. As for me, I just cheered and took some photos of the sunset and the volleyball game. I didn't even know who won until my friend cheered for their victory. The Swedish guys (two of them were really cute) went to us and congratulate my friend and us too. That's so sweet of them.

Dutch couple dancing while watching the sunset - *sweet*
my ugly feet in contrast with the beautiful sand
wishing it was my silhouette
another day
Sunset in a beach will always be romantic. In my paparrazo-like shot, there was this Dutch couple who were dancing on Adele's "Someone LIke You". They kept on dancing while watching the sunset and smooching endlessly. How can you beat that? Isn't that the sweetest? ]

Having the best weather, the best power sleep, the best beach volleyball match and the most sweet and romantic sunset - everything was just perfect in Boracay.

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  1. ikaw na! sexy mo gurl!

    kelan kaya ako makakapag bora..

    1. mas sexy and fresh ka sakin noh!

      tara boracay doni! free ako ng summer :)

    2. Tara beach na tayo!!! Hahaha!

      Ang sexy talaga ni Teacher Carla! ;)

      Anyways, wala na talagang sand castle kasi pinagbawal na yun.

    3. ay naku marx! lesgow beach na! salamat naman din sa "sexy"'... haha

  2. I miss Boracay na! Perfect place na magpaka-bum :D

    1. hi mica! oh yes... ang sarap nga talaga tumambay at mag-food trio sa boracay... im planning to go there solo for a week, tamang tambay lang talaga :)

  3. Very nice sunset pics :) Ipinagbabawal na kasi ang sandcastle-making sa Boracay. :)

  4. i love the last two photos! boracay is really very captivating. =)

    1. thanks kim! i love the term ha... "captivating"... it really is :)

  5. walang katulad ang paraiso ng boracay,
    walang sinabi ang batu ferringhi, di ba?

    i hate you, carla; you made me miss boracay so much! haha!

    1. tama ka diyan doc, na-imagine ko tuloy nun nasa batu ferringhi ako... di naman talaga pwede i-compare sa beach natin :)

      haha... hate me more doc gelo!

  6. Mam.

    I already miss visiting beaches with my family. I wish that we could visit Bora together with the kids. Maybe one at a time after the scheduled Palawan trip.

    1. yes bonzenti! go with the family... plan ko din yun... and with the cheap accommodations in station 3, go na talaga! :)

  7. Ganda ng shots mo Car! Love it!

    1. wow! thanks gladys! ano nga pala plans mo for the summer... text ka lang, wala ako work nun :)

  8. Do they have these many beach goers everyday or just on weekends? Where does Boracay gets its fresh water supply?

    1. it was my first time there bert but i think the peak is during january to may or the dry season here in Ph... about the fresh water thing, maybe the "environmental fee" takes care of that or maybe nature itself :)


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