Boracay Island Hopping and Helmet Diving

Our second day in Boracay started slow and we still got no plans or whatsoever. After a quick breakfast on the veranda of our cheap accommodation we decided to go and try Helmet Diving. We looked for the cheapest offer on helmet diving (there are tons of them around). And then we met Ate Rose. Ate Rose was our savior since then. 
To make the long story short, it took me 2 minutes to haggle with her and I got the helmet diving for a very good price. From the original 1,200 pesos for a helmet dive, I got a really good deal with discount. She gave in with my haggle and we were happy. She then told me if we would want to join the island hopping that day. The haggling went on again and I got it for 800 pesos each. The deciding factor there was the buffet lunch with unlimited drinks and beer (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Boracay)

the very charming Ate Rose
We were about to change into our island-hopping-outfit but then again, Ate Rose told us that the boat will be leaving in 5 minutes. We found ourselves not ready for what will be happening. No sunblock, hat or whatever. But we were still excited of what will happen. The island hopping will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the helmet diving will come next. Whew! Just like that, our day was planned. So what happened?
our boat and Kuya Amazing - he dove 20 meters deep to get my friend's mask and tube
ready na kayo?
First stop was the snorkeling site where we paid 20 pesos each for the "snorkeling fee" (?!) and gears were provided for those who didn't bring their own stuff. It was the first time for my friend Sheena - the curly one - to snorkel. She was so desperate at first and promised to do better on the second snorkeling site. She also dropped the whole set and Kuya Amazing effortlessly got it in just one dive. It was about 20 meters or so and I even tried to get it but kuya helped me. He even taught me how to dive with my snorkel set. Really amazing!

the first snorkeling site
ano'ng life vest?
may lahing sirena yata 'to - 'di uso ang life vest
Next was the Crystal Cove Resort which required 200 pesos entrance fee to get inside. Some people didn't go inside and just stayed on the shaded part of the shore. But for us, we entered and went into one of the caves. The cave was so-so but the view here is really amazing.

Crystal Cove Resort
ang lakas ng hampas ng hangin diyan
the "cave"
hindi natatakot dahil sa waves, takot na matalsikan ang camera ko na hawak ni kuya
Next was the most awaited part - buffet lunch on Tambisaan beach. We were really starving and we went back three times on the buffet spread. It had rice, cucumber salad, pinakbet, grilled fish, shrimps, pork and chicken barbecue and fruits (no pansit?). To top it all we had unlimited soda, bottled water and beer. Whew! Eat at your own pace, no time pressure.

Tambisaan beach = buffet lunch!
in fairness...
unlimited everything
And then right after the buffet lunch, another snorkeling site again. This time, no fee was collected from us. Some didn't get into the water and just slept for a good 20 minutes of the stay. We were not told on what time to finish. My friend successfully learned how to snorkel. 

After that, Puka beach was supposedly next but due to the strong waves, we just continued with the boat ride around Boracay. This was my favorite part. I sat at the back of the boat with the stored fuels and other stuff. Kuya Amazing settled on one side of the boat and we had a quick chat - still about snorkeling.

stayed on the back part - very devious
this made me wanna jump into the water and join the kids
Manny Pacquiao's (kailangan isama talaga :)
next time ka na
tired passengers
amazing kuya - tinuruan ako mag-dive sa ilalim ng dagat with my snorkel set, yung parang sa T.V. lang
So after the 6-hour island hopping, we took a quick isaw-break and Ate Rose signaled for our helmet diving activity. Arriving on the raft, we were briefed on the basics. We were all first-timers. My friend Sheena (again) got frightened because of the pressure underwater but she recovered fast. 

It was a good 25-minute deep down. There were some fish on that area and it was obvious that they just fixed everything down there. Well, we were there to experience the helmet dive itself and the view was just a plus. I think it would be better if it was really a marine sanctuary. But nonetheless, we were happy with the experience. The cd of our photos and video was provided after 1 hour - thanks Ate Rose for everything.

crash course on what-to-expect
the 30-kilo monster
not so clear photos but the memory stuck on my mind
sa bigat nito, nangalay ang shoulders ko for a week
Ate Rose helped us even on our third day when we planned to rent a boat and van at 10 p.m. We haggled but then my powers didn't work at that time. We still do keep in touch 'till now and she knows me as her "pinaka-kuripot na guest".

Allan B Fun Tours
Ate Rose
(+63) 908.567.4335
(+63) 916.265.4901
(+63) 923.253.4359
(+63) 36.288.4115

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  1. edi ikaw na ang hobby magsnorkel na walang vest. haha

    whenever i read boracay blogs, much awaited part ko talaga yung helmet pics - taga mo sa bato - yung tao nakahawak sa helmet. haha

    i miss you! see you soon!

    1. korek! ang sarap mag snorkel... naka score na ako ng sale sa boracay na snorkel set ehh.. panalo!

      miss you din chyng.. see you in 2 weeks :)

  2. Eto ang di ko nagawa sa Boracay, yung Island Hopping.

    1. that's enough reason for you to go back marx.. tara?! hehe

  3. sexy mo gurl!

    bet ko yung 2piece mo ^_^

    ikaw na talaga ang beach bum!

    1. naks naman... salamat doni...

      ang mga swimsuit ko same color palette kaya pwede i-mix and match **winks**

  4. I'd love to come back to boracay. :)

    followed you, follow me too. :)

  5. Ikaw na ang reyna ng tawaran! (Parang ang pangit pakingan haha) Exag sa pagka mura nung Php600 na island hop + buffet!

    1. haha.. maganda pa rin naman nina kasi may "reyna"... eh lalo na yung place namin, super tawad talaga ako, naging 700 per night nalang yung family room :)

  6. oo nga, ang husay mong tumawad!
    pansin ko din yan noong post mo sa accomodation nyo e, tawad kung tawad!

    gusto ko din magreef walking ni gabby! waaaahhhh
    peborit talaga ang boracay!

    1. tawad talaga! ang linya ko lagi, "ate, pareho naman tayong pinoy kaya pumayag ka na..." sabay smile... :)

      go na mag helmet dive, di naman kagandahan sa ilalim pero yung experience very unique :)

  7. been reading blogs about boracay.. and ung sa'yo aq nakakita ng mga presyong swak sa budget!!!

    ang galing!!! perfect pra s nga taong ndi maarte..

    1. tama ka diyan... hanapan lagi ng paraan para makatipid at swak sa budget (parang title ng negosyo show yun ah!):)

  8. hahaha!!! nbsa qn lhat ng blogs abt boracay ntin!! Ang galing!! pero ang pinaka da best sa lahat ay ang...THIRD DAY ntin..ung mga BOGSA moments n sa jonah's lng ntin ntagpuan...

    PERFECT...!!!!! bwahahaha

    1. oo teacher sheena, at sana dun ka nag-comment sa perfect booze post di ba? haha...

  9. i love your photos for this post! i must say that you've captured it very well especially yung pagka-blue ng sky. at ikaw na ang naka-two piece!

  10. great pics :D
    Nakapasaya naman nyo..Naiinggit tuloy ako..

  11. This little island offers an extensive choice of great Boracay food and cuisine. You can select among 150 multinational restaurants that offer a fine diversity culinary fare. Love all your pics! :)

  12. i enjoyed the tour reading your blog!(esp the pics) rock on!

  13. Boracay is sometimes called Paradise Island by some people because they felt like they are in heaven when they stayed there. There are lots of activities and recreations to do, and the views are really amazing! Time and effort are all worthy when you visit Boracay Island.

  14. All smiles, no doubt you that enjoyed your Boracay island hopping and diving! Great pics by the way. More power to your blogging! :)

  15. that sheena looks familiar.. parang batchmate ko sya from hs

  16. hahaha sya nga un.. small world.. -lee

  17. Pano ba ang tamang pag Snorkle? Wahahahaha (as if madedemo. Ehehe) Mas nahihirapan ako pag may vest!

    1. Hahaha. Ang hirap naman ng tanong mo Andrew... Try mo Youtube. Dami instructional dun :)


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