Boracay Endless Search for the Perfect Booze

This last post on Boracay will feature our favorite food finds and the endless search for booze on Boracay (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Boracay)


One of our favorite food stuff in Boracay was the isaw (chicken intestines). I heard that it's one of the best (the best isaw I've tasted so far was in Bacolod). Our lodging house was conveniently located near an isaw stand along station 3 that sells isaw for 10 pesos each. Not bad since their isaw was long and tasted good. We kept on buying it every time we pass by the store.  

we also tried tenga, adidas and baticolon
10-peso happiness
i can finish 10 isaws
isaw with banana


Next on the list is the famous La Paz Batchoy on Iloilo at Deco's. I first tried Deco's in Iloilo last January when me and chyng were there for the Dinagyang festival. And the moment I saw their branch on Boracay, I immediately went inside without even asking my friends. I ordered the biggest serving of Batchoy at 85 pesos (70 pesos in their Iloilo branch) and the big pandesal for 4 pesos each. Of course, I loved it. They also have free refill of soup just like in Iloilo. What's different here is that they serve rice meals which is totally forgettable. But the Batchoy is really yummy!          

Batchoy and the big pandesal
Tapsilog - not that good


And then there's the Boracay party scene... But I don't wanna "party" like loud music and people dancing on top of their seats 'coz it's way past my age now (I like to chill and have a decent conversation while having 3 or 4 beers :)

We stayed in Boracay for 3 full days and 2 nights. And every night we scouted every bar to booze up. In those 2 nights, we just found ourselves lounging in a cute little bar on the shore along station 3. In that 2 nights, we finished a couple of beers and some cutesy cocktails. We just got sleepy every time. 

People in that bar knew each other, and for 2 nights, we got acquainted to some of them. While paying our bill on the counter we heard 2 English men arguing about something (read it with a bloody accent) ;

English man 1 - You know the Civil war was the *%$#!@^ (garbled)
English man 2 - No! you weren't there, what happened was &^%$#!#$ (garbled)   
me (with a bloody accent) - Oooh! we have a History teacher over here that can....

They didn't even bother. Haha. But we wished we had that same high that they have. We didn't achieve it on that two nights. But nonetheless, we enjoyed our favorite chill spot at the far end of station 3 - where everyone seems to know each other. I loved the bean bags but hated the mosquitoes.  

yes kuya?
fire dancers were all around the area
English men who argued over the Civil war
our first night on our favorite chill spot


On our third and last day, we planned to look for the famous Jonah's shakes and pasalubong-shopping at D'Talipapa. At 9 a.m., we embarked on the journey to look for this shake. All we knew was that it's located on station 1. We asked some people for the exact location but some of them didn't know where it was. 

And then we found it! The famous shake in Boracay - Jonah's. Their shakes are from 95 to 120 pesos. I ordered the Banana Choco Peanut while one of my friends had Mango Banana (both for 110 pesos). It tasted really good and refreshing. Perfect for the heat. 

What made our day was the Mango Rhum which was my other friend's shake (also at 110 pesos). We were curious on how this one would actually taste. And when we got to taste it? It was divine. Fresh mango shake with a strong kick of rhum afterwards. It was just the right booze on a hot sunny morning. 

I finished one-third of my Banana Choco Peanut when a light bulb lit on my head - I'm gonna ask for an extra shot of rhum on my shake. I asked Ate Server if that would be possible and she nodded. Extra shot of rhum on any shake for 40 pesos only. Hmmm... evil grin...            

Kuya saan po 'yung Jonah's?
station 1 near Willy's rock
there's no "Banana Choco Peanut Rhum" right? but they can!
clockwise from left: Mango Rhum, Mango Banana and Banana Choco Peanut (no rhum yet)
So after a good 5 to 7 minutes, Ate came back with my glass full again, looked like they added more of the shake with the rhum. The taste? Hmmm... I couldn't even put it into words. It was so perfect. The rhum was totally not overpowering. It just kicks on your last gulp and it was really really good that every time we slurp our shake we did this sound - Tssss, Hoooo! Kinda weird but it was yummy with a punch. And it didn't stop there, we ordered 2 San Mig lights to cap it all off. And we had the best booze that we're looking for the past two days. 

After that, we looked for a perfect spot on the shore and chilled on the beach with our giddy acts. I even climbed the grotto and dove from the top.       

Rhum then beer
boozing up
Finally - Willys rock
can anyone score me this bikini top... pretty please!
Sheena sabi ko upo ka lang hindi higa 
Right after our noon drinking feast, we went to D'Talipapa to scout some pasalubongs. I bought a cool snorkel set which was on sale at D'Mall the day before when I saw this guy who paints on keychains. I asked him if he could do that on a snorkel set. He agreed and didn't even ask for a fee 'coz that was the very first time he'd do that. I insisted on paying and I won ('di naman ako ganun ka-kuripot). All I wanted was my name but he did put the word "Boracay" with flowers and all (na-excite si kuya).          

Kuya, Carla lang po!
On our last day, we found the best noon booze in Boracay and promised to come back really soon.

See you soon baby!

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  1. whoa! may snorkel set ka na!
    another whoa, may deco's na sa boracay. same lang nung sa iloilo yung lasa?

    ..and finally, kahit gano kasarap yang bbq jan, alam mong sa iloilo lang yung bbq with love. hehe

    1. whew! ansipag ko lately chyng... pansin mo? hehe

      oh yeah may snorkel set na ko, ayun nasa net pa din niya.. pero may maarteng name ko at boracay.. haha. at may deco's na nga dun at kalasa ng nasa iloilo.. yummy

      wala nang tatalo kay ate barbecue sa iloilo! :)

  2. Di ako nakapunta jan sa may birhen, pede pla puntahan yan! Hehehe!

    1. akala ko nga din nung una hindi pwede eh wala namang nag bawal.. :)

  3. Ka sexy! hehehe! ayan na nmn ako inggit sa mga shots mo.. haha!

  4. ten pesos isang isaw? noong elementary ako dalawang piso lang isa sa marikina! tagal na pala noon, ano? boracay pa iyan (seriously, dapat mura ang presyo sa lahat ng pinoy, parang dito sa penang--pag lokal ka mura, pag turista, mahal ang turing).

    nakakatawa ang kuha ni maam sheena! ambivalence lang (higa ba o upo? tawa na lang for the cam!)

    ang sexy ni maam carla! (am i allowed to post that?)

    1. hi doc gelo! 3 pesos dito ngayon sa manila pero sobrang liit so ok na yung 10 pesos kasi ang haba talaga... si ma'am sheena na isang values teacher pero nag rhum sa boracay! hihihi...

      wow salamat naman sa "sexy" :)

  5. ang sexy mo tlaga girl! kakainggit.. kahit sang lugar nagmimistulang Baywatch. lol! sabi ni Marx may Deco's sa Magallanes. Prang gusto ko manginain minsan. nakakamiss ang batchoy na yan.

    1. naks naman... may ganun talaga maricar?! hehe.. sa may alpha land nga daw yun, di ko pa din nattry pero siguro ganun din taste kasi nakausap namin ni chyng yung mga taga Deco's Iloilo, mga taga- Iloilo din daw mga staff dun :)

  6. OMG! 10-peso heaven! I'm feeling the summer heat!

  7. looks like you really had fun in Boracay! one of my favorite memories there is hanging out with the fire dancers after their work. :)

    1. hi gael! ako naman yung nasa likod lang ako ng boat habang nag-island hopping... :)

  8. Enjoy akong basahin ang mini-grandeng vacation ninyo sa Boracay. Did you find the perfect booze you were looking for?

    1. wow! buti naman enjoy ka bert...yes! we did find it :)

  9. na try mo ba ang mga eat all you can na may mga oyster at crab sa sunset grill ,sa bandang station 2 pag gabi

    1. hi melvin! never tried sunset grill... pagbalik siguro namin :)

  10. wow!! You really had a great time in Bora.. I really missed Bora.. Hope to visit this place again soon.

    1. oh yes pearl.. wanna be there too.. as in now na!


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