Caracol Festival 2013

During my younger years, the only festival I know of is the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City. My memory was not that exciting. I was too small to even see the floats and the street dancers. I hated crowd after that. I never liked festivals because of that experience. 

But when I get to attend the amazing Dinagyang Festival 2012, I was so amused. That goosebumps. That sound of the drum beat. It was all one big happy party. And when I was invited by marx last February 24 to experience the Caracol Festival of Makati City I didn't think twice about it. 

We met in a building somewhere in Makati (my Makati geography is limited). I noticed how deserted Makati is during Sundays. I was in awe that even restaurants and fast food chains are closed during that time. I love the contrast of tall but empty buildings and complex but quiet streets. We had a decent lunch on a fast food somewhere (again, I am no Makati-person) and hopped on a jeepney to get to the Circuit. It is the former PRC Sta. Ana racetrack. It is currently being developed by the Ayala Land (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Metro Manila).

We arrived at around 3:45 in the afternoon everyone is prepping up for the Caracol Festival. It's the first time I've heard about this festival and didn't even bother to research about it. Sometimes it's more exciting and rewarding to not know what to expect. We paid no entrance fee to watch the show. Hopefully it will stay this way.

A little over 4:00 p.m. the show started. Me and marx went around to have a good spot. The stage was reserved for guests and judges. We noticed that some media and trainers were positioned below the stage. And then we get to be in that same spot for whole duration of the program. 

We managed to sneak from the security officials and sat on the floor beside the media. We had the best seat (or floor) in town.  And then the parade of the participants started. There were elementary students, high school students and barangay contingents on the parade. And without any interim, the show started.

i secured the best floor seat
ang aking kapitbahay
The first cluster consists of 3 groups of elementary students from the city which were not named - only presented as their group number. The kids were so great. I particularly loved the kids who were dressed as bees. They were oh so cute. And as they perform in front of me everybody, I noticed the prevalent theme of the whole festival - the animals and the nature (biodiversity). The positive and negative effects of human interaction with them. 

my fave bee
the flowers and the bees
hataw bagets!
just cute
serious teh?
half wing
The next batch of performers were the high school students. There were 3 high school groups and again, their schools were never mentioned so as to level the playing field. I loved the performance of the group with "Cats" as their theme. There were "Panda kids" and "Bird tots" (that's me labeling them). They are the same age as my students. I can feel  the passion in their eyes and each move they make. I clap and cheer like they were my trainees. Galing!

Panda kids

Bird tots
"The Cats" ang peg
in character

The last group consists of different performers from 6 barangays in the city. Again, we didn't know from what barangay they came from. I admit, I underestimated them at first thinking that the kids' performances were the best part of the festival. But upon seeing the performance of the first group I was surprised how they pulled it off. Up to the last group, I saw the dedication and passion in them. They all delivered.

movie ending-like
hair antennae
production kung production!
the skirt that turns into an hour glass dress

my fave group and props - ang makasaysayang egg
Kudos to the Makati City government and to all the performers who made me feel less of a person. Yes. Me and my problem-with-mind-and-body-coordination. I was so inggit and the 3-hour show cuts like a knife (I'm so deeply wounded...knife... kumanta?!). I wish I was as good as them. I love to see people who are doing what they love to do. Galing!

We went out for dinner with fellow bloggers Christian, Elal and Joms right after the show. They also attended the festival. We went to Bagnet 8065 along Estrella St. in San Antonio, Makati. We ordered Original Bagnet with rice (105 pesos), Bagnet Spicy Gata with rice (110 pesos) and some beer. The perfect way to end the night. 

Original Bagnet with rice - 105 pesos (only!!)
Bagnet Spicy Gata - 110 pesos (only!!)
L-R joms, marx, christian, elal


  1. Wow kabisado ang sequencing ng performance. Hehehe! :D

  2. It looks so festive and happy!

    I didn't like Caracol Festival of Makati because I used to be part of the program since public High Schools in Makati were required to make a float and presentation. HAHAHA it was compulsory for me to join it! Kakainis :)) but I think I'd like it a lot too if I go as a guest!

    1. hi arlet! haha. mahirap nga pag ganun. since when pa ba ang caracol? matagal na ba?

    2. matagal na... hindi ko alam gaano katagal but mga 4th yr ang required, that was 07 I think.

    3. in fairness matagal na nga talaga! haha

  3. ang gaganda ng kuha ni maam, sana ma meet ko din kyo at makasama nyo mag photowalk. kainggit.

  4. The first photo looked like a painting. Hehe :)

    1. hi joms! it looks like water for me. or cotton candy. or maybe clouds? :)

  5. Beautiful costumes! And I want to try Bagnet 8065! :)

    1. ugh! i remembered the bagnet. nagutom tuloy ako bigla michy :(

  6. Wow, sa Makati lang ako but I missed this!

  7. wow sosyal ang festival nato! :D I wish to attend more festivals in the coming years. I find it so cool lng :D

    1. yes indeed. super nakakatuwa ang mga bagets sa mga performances nila. :)


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