Conversations with Ma'am Carla S.Y.2012-2013

It has been a yearly thing for me to create a school year-ender post. The first one talked about the 15 things I learned about that year  while the second one was about the 10 things I learned about that year. I was about to make the "5 things..." but then it was kinda obvious that the "yearly post" diminishes (in multiples of five) every year. So probably next year would be a surprising post about the "I haven't learned about anything this year" post if I didn't do something about it. But then...

recreational games - included in the curriculum
I am being paid to play :)
Name Game

Every year I get to meet so many students that memorizing their names would be impossible. Much more, matching their faces with their names. So it's either I call you by your last name or your very unique first name. 

The names presented below are the most common and/or unique first names of my students this year. Disclaimer. These names are based on their birth certificates and I have no intention of using it to be an object of mockery or whatever so chill ok? Take note that these students were born between the years of 1997 and 1999. Enclosed are the frequencies that the name occurred for the 10 sections I handle (almost 400 kids). Statistics lang ang peg.

The Mae/May group
Laila May
Jennie Mae
Glenda Mae
Daniela Mae
Aileen Mae
Peachy Mae
Abegail Mei
Shiela Mae
Alloha May
Kiara May
Patricia May

The John group
John Paul (4)
John Christian (3)
John Mark (2)
John Matthew (2)
Cedric John
Mark John
John Robert
John Roider
John Henry
Paul John
John Rico
John Adrian
John Michael
John Niro
John Dee
Rico John
John Cyril
John Christopher
John Erwin
Nickko John
John Henson
John Ace
Robert John
Peter John
Patrick John
John Andrei
John Dave
John Cedrick

The Hyper-H group
Khaye Christille
Jhon Paul
Yhoan Jhon

The Longer than long group
Maria Krys Corinne
Mary Joyce Felice
Mary Celine Joy
Lui Van Kenzo
John Paul Vincent
Roselle GJ Jabbar

The Celebrity group
Charles Darwin
Madonna Evita
Kelly Russell
Kim Gerald
Roger More (yes More, not Moore)

The I-can't-think-of-any-name group
Jeyson Jr.
Cruzalde Jr.
Reynaldo Jr.
Camilo Jr.
Nelson Jr.
Lito Jr.
Floro Jr.
Lazaro Jr.
Neil Jr.
Efren Jr.
Ramagmon Jr.
Noemi Jr. (female)

The Sure No-Hit (NBI) group
Thriecxie Mae
Alecza Xhandra
Khriz Chadisaun
Zenia Karizza

The Twins group
Allesa Joy - Allysa Jane
Celine Angelica - Catherine Anne
John Dave - John Robin

Vonne Dew
Krsna Das
Jahnzel Vico
Dhen Dency

the "notorious" kids are busy eh?
Creme of the crop

What's new this year? Well it's my very first year to handle the first and second sections of the Grade 7 (12-14 year-olds). The "creme of the crop" as they say. So how was it? Hmmm... Let's just say that I am shocked with how they reacted with regard to their grades. I am so used in dealing with students who do have failing marks. But them? They would shamelessly question me for their passing mark that they don't think they deserve. They even cried upon seeing their merit cards while questioning me about their grade. 

Some teachers would often tell me to "adjust" my grading system in those two sections. But I differ. I wouldn't "adjust" it for them. That's the problem we have in regards to those sections. They are so used to having the highest possible scores (even if they don't really deserve it) and would literally crash when they receive an "average" one. Sometimes they need to be on the ground to know what it really feels like to be up there. I appreciated the tenacity of the kids from the lower sections in those times.

bawal ang maarte

On an average, around 3 or 4 students per section (of 40 students) were Metro Manila first-timers. They came from all parts of the country and transferred here to study and/or work. And when I ask them about their hometown, we usually end up consuming the whole period just listening to that student. And that's how I learned about the beauty of Marinduque, through a student. I asked him on how to go around the island and the must-see places and I ended up doing my first ever solo travel in the province. If by chance you get to read this Edmar, thank you so much for helping me.

they really love to shoot hoops even without shoes
Intimate conversations ver.2k12-13

To cap this year off, I am compiling some quirky conversations with my students. There are loads of such conversations but I can only recall some of them.

Girl 1 (Grade 7): Ma'am bakit po sa public kayo nagturo hindi sa private?
Ma'am Carla: Eh bakit naman hindi.
Girl 1: Eh sayang naman po kasi kayo ma'am eh. 
Ma'am Carla: Ha? Siyempre hindi ako sayang para sa inyo.
(My heart was breaking...)

Boy 1 (4th year): Ma'am may nanligaw na ba sa'yo na fourth year?
Ma'am Carla: Ha?
Boy 1: Kasi ma'am 'yung mga katulad namin na fourth year ang gusto namin eh mga college na o kaya mas matanda sa'min.
Ma'am Carla: Bakit naman?
Boy 1: Eh kasi naman ma'am tignan mo naman 'yung mga ka-edad namin oh, mga immature!
(Oh eh kayo na ang mature)

Boy 2 (Grade 7): Ma'am thank you po sa grade ha?
Ma'am Carla: Eh 'di ba bagsak ka sa'kin?
Boy 2: Pero mas mataas ako ngayon kesa nung first grading ma'am, ramdam ko papasa na ko sa susunod!
(Ok sige... sabi mo eh)

(after announcing the top 10 of my class)
Girl 2 (Grade 7): aaaaaay...
Ma'am Carla: Oh bakit hija?
Girl 2: Wala lang ma'am, gusto ko po kasi sana kasama ako sa top 10 pero hindi.
Ma'am Carla: Oh eh 'di bumawi ka na lang sa second grading.
Girl 2: Ay, nababago po ba ang top 10 kada grading ma'am?
(Parang class officers lang? 'Di nagbabago?)

thank you kids
More than the lectures, the discussions, the projects and the exams. Much more than the report cards, the top 10 list and the medals. It's how we make them ready for the "real life" outside  the school that really matters. The life skills they need to survive. And as much as we all want to have high grades, it's the personality that matters. How you interact with human more than how you react with books. Well that's just me again. And with that. I am officially on a summer break! My 2-month hiatus begins right now and there will be no work, no school (MA) and no nothing. Hmmm... You might wanna join me in your summer adventures eh?


  1. Kaaliw na mga conversation pero nakakalungkot nga yung una. At nakakaloka naman yung Bjork at Noemi Jr. Haha!

    1. meron pa dati cynthia jr, naman which is cute din. ang kulit :)

  2. I think that being a teacher is one of the coolest professions in the world. This post made me smile! HAHAHA

    1. thanks arlet! nakaka-stress maging guru pero happy talaga:)

  3. Panalo yung Kim Gerald at Madonna Evita! hahaha! :) Hay nako, dami pa ding stage parents noh?

    1. and take note, di pa sikat si kim at gerald eh name na niya yun. ang kulit! :)

  4. nakakamiss ang high school. ang kulit ng name ng group The Sure No-Hit (NBI) group. sure nga walang kapangalan sa NBI yan. pagyan may nakapareho pang pangalan ginaya ng kapit bahay. :)

    1. pag yan may kapangalan kinopya ng kapitbahay talaga! haha :)

  5. Panalo ang mga names and conversations :)

    1. there are more conversations pa vash. i'll try to write the quirky ones next school year para maging quarterly post na to :)

  6. haha. pag teacher either masungit or matandang dalaga - very common notion at hindi ko alam kung bakit ganun. anyone knows? hehe :)

  7. Hahahaha. Aliw to Ma'am Carla. Alam mo bang gusto ko rin magturo, pero sa college students naman sa probinsya. :-)

    1. gusto ko rin sa college. try ko nga din minsan. :)

  8. Wow na wow ang post Car', katuwa lang yung mga bata... haha! at ang mga names ha, effort maglista...

    Enjoy your summer vacation! Saya!

    1. hi gladys! happy at mahirap talaga din tong pagiging guru. enjoy the summer! :)

  9. walang bagong post maam carla? holiday sa pinas ngayon. intay sa bagong post mo. =D

    1. kagagaling lang po sa trip. petiks mode muna :(


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