Pancit Center 2nd Round - Pasig City

The first time was awesome. The second time? Hmm... Let's just say that we're just getting started!

The moment we first tried the different regional pancit favorites in the country in Pancit Center, we've been longing for the day that the group will be back for more. And this time, we're in a big pack - six to be exact and three were from the original group. A newbie asked, Magkakaiba ba lasa ng mga 'yan?. 

We went back to the Pancit Center in Pasig and indulged in some of the pancits on the carte. Same rules as before. Each one gets to pick his/her own choice of pancit for sharing. As for the judgment part, we had to taste each pancit alongside everyone else. Five seconds of pure munching and nibbling and then we can say whatever we wanna say about the dish. Food critics on high gear (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Metro Manila).

First in line was the Spabok from Bataan (60 pesos/solo). Obviously, it's a mix of Spaghetti noodles and Palabok sauce. We immediately noticed the small serving size of this particular pancit dish. We barely had two spoonfuls on our plates. And after tasting it, we all shook our head. Everyone agreed that there's nothing special about Spabok and that it's totally forgettable. Let's now move on.

Next was the Pancit Langlang from Batangas (60 pesos/solo). It's a combination of sotanghon and canton noodles. This was a hit! After just a single munch, everyone agreed that this will be the pancit that you'd want to bring home and just eat it all day. The combination of different textures from the noodles, veggies and pork toppings are just perfect. I am so coming back for this one.

Pancit Langlang
Next in line was the Pancit Puti from Manila (50 pesos/solo). We were arguing about the whereabouts of this pancit dish in the metro. No one really knew. It's made up of thin white noodles with loads of garlic and mushroom toppings. Everyone seemed to like it but me. They loved its simplicity while I was looking for that umph factor which I didn't get. I dunno if it's the mushroom or the garlic. Maybe it's the combination of all the ingredients. I am so not diggin' this one. 

Pancit Puti
Next dish was the Tamis Anghang Chami from Lucena (60 pesos/solo). We had this pancit on our first visit and it was remarkable at that time. On this particular visit, the three from the original group agreed that there was a misunderstanding from the chef and the ingredients. It tasted differently from the first time. The newbies liked it though.

Tamis Anghang Chami
Next was the Bam-i from Cebu. It looked like Pancit Langlang but it didn't even come close to it. It was bland. That's just it. Nothing I could remember of. Everyone had the same view as mine - for once.

And the last one was familiar to all us, the Pancit Palabok (50 pesos/solo). I've got high hopes on this one. I always loved the thin noodles and its thick sauce. But after a spoonful of this version, I was dismayed. It was nothing compared to those of Jollibee and Red Ribbon's version. A big no for me on this one. 

Pancit Palabok
And because the puto was a hit on our first visit, we ordered it again. There was nothing special about it but maybe it's a fresh way to end our pancit saga while having our post-conference as food critics. 

We shelled out 87 pesos each for this round (with 2 huge bottles of sodas). Way much cheaper than our first trip to Pancit Center. I think more than the taste of all the pancit dishes we had, it's the experience of being food critics for a day that is worth keeping. And definitely we will come back again to tick all of those regional favorites on their map. 

Pancit Center
Unit 1 Pioneer st., cor. Shaw blvd., Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact Number: (+63) 2.634.2727
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  1. Ikaw na ang dakilang Pancit Critic! I would do the same pag uwi ko ng Pinas. At dahil naglalaway ako sa post mo, magluluto ako ng pancit for dinner. lol

    1. haha. di ko siya super favorite dati. ang saya ng lang concept ng pancit center talaga :)

  2. Super curious about this place. Which ones are your favorites? :)

    1. so far, yung pansit langlang talaga. you got to try this place michy! tapos balitaan mo ko...


    ito maam i try mo. masarap ang pancit palabok nila dyan.

    1. hmm.. mukhang promising nga jerome. sige sige try ko yan. hahanap muna ako ng manlilibre. haha

  4. sige maam ako na lang man lilibre syo. kailan mo gusto?


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