My Travel Wish List For the Holidays

The merriest and most awaited time of the year is fast approaching. With barely 2 months to Christmas, I am not only preparing a long list of gifts for my loved ones but also a travel wish list for the long Christmas break trips that I've been planning to have. Two weeks of sweet retreat to cap off the year. And with that, I am fancying of some items to compliment my escape.

Online shopping has always been convenient to busy travelers. One of the popular online shops is the LazadaPH. I’ve been scanning this site for quite some time and found that their Travel & Luggage section is such an ease to my very impatient nature on malls and shopping in general (see here).

And with that, here’s five of my favorite stuff to skim while I’m on their website which probably would give some an idea of my Christmas Travel Wish List 'coz dreams do come true right? :)

Chictees Travel Cubes, Set of 3 (Blue)

The one thing that I really abhor when traveling is packing and unpacking. I dunno why but it stresses me everytime. I’ve tried everything to manage and organize my stuff in my backpack but I never achieved that effortless-give-me-5-minutes-packing-time thing. And I even consider myself as a light packer. With these travel cubes, I will surely lessen the strain of packing. I am picturing it to be a huge comfort to me and my stuff.

Cocoon Grid-it! Medium Organizer (Blue)

Have you ever experienced that one time when you’ve already exhausted all your energies just to look for that hotel key or that tiny retractable pen when you needed it the most? We’ve all been in that situation and it gets more frustrating when it replicates over and over again. And I just found the perfect answer for that dilemma by having this Cocoon Grid-it! Organizer. It will definitely save so much time and energy to keep and organize those little stuff. I will not shy away from being the keyholder if I get to have this. 

Tenba TNB Vector Shoulder Bag Large (Oxygen Blue)

My two camera bags served me well. The first one is big enough for that quick day or overnight trips while the other one is small enough to fit in my backpack. My problem? I need a camera bag which can serve as a day bag and can fit perfectly in my backpack. This Tenba shoulder camera bag surely fits in those criteria. I could fit in all my important stuff with my camera inside the bag. Perfect match.

Chictees Miki Hawaiian Bikini (Navy Blue/White)

Swimsuits are my friend. I usually bring a couple of bikinis on a trip. I love mixing and matching my stuff so I usually veer away from knotty prints. But then I noticed how boring it looked like everytime. So this time, I would like to try and experiment mixing and matching my old ones to new ones with intricate prints. A Hawaiian print can be a fresh start. 

Lagu Beach Blanket (Celeste)

The very moment I heard about the Lagu beach blanket being the first ever beach-friendly blanket, I went nuts over it. It repels sand which helps in saving the beach and the shore by decreasing the amount of sand that’s taken home accidentally. I’ve been wanting this ever since.

So there, my happy list on the travel essentials that I really wish for during my holiday trips. Almost every item is in the shade of blue right? Hmm... That was a give away eh? It won’t be a hassle if someone chooses to grant my wish for Lazada offers free shipping nationwide. That would be the sweetest. To receive a parcel while I'm on my class delivering my lecture. *Winks*


  1. Matagal ko na rin pangarap yang Lagu Beach towel na yan. Gusto ko tlaga bumili nyan, pra sa beach get away namin next month.

  2. All blue...sana wag lang maging blue ang Christmas:) I have the Lagu beach blanket and yes...include that in your list bongga sya! hindi na mga isang kilo ng sand ang madadala mo...hahahaha:)


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