Thursday, October 10, 2013

Teacher's Day 2013

Aside from my birthday, there’s this one day every year wherein I feel so special and truly appreciated. October 5 is marked as World Teacher’s Day. And for the hardworking educators out there, it is the day where chalks are happily taking a rest and teachers get to relax for the whole day.

October 4, 2013, Friday, 5:45 am. The minute I step inside the school gate, I was greeted with loads of flowers, letters, cute little stuff and greetings from my students and former students. Such a humbling moment. And when I reached into my working table, I saw another bunch of the same thing all addressed to Ma’am Carla. I wasn’t expecting anything (seriously) but it never fails to amaze me how these kids really take some time to spare a few to buy and make those little tokens for their teachers. Very touching.

the "freedom wall"
early birds
The 6 o'clock morning breeze felt more wonderful as the sun surfaced from the horizon. At that time, my school was already prepped up for what seemed to be the most awaited day of the year. Students were busy shrouding their little surprises for their advisers and teachers. Teachers were all wearing the yellow Teacher’s Day shirts that were provided for them. Fresh flowers, chocolates, little trinkets, letters, banners and all other stuff showered that day. It felt like Christmas!

best effort for the banners!
Yearly, the Student Council together with all the students (roughly around 3,600), organizes a whole day affair dedicated to their beloved teachers. It varies every year. My favorite was years back when all the teachers engaged in a whole day friendly game activities. Almost all the teachers participated in those games. Oh how can I forget how I finished the sack race gracefully. It was fun seeing my co-teachers (and the students as well) having fun.

This year, they organized an entertainment show for us. The Drum and Lyre Band did a couple of exhibitions, the Folk Dance Troupe did the same thing and so with the other groups. A few games were also prepared where teachers gamely participated. 

in control

newspaper dance - the MAPEH way
The whole shindig ended with a sumptuous lunch meal shared by almost 140 teachers in my school - lechon and all. Burp. We did a boodle fight years back and it was fun.

7/12 of the MAPEH Department
guess who's my boss
still no clue?
People, in general, need constant reassurance in any form. For us teachers, the physical and emotional strain of our daily task can mask the true essence of our teaching experience. We needed this day to feel that we are where we needed and wanted to be. Beyond all the cute little tokens and praises from the kids, it’s the bond between us and our students that we value the most. That 10 years from now they will come back and update us on their current state, that’s the only time we could proudly tap our backs for a job well done. It’s a lifelong process. But we are here to stay. Dadating at mawawala sila pero kaming mga guro ay maiiwan at mag-aantay ng makukulay na istorya ng kanilang buhay. 

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers out there!

Be proud you're a teacher, the future depends on you - Anonymous


  1. Happy Teacher's Day Ma’am Carla!! :) Hula ko si Sir na may salamin ang boss mo. Hehe!

  2. Happy Birthday and Happy Teacher's day! :)

  3. Happy Teacher's Day to you and all the teachers in the world! You make the world a better place to live.

  4. waaaah. now lang ulit nakabasa ng blog mo chong. na-miss ko kayo!