TriNoma's Mezza Norte

“Where do you wanna eat?” - a very tough question to answer when you don’t crave for anything right? And then you’ll end up eating somewhere you’re very familiar with. But then, there’s Mezza Norte in TriNoma that lets you go out of your “eating comfort zone”. Hmm...

It was Saturday night and after the fun maiden show of TriNoma’s Merry Musical Lights Show, me and my buddy went to look out for some chill place. We were not that hungry though; we just wanna chill for a while and have some few bottles. We then saw some huge tents right across the mall’s Mindanao Avenue entrance. We hurriedly went to that side and checked out what’s the buzz there.

And so it’s Mezza Norte, the weekend revelry of foodies in the metro. Every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm to 3 am, the mall’s Mindanao open parking area turns into a huge happy place flooded with wide choices of chows, munchies, nibbles and everything that will satisfy your hunger and cravings.

A band was playing on one side, hungry diners were happily feasting on their food plates on the other side, and people around were busy walking, scouting and trying some free taste stuff. Everyone seemed busy in deciding and picking their munchies for that night.

Inside and outside the tents, there were tables and chairs that were provided for the diners. You need not worry when you need to go to the lavatory for there’s this mini truck that's so posh you’ll feel like at home everytime you get to use it.

parang birthday party lang, ang ayos...
very posh lavatory
The food choices were crazily fun! I myself couldn’t think of something to gobble. It was that extensive. A decent meal would cost you at around 100-150 pesos without drinks. Let me show you some food items served that night;

cheesy tacos
loaded burritos
barkadahan nachos
mouth watering burger
deep pizzas
kebabs, isaws, barbecues and everything on stick
spicy vigan longganisa
(uhmm... bagnet+bawang?)
huge slab of meat
combo combo
juice bar
no beer?
And then decision time. We both checked our pockets and found out we couldn't have a decent meal with our spare money. Also, there were no beers. Sayang. The place would’ve been perfect to finish a round or two. So we went away hoping that next time there will be some beer we get to try out the food items at Mezza Norte. 

**updated January 21, 2014: We already tried some food stuff there and will update this post soon**

*updated July 15, 2014: I was in Trinoma last weekend and noticed that Mezza Norte is not operational that day (I still have yet to confirm if this is permanent)** 


  1. Replies
    1. we've tried this already and I'm a convert! I love it now and need to update this post soon :)

  2. Is mezza norte still opens in trinoma?

    1. I often got to Trinoma and notice that they are not operational anymore :(


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