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It’s my third time to be in the most raved about beach place in the country and the world. Yes, I went to Boracay for a quick 4-day jaunt with no plans at all. I just need to feel its soft and fine sand between my toes and to go back to my happy beach in Puka. First stop was to look for a cheap and decent place to stay in Station 3.

Why Station 3? For Boracay would-be first-timers, there are 3 stations on White Beach. Station 1 houses the posh hotels and some restaurants. On the other hand, Station 2 is the “it” place if you’re looking for a party place and affordable place to stay. The Station 3 is for those who are looking for a quiet place to chill and the cheapest beachfront accommodations. A stroll from Station 1 to Station 3 would usually take 30-45 minutes (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Boracay).

wet season in Boracay
From Iloilo City me and my buddy took a Leganes-bound jeepney to Tagbak terminal. There are loads of buses that leave almost every hour heading to Caticlan. We took an airconditioned bus (around 350 pesos each) to Caticlan Ferry Terminal. 

The almost 6-hour ride refreshed our tired souls after spending a week in Antique, Iloilo and Guimaras. Arriving at the Caticlan Jetty Port, we hopped on a tricycle (30 pesos each) to bring us to the other port in Caticlan, the Tabon Port. Apparently, this terminal has cheaper fees and stuff so we tried it.

At the port, we were greeted by the copious fees we needed to pay just to get into the island. We shelled out 30 pesos each for the boat fare, 75 pesos each for the environmental fee and 25 pesos each for the terminal fee; 130 pesos for a quick stay at the terminal and the 10-minute boat ride to Tambisaan port in Boracay. A shared tricycle for hire was our ride to reach our destination. We just told the driver to drop us on one of the alleys leading to Station 3 (20 pesos each).

So there, at around 8 in the evening me and my buddy hunted for this hostel I had in mind. It’s located beyond the cheap accommodation in Boracay I found just last year. It’s the White Beach Divers Dive Center and Hostel (check rates) located at the further end of the Station 3 (or dubbed as Station 3.5) and one of the most popular hostels in Boracay. It's a Dive Center, Hostel and Bar/Restaurant.

the quiet Station 3.5
I’ve been eyeing on this one eversince but they’re usually fully booked. I love the fact that it’s an inexpensive hostel with a beachfront location and is situated at Station 3.5, my favorite area along White Beach. 

wanna dive?
The only disadvantage though is that you need to spare some huge amount of time just to get to Stations 1 and 2 where the popular restaurants and bars are located. But as for me, I love its seclusion and the serenity of the area; a place where people savour their morning coffee and actually read books. A place where it feels like a community on its own; away from the loud amplifiers and peddlers.

live pay-per-view sports for free!
Drenched in rainwater, a gracious staff of the hostel named Lot welcomed us when we arrived that night. Luckily, and maybe because it’s lean season, there were rooms available for the duration of our stay.

A fan room for two with a double-sized bed and a TV set would cost you 600 pesos per night during Peak Season (November-April) but because we went there during Lean Season (August) the room was discounted at 400 pesos per night; 1,200 pesos for 4 days and 3 nights already, quite a steal right?

leading to our room
and then again
cozy, homey and beach-y
plus a TV!
Our room is located on the second level of the main structure while some of the rooms are situated at the back. There’s this garden/chill place at the heart of the whole area. They have dorm fan rooms for sharing at 400 per person (Peak Season) and 200 pesos per person (Lean Season). They also have Family rooms at around 800-1,500 pesos good for 4 persons. On high occupancy season, they offer a space near the stairs where you have a mosquito net and a mattress for a hundred bucks; perfect for solo travelers out there.

yosi area
dorm room
100-peso space
We were then ushered by Lot to our room and I silently shrieked upon seeing it. It’s cozy, homey and there’s this tropical feel inside it. Very beach-y eh?

We hurriedly unloaded our stuff and looked out for some place to eat. After that we checked out the bars and pubs along Stations 2 and 3 for a chill and beer place but ended up lounging outside the White Divers Center. Why? Its beachfront location is perfect for a relaxing laze. At morning it’s our breakfast-by-the-beach nook and at night it becomes our beer chill place.

Oh by the way, White Divers Center sells the cheapest beer in Boracay. A bottle of a local beer (Red Horse Beer) is at around 40 pesos and it goes real bargain during their Happy Hour (4 p.m.–8 p.m.) at 30 pesos per bottle. Now tell me a nice beachfront chill place that sells cheaper beer than in White Divers.

ze bar
you'll never get bored
The bathroom and toilet are communal but I never queued or waited everytime for it seemed like we were the only ones using it. Hot shower was also provided. 

We also got some access on the hostel’s kitchen where we usually borrowed plates, mugs and other utensils for our quickie breakfast. Drinking water was also made available for us. We just weren’t allowed to cook our own food, just quickie instant stuff (noodles/coffee). We also abused their fast and reliable free Wi-Fi connection during our stay there. It was so great that the connection reached our room on the second level. Nice.

I love the staff of White Divers Center Hostel, especially Lot. They knew us by names and they attended to every request we had. We also had this chance to chitchat with them on our last night. During our beer session, they teasingly shared their Boracay love stories to us and the night was spent with a good laugh with some very cheap beers.

If you’re looking for the cheapest beachfront accommodation with a great view of Boracay’s White Beach then you should stay at White Divers Center Hostel at Station 3. No doubt, you’ll experience Boracay’s White Beach at its most serene state with the cheapest beer on hand while witnessing the sunset.

White Beach Divers Dive Center and Hostel (book online)
White Beach, Station 3, Boracay, Philippines
Contact Number: (+63) 36.288.3809


  1. Replies
    1. Arwana Hotel and Restaurant at station 3 (beachfront) sells the cheapest ice cold beer in town.its 25.per bottle of SMB pale pilsen during happy hour (1pm-10pm).

  2. sayang lang bawal na mag beer sa sand area ng beach mismo :P

  3. Nagpareserve ako dati dito tas pagdating namin dun fully booked daw gusto ko pa naman itry ung mga rooms nila. naalala lang. hehehe! :)

  4. wow.. mmm..may idea na ako sa boracay trip ko on next. off peak yon so i better try their P400.00. thanks mam carla, from casa pilar to white beach divers.. pamura ng pamura ang natatagpuan kong accommodation sa boracay .. GOD BLESS MAM

  5. Book na mark na ito, Ito yung gusto naming accommodation, mura at beachy ang dating. Hayz kelan pa kaya kami mapapadpad sa Boracay.

  6. Wow! Ok na rin huh... budget friendly na. Noted this.
    Does it have free breakfast na?

    1. super budget friendly sashi. pero walang free breakfast yun eh...

  7. hi. how much ba ung room nila if 4 pax kami? wala kasi ako makita sa website nila. bali feb 27 - march 2 kami dun. salamat

    1. You may try to contact them through phone or email:)

  8. Madali lang ba to.mahanap na place?

  9. Madali lang ba to.mahanap na place?


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