Boracay Island Hopping Tour during Habagat Season

Boracay offers tons of activities for almost everyone. Name all the water sports/activities you can think of and probably the island has it. If you just to want to laze around and spend some time on the beach doing nothing, you could do so. It’s like saying that Boracay caters to everyone; in all shapes and sizes. But if you’re a mermaid like me, explore the underwater world by checking out Boracay Island Hopping Tours specifically during Habagat season months.

After our hunt for the cheapest beachfront accommodation in Boracay, we went straight to my ever trusted Ate Rose (my very dependable contact/tours specialist/friend in Boracay) for a quick chat. She suggested for us to try the Island Hopping Tours the next day, I obliged.

Actually, we just wanna spend some chill time on my happy Puka beach but she insisted for us to check out some activities that will consume some of our 4-day stay there. We agreed and scheduled the tour the next day.

It was in 2011 when I tried the Boracay island hopping tours offered by Ate Rose. Me and some friends were only trying to score a good deal on helmet diving when she suggested that we could might as well try their tour packages. I haggled so hard that she gave up dealing with me and gave in with the amount I insisted. Since then, she remembered me as her pinaka-kuripot na customer. We kept in touch since then and meeting her again was like revisiting your old folks in your hometown. Very homey.

We needed to be in Station 2 for our 9:00 a.m. call time the next day. After a quick breakfast on our beachfront nook, we hurriedly went into the designated place with all our gear in tow. We waited for a while and then were ushered to a shuttle that brought us to the other side of the White Beach, the Bulabog Beach. It was drizzling at that time.

Bulabog beach
I remembered last time; the docking area for the island hopping tours was on Station 3 of the White Beach, it was February (Amihan season – Northeast monsoon). Apparently, during the Habagat season (Southwest monsoon), the docking area is transferred to the opposite side of the island, specifically the Bulabog Beach. The changes in wind patterns surely affect the whole Boracay scene especially the island hopping tours (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Boracay).

We went into our designated boat and began our whole day affair with the sea and the marine life. What I had in mind was the itinerary of my last island hopping experience. But the changes in the snorkeling sites came with the transfer of the docking area. I was thrilled to know that.

First stop was the protected area of Crocodile Island's Marine Sanctuary. I was so excited to finally jump into the water; I quickly grabbed my stuff and was ready right before the anchor was dropped. I dove into the water and swam like hell. The water was so refreshing. I was kinda lost for a second realizing that it’s been a while since I went snorkeling. And just like a kid inside a candy store, I couldn’t be much happier.

mermaid me
they're just everywhere, like everywhere

The snorkeling site was amazing. With a fee of 20 pesos each person, you could explore the underwater world as long as you want to. Luckily, our Korean boat mates were similarly thrilled with what was underneath. I never thought that Boracay has this lovely undersea life. I was starting to love the Habagat season for this very charming scene.

Next stop was another snorkeling site. And the cycle went on again. I was always the first one to dive and the last one to surface on the water. Again, my boat mates were at the same level of excitement as I was.

This particular snorkeling site was totally different from the first one. You could barely see a fish here and loads of starfish lying around the corals dominated the scene. Also, the undercurrent pull was much heavy on this site, doubling the difficulty of swimming.

water is happiness
Next stop was the Crystal Cove Resort. The last time I visited the place, I swore that I will never pay 200 pesos again just to get inside it. We then unrolled our mat and lazed around as everyone discovered what’s inside this resort. It was a quiet chill time on the sand with a great view of the beach. Beer na lang ang kulang.

Crystal Cove Resort
After a while, the Korean guests went out of the resort and went back to our boat. We had to cut short our lazy time to hop on our boat for the next stop.

It was the buffet lunch on Tambisaan Beach. And just like the last time, I feasted on some grilled and fried seafood, pork barbecue, chicken adobo and salad served with your choice of soda or iced tea and beer. We had some beer after the nice lunch and it kicked our adrenaline more for the next stop.

Tambisaan beach

unlimited, bottomless, buffet + beer!
Next stop was the Ilig-Iligan Beach. I was expecting a Puka beach-type of beach but it failed. The shore on this side of Boracay wasn’t as remarkable as the White Beach and the Puka Beach. Peddlers were scattered everywhere and tourists were either basking in the sun (well, there’s no sunshine at that time) and enjoying the refreshing water. We stayed for a few minutes and went on.

Ilig-Iligan beach
not as remarkable as my happy Puka beach
We should’ve docked at Puka Beach for our last stop but then the huge waves prevented us to do so. We just went back to Bulabog Beach and ended the island hopping tours there. The water on that beach wasn’t that inviting so we went back to our inn and relaxed a bit after a fun day into the waters.

Swimming and snorkeling are two of my favorite stuff when I’m on a beach destination (Cliff diving jumping is my ultimate favorite though). And thanks to Ate Rose for offering another island hopping tour, I experienced Boracay’s best season – rainy/wet; cheap accommodations, amazing snorkeling sites and fewer tourists. Habagat is the perfect time for me on my next Boracay trip, hands down.

For inquiries about Boracay’s water and land activities, please contact;

Ate Rose
Contact Numbers: (+63) 908.567.4335 | (+63) 916.265.4901 | (+63) 923.253.4359

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  1. Sana makasama po ako sa next trip nyo. I'm a fan of your swiming skills! :)

    1. huy marx! nag duo trip na tayo noh. ikaw nga di nangsasama eh:(

  2. buhay na buhay na naman ang comment section dito for sure hahaha

  3. Ang seksi mo madam! Sana mawala na tiyan ko :))

    I miss Boracay. Yearly ako pumupunta except this year hehe kelangan nang bumalik at rumampage!

    1. naks, salamat naman mica. balik na kasi bilis :)

  4. nakak inggit naman, sana matuto din ako lumangoy. :)

  5. Akala ko si christine reyes ung lumalangoy .. Hot!

  6. Na excite na tuloy ako na mag bora :) WoW! sarap mag snorkeling! :)

  7. Waa ang dami klase ng isda, yung first time ko mag snorkelling sa Krabi, yung yellow stripes with black lang nakita ko. Dapat na talaga i push namin ang Boracay next year during off peak! Para tipid mode.

    1. wet season talaga ang masaya sa boracay. nakikipaglaro lang sa araw pero less tao, lumot at mahal na bilihin :)


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