Boracay Food Finds and My Happy Puka Beach

You’ll never get hungry when you’re in Boracay. There’s certainly an eatery or restaurant right there that would fit your budget. From those cheap carinderias to reasonably priced grill stores and those high-end restaurants; you’ll never run out of place to satisfy your hunger or cravings. So here’s my Food Finds on my recent trip to Boracay and a quick trip to my happy beach – the Puka beach.

Me and my buddy were looking for some good isaw one night for dinner, yes, for dinner after a fun Boracay island hopping day. We were walking from our cheapest beachfront accommodation on Boracay’s Station 3 to the more crowded Station 2. 

Still tired and hungry from the almost 7-hour bus ride from Iloilo right after our exciting Antique adventures, I wasn’t the usual grumpy and cranky Carla and that made me proud. Mature na, eherm?

After some time, we found this grill house smacked right in front of the famous White Beach. It didn’t look crowded so we checked out if they have some isaw. And yes, Blue Smoke had our craved item for that night, the grill joint that opens only at night. We chose our “meat” from the selection right beside the grilling station.

We got some 5 orders of isaw, 2 orders of pork barbecue, an order of chorizo and an order of chicken liver. We also had some rice and soda and shelled out 220 pesos for everything. 

And as the carcinogens came into our table, we dug in and forgot about our tiresome journey to the island. The isaw was great, the liver wasn’t and the pork barbecue and the chorizo were just ok. We loved their special concocted vinegar sauce which really complimented all the carcinogen-infested stuff we had. Overall, we enjoyed dining at Blue Smoke that we dined again the next day (night).

isaw for dinner
the best vinegar sauce ever!
Next food stop was the Smoke. We read in some online reviews that this restaurant offers really nice food that won’t hurt your wallets. We had a hard time looking for it at Boracay’s D’Mall in Station 2 (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Boracay)

Smoke is secretly concealed beside some souvenir shops inside D’Mall. Just look for Aria Cucina along the road on Station 2 and follow the path going inside the D'Mall. Confronting a divergent route, turn left and just follow the narrow path and you’ll find Smoke right there between the shops.

We had to wait for a few to get seated. And when we got hold of their menu we couldn’t help but adore them all. The sizzling stuff were priced at 90 to 150 pesos each meal. Their bestsellers, Crispy and Sizzling Bulalo weren’t available at that time so we settled for something else on the menu. We ordered some sizzling stuff; porkchop, tofu and bicol express - a whopping 3-meal lunch. Everything came with rice and soup. We also had some soda and shelled out 410 pesos for everything.

Serving time was fast. The name of the restaurant truly reflects their food. It smoked everywhere that the aroma would entice everyone that would pass by it. We didn’t wait for our food to settle and again, we dug in looking like really hungry folks.

sizzling bicol express
sizzling tofu
sizzling porkchop
We loved everything! And the serving size was huge that it surely is sulit for its price. We were planning our next dish for our next meal and were saddened when we realized that it was our last day on the island. We then promised ourselves to go back here given the chance.

After that nice lunch, we headed straight to Boracay’s Station 1 to get hold of the famous Calamansi muffin of the Real Coffee and Tea Café. Looking for this café was a real hard task. We asked around and they would point us to the farthest part of the road. It’s located in an alley near Astoria Hotel. A signage camouflaged in snorkel sets and some sunnies was our sign that this was the alley we’re looking for.

camouflaged signage
The smell of freshly baked goodies greeted us when we got inside the café. The café was nice with a tropical feel in it. We were handed by a gracious server with their menu. The coffee and tea selections were priced at around 70 to 100 pesos a cup while baked goodies were priced at 40 to 80 pesos apiece.

The famous Calamansi muffin, 45 pesos each, was the only thing we wanted. We were about to order when the server told us that the only baked stuff available was their oatmeal cookie and nothing else. We were doomed. No Carrot muffin, no brownies, no nothing.

And then I peeked inside their baking area and saw a huge batch of freshly baked Calamansi muffins. Those were ordered in advance, the server told me. If we were to order in advance, we would be able to get it at 5:00 p.m. the next day, not happening. We were leaving the island that night. I was really upset. Mind you, we were really not a fan of sweet stuff but we searched every alley just to try this muffin and we failed. It’s not the hunt for it but the frustrating fact that they do have muffins but that those were pre-ordered. My two cents, they should be making more of these muffins for walk-in customers, even just one muffin.

they've got muffins, but not for us
Moving on, my recent Boracay trip would never be complete without visiting my happy beach in Boracay, the Puka Beach.

Hopping on a tricycle (25 pesos each), we went into the more quiet and serene side of Boracay island. This was my buddy’s first time on my favorite beach. I’ve been telling him how I really adore this place and how I could spend a week or two and just do nothing. I love love love Puka beach!

my happy puka beach!

The weather was very unpredictable. We were playing hide and seek with the sun. I napped effortlessly and woke up with the drizzle tickling me. I went straight into the water and dared the huge waves and strong undercurrent. Just the way I like it. Seawater with challenge.

I was tired after braving the waters and thank goodness for the stuff we brought to munch on. We had some monay (bread) with sardines and some crisps while witnessing Puka’s sunset. Just perfect.

I am so not liking Boracay, that was me two years ago. But right after my first visit to this island, I scrapped everything I thought I knew. And then a reflection on my old mantra on places and things; that I should never ever be dictated or prescribed on what’s good or not. Be there. Experience it. And do what makes you happy. Simple and achievable.

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    1. Kaya nga! Yan gutom na tuloy ako dahil nakita ko ung isaw.

    2. haha. kasama pa yan dun sa antique trip namin. pwede ba kayo ng 10 days?! ha? ha? eh ang hirap nga sumingit sa mga sched nyo... hmmph

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your post. I am looking for a cheap kainan sa bora buti na lang napadpad ako sa blog mo.
    Saan ba ang Puka Beach?

    1. hi marco. farthest end ng isla. one tricycle ride away from the white beach :)

  3. will spend xmas vacation in Boracay and will definitely try this one:)

    1. wow! that's cool leah. enjoy boracay and your vacay :)


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