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Antipolo was a sweet escape during my high school years. When you’re a teener, a few kilometers away from your parents and you’re with your friends (no chaperones) would mean freedom. And a weekend night out to our favorite chill out place was the coolest. Cool weather, nice view of the metro and a night well spent with your dearest friends were my fondest Antipolo memories. And when I was invited by The Road Trippers to join a party at Café Lupe in Antipolo I just couldn’t refuse.

Café Lupe’s owner Mr. Alvin Caranza opened its doors for the said event. The group was also provided with a service shuttle van that collected us from the metro. An hour or so on a Friday Christmas rush weekend traffic and then we were at Sumulong Highway in Antipolo.

Cafe Lupe Antipolo Blog

The cool and crisp Christmas air greeted us upon arrival. I had a jacket and some wrap with me to fight the chilly weather, me no tolerant in cold weather. We then went three floors aloft into this glass elevator giving us a nice view of the metro.

Cafe Lupe Antipolo Blog

A private function room was provided for the group which provided the perfect seclusion from the diners. Tokens and giveaways were spread out from the long table and the party started!

Numerous plates of spaghetti and chicken quesadilla were then served. The quesadillas were to die for. I could munch on everyone’s share if they offered it to me. But I restrained myself and enjoyed my own serving.

Cafe Lupe Antipolo Blog
The quesadilla is to die for
And then one by one, the giveaways were raffled off. Nobody went home empty-handed. It seemed like the large group were overpowered by the numerous gift certs and other goodies. As for me, I went home with several beauty stuff that made my mom happy (me no friend with those).

After the feast, fun prizes and surprises, we went outside and joined the crowd for a night out. The nice cool breeze complimented the great view outside from the open air penthouse of Café Lupe. Different bands with a great range of music entertained the diners. It was starting to feel like my old high school fling.

Cafe Lupe Antipolo Blog
Open-air bar
Buckets of beer were guzzled and huge orders of Mexican platters poured in (nachos, burritos, tacos, chicken wings, paella and more). 

Stories were shared and trips were planned. I was specifically glued on Ian’s adventures. This guy surely has this passion to be out there, travelling to off the beaten paths. With his google maps on tow, nothing is impossible for this guy; such a die-hard, unpretentious and hard-core traveler. Being with people who share the same passion as yours is truly fun!

Cafe Lupe Antipolo Blog
It's a feast!
The night passed with this feeling of a revived soul; new friends, old memories and shared passion. I couldn’t help but look back into my old funky self. That carefree and easy-going gal who always wanted to do what she wants whatever it takes. But now, I’m older and wiser… Noo, I’m still that crazy girl who’s always in pursuit of her own bliss. I digress.

Cafe Lupe Antipolo Blog

Antipolo is such a surprise for me. After feasting on Pancit Batil Patong and the chill Pinto Art Museum, I continue to discover the secrets this city holds. 

Cafe Lupe - Antipolo
267-269 Comoda Ville Penthouse, Sitio Ruhat,
Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City
Contact Numbers: (+63) 2.682.8566 | (+63) 2.682.1706 | (+63) 922.689.2898
Email Address:
Open Hours:10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

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  1. I want to try their Sunday Lunch Buffet. :)

  2. I love your review! We also visited the place together with my blogger friends. Really a nice place! :)


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