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Pancit Batil Patong Metro Manila Blog

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and when everyone seems to be busy having their siesta, me and my buddy were in the middle of nowhere looking for this panciteria along Pres. Quirino Ave. in Manila City, our target was to check out a panciteria in the area that serves our favorite pancit batil patong from Tuguegarao.

Pancit Batil Patong Metro Manila Blog

We’ve been scouring around Metro Manila to look for the closest thing to Tuguegarao’s Pancit Batil Patong. We’ve been everywhere and it seems like nothing really beats (or even comes close) to those panciterias in Tuguegarao. We’ve been longing to go back to the city for the longest time just to do some pancit-hopping but with our busy schedule we just couldn’t find time. But thanks to some of my readers who constantly share their favorite panciteria in the metro. One of which is the Jib’s Batil Patong in Manila.

Pancit Batil Patong Metro Manila Blog

Getting there was tough; we’re both from the northern part of Metro Manila and this side of Manila is unfamiliar to us. With numerous phone calls to the panciteria on the exact location and directions, we finally reached the place with our stomachs grumbling and our eyes drooling to our favorite pancit.

Located at Angel Linao Street in the district of Paco, the Jib’s Batil Patong panciteria is sandwiched between the Paco Market and Pres. Quirino Avenue. We started walking from the LRT Quirino terminal through Pres. Quirino Avenue and then made a left turn to Angel Linao Street.

Pancit Batil Patong Metro Manila Blog

We immediately checked out the menu list on a tarpaulin displayed on the huge wall of the eatery. Unlike other panciterias who offers a wide range of proportions for solo orders, this eatery only offers the Jib’s size (Regular) for 65 pesos and the Eping size (Special) for 80 pesos. The difference is on the toppings; unlike the Jib’s size, the Eping size has additional fried lechon kawali bits for toppings. We, of course, got two orders of their Eping size.

Pancit Batil Patong Metro Manila Blog

Serving time was fast, given that we’re too hungry and couldn’t wait a second for our pancit to arrive. The standard sidings were present; the batil or the soup and the calamansi-onion tandem. The crumbled prawn crackers, lechon kawali bits and the perfectly poached egg on top were just overwhelming. And by the looks of it, I knew that we’re in for a great pancit experience.

Pancit Batil Patong Metro Manila Blog

And yes! Their version of our favorite regional pancit is, by far, THE best we ever had here in the metro. It is yummy and the closest thing from what we had in Tuguegarao. It didn’t have this maanggo taste from the carabeef and the perfect toppings complemented the whole dish. And guess what? I finished everything on my plate and my buddy ordered some more, we’re that crazy for this pancit.

Pancit Batil Patong Metro Manila Blog

Their pancit batil patong is legit. The noodles and the carabeef are freshly transported from Tuguegarao. We got to talk with the cook, Cristina who is originally from Tuguegarao, and told us that she worked as a cook in one of the famous eateries in Tuguegarao before she went here to Manila which explains her familiarity with the dish.

Props for one of my readers who recommended this happy pancit place. We’re pretty sure that we’ll be coming here often. Meet-ups perhaps?

Jib's Batil-Patung
1868 Angel Linao St., Paco, Manila
Contact Numbers: (+63) 2.554.1068 | (+63) 910.952.3605 | (+63) 915.179.1578
Open Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Mondays to Saturdays)


  1. Ok, me and my buddy will be going there after shift to savor the pancit, it's been a while.
    Great article!

  2. It was blissful, we indulgently and silently enjoyed the spicy dish with Mountain Dew! We order 2 specials to go too :)

  3. Kung galing po ako sa bicutan ano po pwede kong sakayan papunta dito? Namiss ko na kasi ang pansit ng tuguegarao 🙁😒

    1. You can take the LRT and alight at Quirino Station :)


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