Dhulikhel Food Hunt: The Menu Challenge

Dhulikhel Nepal Where To Eat

As greedy as we can be, we ordered almost everything on the menu posted on one of the walls. The dishes were written in Nepali and all we could do was to pick out what we thought would be great. And as the food kept coming, we were approached by a nice guy that seemed to be puzzled with us ordering everything on the menu; apparently, he’s the owner of the restaurant.

The laidback ambience of Dhulikhel kept us relaxed that all we wanna do was to slumber and eat. With three days of nothingness, we searched for eateries, restaurants and food stalls that can satisfy our cravings for legit Nepali dishes (check here for discounted tours in Kathmandu).

First stop was the Nature’s Flavours Restaurant at Dwarika’s Resort. We were invited to check out the nice view from the resort and to try out their dishes. Getting there is quite tough if you don’t arrange a pick-up beforehand. As the best travel researchers, we haven’t thought of that so we headed straight there not realizing that it’s located on the far end of the town. The huge resort is located on a hill so we needed to trek our way up to the resort.

The Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel (check rates) is one of the renowned resorts in the area providing guests with an amazing view of the Himalayas while experiencing nature’s best with its simple and rustic-themed rooms. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated the moment you stepped into the resort.

Dhulikhel Nepal Dwarika's Resort

We went straight to the Nature’s Flavours Restaurant with the nice view of the Himalayas; it would’ve been perfect if there weren’t haze on the mountains. We preferred to dine al fresco so as to feel the chilly weather on that sunshiny afternoon. I heard that the chef is one of the best around Nepal so me and my buddy were dying to try out their food.

We were handed a menu for that day and listed were; Fennel and Fenugreek Salad, Green Vegetables Soup, Glazed Duck / Cheese Involtini for entrĂ©es and Dwarika’s Chocolate Cake for dessert. We also asked for Everest beers while we’re waiting for our food to be served.

Dhulikhel Nepal Dwarika's Resort
Green Vegetables Soup
Dhulikhel Nepal Dwarika's Resort
Cheese Involtini
Dhulikhel Nepal Dwarika's Resort
Glazed Duck
Dhulikhel Nepal Dwarika's Resort
Dwarika's Chocolate Cake
The food was great. I specially loved the Cheese Involtini (Pesto marinated local cottage cheese stuffed in zucchini rolls served with green pea mash and topped with herbed salsa). You could feel the freshness from the ingredients (the ingredients are all sourced from their own organic farms).

We stayed afterwards for some caffeine-fix. It was indeed a lovely afternoon.

Dhulikhel Nepal Dwarika's Resort

Our home in Dhulikhel, Nawaranga Guesthouse and Art Gallery, has the perfect location. Just minutes away from the town center and the old Newari town, we’re in close proximity to great Nepali eateries and restaurants in town.

Namaste! Bara and Chow Mein Buff please. That was in Family Restaurant. Bara is your good old omelette with Himalayan twist (infused with lentils). They put masala and loads of onions to enhance the flavors. It was great at 70 Rupees (US$ 0.70) that we got three servings. And then the Chow Mein Buff, my buddy’s favorite, was at 60 Rupees (US$ 0.60). We’ve tried chow mein in one of the restaurants in Kathmandu and fell in love with it instantly. This stir-fried noodle dish is familiar all around Nepal.

Dhulikhel Nepal Food
Family Restaurant
Dhulikhel Nepal Food Chow Mein Buff
Chow Mein Buff
Dhulikhel Nepal Food Bara
Namaste! Do you have Chow Mein here? On one of our temple runs, specifically in Namo Buddha, we had lunch on an eatery while waiting for the bus. We had, of course, Vegetable Chow Mein at 50 Rupees (US$ 0.50) and some bread for 10 Rupees (US$ 0.10). It was not the best chow mein we’ve had but it was filling. And also, the owners were lovely. They kept on checking out for our bus ride home while we’re savoring our chow meins.

Dhulikhel Nepal
Dhulikhel Nepal

Dhulikhel Nepal

Dhulikhel Nepal
10-Rupee happiness
Namaste! I want that rice meal on the menu. Next was our favorite food place in Dhulikhel, the Love Bird Newari Restaurant. I was, again, longing to have my rice meal which was not that popular in Nepal. My desperate attempt to check out all the food establishments in the area led us to the said restaurant. I was in my most grumpy mood at that time. With the huge menu display on one of the walls (with some rice meals) I immediately got my mood back. Everything was written in Nepali and all we could do was to figure out what we’ll be having on that day and what we’ll going to have on the next few days. Thank goodness for the photos on the menu.

Dhulikhel Nepal Love Bird Guesthouse

Dhulikhel Nepal Love Bird Guesthouse
Ok, so...
Our first ever meal on Love Bird Newari Restaurant were; Beek Thukpa (Tibetan noodles), Bara (Deep Fried Lentil Patties), Egg Fry Rice, Buff Sausages, Panauti (Quesadilla-like), Egg Curry and Nepali coffee.

The fried rice was divine (with all the incorporated herbs and spices) and the Egg curry was delish. Those two dishes stood out for me. My buddy loved the Buff Sausages. We really wanted to have some more but were so full with all the stuff we had. We feasted for 750 Rupees (US$ 7.50), which includes everything.

Dhulikhel Nepal Beef Thukpa
Beef Thukpa
Dhulikhel Nepal Panauti
Dhulikhel Nepal Egg Fry Rice
Egg Fry Rice
Dhulikhel Nepal Buff Sausage
Buff Sausages
The cool owner approached us and revealed the elements behind the great Newari (Indigenous people of the Kathmandu Valley) dishes served on their restaurant. We were having coffee on the pavement when we got to know more of Nepal’s culture and its people. We also got some nice insights on where to go around Nepal from the nice owner who, by the way, speaks perfect English.

Dhulikhel Nepal Coffee
Nepali Black and Milk coffee
Before leaving Dhulikhel, we went back to Love Bird Newari Restaurant to tick off the other dishes on the menu. We had Chicken Chilly, Buff Sukuti (spiced dry meat), Fry Rice and Lassi (yoghurt-based smoothie). Everything was at 520 Rupees (US$ 5.20)

The lassi was my favorite this time. I’m not a fan of yoghurts but this version totally converted me. It was thick, yummy and healthy; perfect addition to my fried rice (which seemed to be odd).

Dhulikhel Nepal Beef Sukuti
Beef Sukuti
Dhulikhel Nepal Chicken Chilly
Chicken Chilly
Dhulikhel Nepal Lassi
Banana and Plain Lassi
Our food hunt in Dhulikhel was never disappointing. We got to taste authentic Newari dishes from legit restaurants. It was so good that we’re always craving for more even after having numerous plates on our table.

Dwarika’s Resort - Dhulikhel (book online)
Dhulikhel 45200, Nepal
Contact Number: (+977) 11 4906 12

Love Bird Newari Restaurant and Guesthouse
Dhulikhel, Nepal


  1. Interesting food, was it as spicy as Indian food?

    1. Hi michy. We always requested for a non-spicy version, para safe na rin. Hehe

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