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The laidback air of Dhulikhel left us numb all throughout the trip to our next stop. We’re on an open-air bus and the countryside scene just captivated us. And then we realized that we missed our stop, the Durbar Square in Bhaktapur. We immediately asked everyone inside the bus on our whereabouts, and yes, we did miss our stop. Cheers to the best travelers in the world.

If there’s just one place in Nepal that’s worth visiting, then it has to be Bhaktapur. That was such a good advice from a friend and so, after experiencing the craziness of Kathmandu and the laidback vibe of Dhulikhel, we’re so ready for our next adventure. Leaving Dhulikhel, we hopped on a bus going to Kathmandu and instructed the driver to drop us off at any road leading to Bhaktapur’s Durbar Square. Maybe due to confusion or plainly disregard, we missed our stop and immediately climbed down the bus and figured out how we could reach our destination.

After half an hour or so of another bus ride we finally reached one of the gates. We went inside this seemingly ordinary cobblestone road. As we were passing an arch that signifies that we’re inside the square, I felt uneasy for no reason. And then I realized that there’s an entrance fee for foreigners. We passed by the sentries not knowing that we appeared to be like locals. The thought of not paying the city pass came across us but I don’t wanna be bothered by the idea that we could be stopped at any time by guards roving around inside the square during our four-day stay (although that didn’t happen).

We could proceed and act as normal like locals every time or stop by at the gate and pay the necessary fees and wouldn’t be bothered all the time. The latter prevailed and we shelled out 1,500 Rupees (US$ 15) each for a 7-day pass inside the Durbar Square (you can extend up to 15 days using the same pass).

Bhaktapur Nepal Shiva Guest House 1

Bhaktapur Nepal Shiva Guest House 1

We combed the whole square searching for the guesthouse we booked early on. And finally, we reached the Shiva Guest House located right in the middle of the gorgeous temples inside the square. The young and nice owner, Kailash Dhaubanjar, immediately assisted us upon inquiring about our reservations. We had two options; a double bed room with en suite toilet and bathroom but facing some brick houses or the twin room with shared toilet and bathroom but facing some lovely temples (the last available rooms that day). We chose the latter for our three-day stay, of course.

Bhaktapur Nepal Shiva Guest House 1

We had a basic room with two single beds and a fan cooler with the best view inside the square. Our room at Shiva Guest House (check here for discounted hotel rates) on the fourth level has the most amazing view in my opinion. We were on the same level as the temples’ roofs. Just imagine waking up every day with the stunning view of the temples (the whole square, by the way, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site), it was really nice.

Bhaktapur Nepal Shiva Guest House 1

Bhaktapur Nepal Shiva Guest House 1
I could stay there for hours
We checked out the roofdeck just above our room and saw how gorgeous the place is. Brick houses surround the place and the hazy mountain ranges served as the backdrop. We needed to savor that moment for a while before we go back to our room. And then we saw this young guy who works at the guesthouse who’s holding a book and was engrossed browsing through its every page. We chatted with him and apparently, he’s a university student doing some part time work at the guesthouse. He uses his rest time to go over his notes; such a hardworking kid.

Power supply in Bhaktapur is erratic, just like in Kathmandu and Dhulikhel, but the Shiva Guesthouse has its own generator set that sets off immediately as soon as there’s a power interruption.

We had no complimentary breakfast during our stay but Shiva Guest House has its own restaurant on the bottommost part that caters to all guests and tourists alike. But what I love most about the restaurant is the dining option right outside on the pavements adorned with local mats and potted plants that enclosed the area. Having your morning coffee (or your afternoon beer) there overlooking the temples is just lovely.

Bhaktapur Nepal Shiva Guest House 1

Bhaktapur Nepal Shiva Guest House 1

Apart from its perfect location and the friendly staff (plus the very helpful owner), what I love most about Shiva Guest House is its unassuming beauty. The structure itself is pretty old and the amenities are basic, but everything is perfectly in tune with the whole image of Bhaktapur; that old, rustic feel that blends with old school feel of the place.

Shiva Guest House 1 (book online)
Durbar Square-11, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Contact Numbers: (+977) 1.661.0740 | (+977) 1.661.9154
Email Address:

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