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Antonio's La Paz Batchoy House Makati Food Blog

Sometimes, I do have some crazy cravings in the middle of the night; pancit bam-i, pancit batil patong, pancit cabagan and other impossibly obtainable regional favorites in the metro. I would just shrug it off and let the cravings pass by me for I know it’s hopeless. But when you’re craving for legit La Paz batchoy at an ungodly hour (and luckily living at Makati-Manila border) then Antonio’s LaPaz Batchoy House can satisfy you.

My memories of Iloilo were of the Dinagyang Festival and the endless food tripping around Iloilo City. You can’t say that you’ve been there if you haven’t tasted the authentic La Paz batchoy in the town of La Paz. Netong’s Batchoy House in the public market claims to have the original version of the raved noodle soup. And it was legit.

And so when I had sudden cravings for some batchoy, some friends and I searched for a quick fix remedy for it. We were around Makati City when we saw this unassuming carinderia-like establishment that promises to serve legit La Paz batchoy at a very reasonable price (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Metro Manila).

Antonio's La Paz Batchoy House Makati Food Blog
Open every day, 24 hours a day
We went inside and checked out the huge menu listing on one of the walls. Immediately, we formulated a great battle plan on trying the most famed dishes that they serve.

For starters, we had some cheese sticks (70 pesos), sisig (120 pesos), chilli chicken wings (150 pesos), tosilog (65 pesos) and porksilog (65 pesos). And that’s just the for starters (by the way, we’re four in the group).

The cheese sticks were served first and instantly, within thirty seconds, it was history. The silog meals were ok. The fried rice for these meals was different from other eateries for they incorporate some veggies and scrambled eggs into it.

Antonio's La Paz Batchoy House Makati Food Blog
Cheese sticks
Antonio's La Paz Batchoy House Makati Food Blog
Antonio's La Paz Batchoy House Makati Food Blog
The chili chicken wings were tasty and the thick sauce was smothering. You better use your hands when you munch on this. And the sisig? It was my favorite among the starters. It’s your typical Kapampangan sisig (lacking the crispiness and crunchiness that I usually love) with yummy toppings of chopped onion leaks, super crispy garlic bits and some tangy sauce. It’s a perfect match for beer (read:pulutan) which they don’t serve, sadly.

Antonio's La Paz Batchoy House Makati Food Blog
Chili chicken wings
Antonio's La Paz Batchoy House Makati Food Blog

And then moving on to the main event; the noodle soups. As imperative as it was, we needed to try out everything; La Paz batchoy, molo and lomi (65 pesos each).

In no time, the steaming hot noodle soups were served in our table. The servings were huge and can probably satisfy two persons. We didn’t know where and how to start the feast so we just dug into the bowls and enjoyed it. And boy did we really enjoy everything.

Antonio's La Paz Batchoy House Makati Food Blog
Clockwise, L-R
La Paz batchoylomi and molo
The molo soup was yummy with the bits and pieces of the molo wrapper swimming around the huge bowl like the way it should be. The thick soup of the lomi was such a winner that it became instantly my favorite. The batchoy was the star. You could feel and taste the semblance to the legit one.
We had different takes on the noodle soups (we were ranking our favorites) but as for me, I really loved the lomi and the batchoy that I couldn’t choose what should be on top. The distinct taste of the garlic bits and onion leaks truly complemented the soups.

Antonio's La Paz Batchoy House Makati Food Blog

I was sedated after my cravings were satisfied and then I wished that I was in Iloilo to easily gratify my crazy cravings, or maybe Antonio’s LaPaz Batchoy House could open a branch here in Quezon City. Better idea right?

Antonio’s LaPaz Batchoy House
Zobel Roxas st., corner Esmeralda st.,
La Paz, Makati City
Contact Numbers: (+63) 925.877.2277 | (+63) 918.927.7494
Open Hours: 24 hours, Everyday

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