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After the arduous Kathmandu to Pokhara ride for a full day, we finally reached our final destination in Nepal. It was starting to get dark when we set off to look out for a place to stay. We reached a certain hotel that bagged the coveted title of being the best hotel in the area, thanks to a certain online travel guru, but we weren’t treated well by the staff so we sped off right away. Our feet then led us to Hotel Orchid, our lovely home in Pokhara.

And so we scoured the alleys near Phewa Lake (check for discounted tours in Pokhara hereto search for a nice play to stay for two nights. The quest ended when we found ourselves right outside a fenced garden of Hotel Orchid (as if our feet led us to this haven), the name aptly fits the atmosphere of the place.

Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal

We entered the lobby and were greeted by this friendly and pleasant guy (like he’s waiting for us the whole day), we were dead tired but returned his kind gesture. A firm handshake followed the customary introduction and then I was stunned upon knowing that the guy who warmly received us was actually the owner of the hotel, Mr. Janak Karki, pretty amazing.

Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal

The gracious host immediately booked us for that night without a doubt and then assisted us on our baggage and literally ushered us to our room. That’s personal service at its best.

And just like on cue, he immediately left us after we settled and assured that all of the staff (including him) are available should we need anything at any time.

The room is spacious with a huge queen-sized bed, dresser, T.V., air-conditioning unit (that we didn’t use at all) and a veranda. The en suite toilet and bathroom has the basic amenities with hot and cold shower (check for discounted hotel rates).

Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal

Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal

Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal

Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal

I dunno what happened next but I just found myself slumped on the bed after lazing for a minute or so. I was awakened by the grumbling sound of my stomach that signaled us to look for a dinner place. And then coma on the bed again.

Carla, wake up, now please!
Just come here!

By the sound of his voice, I know that it's something urgent. I was still rubbing my eyes off and trying to wake myself up when I followed him on the veranda. From the looks of it, it seemed like something monumental was happening, I just didn’t know what it was. I gazed at my buddy’s thrilled eyes which were focused on something, somewhere and then he pointed on to the mountain ranges.

And then I saw it, the snow-capped Himalayas. And then I froze.

Realizing that I needed to capture this moment I hurriedly went back inside the room to get my camera. I rushed back to the veranda, aimed my camera into the Himalayas and then boom, it was gone. I was dazed, confused and let the moment lingered for a few minutes.

I never dreamt of seeing the alpines at that time (the sky was hazy) and seeing it right outside our room was an added surprise, truly remarkable.

Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal
And then a surprise...
Still in shock of what happened, we went down to the garden area to have our morning pot of Nepali milk coffee. We were joined later on by Mr. Janak Karki himself and chatted for a while (joking him about the fact that he never seems to leave the hotel’s premises). We had some buffet breakfast on the hotel’s restaurant area and wasted the whole morning just chilling at the garden area (which is personally tended by Mr. Janak Karki).

Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal
The lovely owner Mr. Janak Karki
Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal
Pot of Nepali milk coffee
Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal
Carbo-loading buffet breakfast
Hotel Orchid was truly a pleasant experience. I love the garden, the comfy bed and the surprise at the veranda. But what’s more noteworthy is the commitment of the owner and the staff to their guests and their needs. Mr. Janak Karki’s personal touch is truly remarkable.

Hotel Orchid Pokhara Nepal

Hotel Orchid Pokhara (book online)
Shiva Mandir Magra, lakeside-6,
Pokhara, Nepal
Contact Numbers: (+977) 61.466.697 | (+977) 61.466.706
Email Address:


  1. This was a great stay. My thanks to the staff who gave me a lovely and quiet room with an amazing view, just what I was looking for. They all were very helpful and friendly throughout my stay. The location is ideal since the hotel is not surrounded by other tall structures giving unobstructed views of the Annapurna range. Many of the higher floor rooms will get a lovely lake view as well. It is close enough to walk to everything, yet away from the noise and bothers of the high traffic areas. Also, the hot water was always fully hot for the duration of my stay. I will book again

  2. That is so true Andrew. Will definitely stay here when I go back to Pokhara :)


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