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Martabak Cafe Halal Food Manila Blog

Mee Goreng, Roti Canai and Kopi Ice, these dishes were our staple food during our countless layovers in Kuala Lumpur last year. Since then, we were in forever search for that happy noodle dish around the metro, until last month at Martabak Café.

Heart-shaped balloons, overpriced flowers, stuffed bears and chocolates; it was the day before V day and almost everyone flocked to the malls to buy something for their sweetheart, honey, darling, dear and babe. And then I was randomly asked by a guy to choose some balloons for his special someone, stating that he doesn’t have a clue on what a girl wants (you went to the wrong girl, tsk tsk tsk). The streets smelled of fresh red roses but me and my buddy smelled a new place to fulfil our food fantasies.

Martabak Cafe Halal Food Manila Blog

My buddy spotted this restaurant that serves Mee Goreng that he instantly went crazy about it. Located at the Mall of Asia, Martabak Café has been serving Indo-Malay dishes (Halal) for 9 years now (as old as the mall itself). They don’t have other branches but this one. We couldn’t believe our great food find that day (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Metro Manila).

We checked out the menu prices and decided to spend a little more than our usual food budget just to treat ourselves with our favorite Asian noodle dish.

Martabak Cafe Halal Food Manila Blog

It was mid-afternoon and we were the only diners in this cozy café. The interiors echoed of Indo-Malay traditions. The pillows added a splash of colors to the black-on-white painted wall. And then we were given the menu.

It was a no-brainer. We immediately requested for a Roti Canai (130 Pesos), Curry Laksa (208 Pesos), Mee Goreng (208 Pesos) and a huge glass of Kopi Ice (99 Pesos). The friendly server said that each serving can feed up to two persons but then no, my buddy could finish two orders of Mee Goreng. She underestimated our appetites.

I grabbed some Roti and dipped it in the curry sauce and it was good. I was chewing and munching while smiling. It’s as if I was transported back to Jalan Alor and Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur or Kathmandu in Nepal with loads of Roti stashed in my bag. Pair it with Kopi Ice and then heaven!

Martabak Cafe Halal Food Manila Blog
Kopi Ice
Martabak Cafe Halal Food Manila Blog
Roti Canai
The Curry Laksa was really, really spicy. It has the same creamy taste of Laksa in Singapore but this version would really burn your taste buds.

Martabak Cafe Halal Food Manila Blog
Curry Laksa
And then the rock star of that meal, Mee Goreng. It was close to the legit ones in Kuala Lumpur. The nutty flavor and distinct sweet-spicy taste of this stir-fried noodle dish won our hearts. It was love, on the eve of love’s day.

Martabak Cafe Halal Food Manila Blog
Mee Goreng
It’s good to find a place that can take you back to one of your happy places. I could eat at Martabak Café every day. But then I have to commute all the way to Pasay and spend my merienda budget for a week just to do so. Maybe once a month will do.

Martabak Cafe Halal Food Manila Blog

Martabak Café
Ground Floor, 131 North Wing, SM Mall of Asia,
Bay Boulevard, Pasay City, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (+63) 927.412.7782
Open Hours: Mall Hours

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