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Beaches of Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Dua Beach Bali

I’ve been itching to go to the beach since I started to feel the burning heat in the metro. So when me and my buddies were in Bali, I devoted a day and a half to check out some nice beaches on the island; one of which really captivated me that I instantly stripped off and ran to the clear turquoise waters like a child.

There are more or less thirty four beaches in Bali, and that’s just the major ones. Surrounded by Indian Ocean and Bali Sea, the 5,780 sq. km. island is truly a beach paradise and it would such a shame if we didn’t check out some of it (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Bali).

Our very cool driver/guide, Made, from our first day of tours in Bali picked us up on time at our home in Ubud. We specifically wanted a day of beach exploration and the guys from Bali Golden Tour happily fixed our itinerary for that day. We opted for a private tour which is quite cheaper than joining group tours.

First was the beach near our home in south Kuta, the German Beach. Locally known as the Pasih Perahu Beach, the German Beach is located near the Ngurah Rai Airport runway thus; huge aircrafts are commonly seen on its horizon. Its name is derived from the airport construction workers (mostly Germans) who lived in this area a few years back.

German Beach Bali
German Beach - South Kuta
German Beach Bali
It's so near the Ngurah Rai Airport
It was twelve-o’ clock and the midday sun was burning our skin as we strolled from Rama Beach Resort & Villas to the beach. It took us ten minutes to finally reach the wide empty shore. The gray sand was coarse and the huge waves were dragging the parked jukung or traditional boats on the shore.

The beach was empty. I was thinking that all the sun worshippers should be here getting the perfect tan, but it was deserted. I wasn’t convinced to jump into the waters at that time. A good stroll followed afterwards, a bottle of beer while lounging should be perfect, but we couldn’t find any.

German Beach Bali

German Beach Bali
Next beach on the list was Kuta Beach found near the city center. Considered as the most popular beach in southern Bali, the commercialized area right across the Kuta Beach makes it accessible to tourists and locals alike. The neighboring hotels, restaurants, clubs and shopping centers make the beach lively during the day.

Kuta Beach Bali
Dress or undress all you want
Swimming is discouraged here due to the strong ocean currents and high waves – perfect for surfers. The coarse sand is not that white, but rather gray.

Me and my buddies haggled for a cab ride from our home in Kuta (60,000 Rupiah | US$ 5) to Kuta Beach and were dropped off at a shopping center. We went across the narrow road and passed through a nice Balinese gateway and were transported to the tropics in no time.

Kuta Beach Bali
Balinese gateway to the beach
Kuta Beach Bali
Kuta Beach- Kuta
Huge trees, surf stands and makeshift bars dotted the shaded part of the shore while surfers and beach bummers swarmed the waters.

We had some decent lunch on a warung (eatery), grabbed several beach lounge chairs and ordered three Bintang Beers (10,000 Rupiah | US$ 0.75 each) while checking out the beach scene. After finishing the beers, we headed back to the resort. We could’ve waited for the sunset that afternoon (which I heard was lovely) but opted to go back to the resort.

Kuta Beach Bali
Beers, massage, chill
Next on our beach list was Sanur Beach located at the southeastern side of Bali. A 30-minute drive from the airport, it is along the coast of Denpasar City and one of the best places to catch Bali’s sunrise. Brilliant in the eleven-o’ clock sun, the coastline with golden yellow sand was swarmed with beach bummers who were enjoying basking under the intense heat.

Sanur Beach Bali
Sanur Beach - Denpasar
We entered a road leading to the beach and saw some hotels and restaurants lining the shore. There were also some local eateries that serve local snacks and grilled fares. Bike and surf board rental stalls were also in sight along a narrow concrete path.

The ocean current wasn’t as strong as in Kuta so children and non-swimmers were enjoying the waters. There’s also a coral reef some few hundred meters away from the shore so snorkeling is also one activity that you can enjoy here.

Me and my buddies were not swayed to take a dip so we went ahead and explored more of the beaches in Bali.

Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur Beach Bali
Calm waters
Next on the list was 40 km. south of Denpasar City, the Nusa Dua Beach. In 1971, Nusa Dua was built and became a famous hotel complex in Bali where luxury hotels found its way in Bali.

Nusa Dua Beach Bali

We entered a beautifully roadside landscaped garden and went straight to the posh hotels on one end. We immediately went to the beach where some locals were enjoying their picnic on a shaded part while some tourists were enjoying the sun and getting that perfect tan.

Nusa Dua Beach Bali
Beach bum
Nusa Dua Beach Bali

Moving on, we went ahead and passed by some wild mangroves and palm trees going inside a Balinese gate that revealed a better coast on the other side, and it was beautiful. I took a few snapshots then stripped off and went directly to where happiness was.

Nusa Dua Beach Bali

The clear turquoise water was refreshing and I swam like a kid on a hot afternoon sun, alone. I owned the beach for a while. I was unleashing my inner Arielle when a small jellyfish greeted me underneath. I panicked and ran to where my buddies were and never came back. It was a quick but fun swim nevertheless.

Coffee shops, warungs (eateries) and shower areas were spotted at the parking area. We feasted on local chow while being greeted by squirrels from the huge trees, I shrieked every time they went near me.

Nusa Dua Beach Bali
Nusa Dua Beach - Badung
It was late in the afternoon when we went to our last beach destination of the day on the southeastern coast of Bali. Dreamland Beach is on the way to Ulu Watu Temple, one of the famous Hindu temples in Bali. A friend once informed us that an afternoon rendezvous at this particular beach was not enough, he said that you need a day or two. So we were thrilled for some beach bumming on this beach.

We entered a resort complex that used to be a popular holiday destination in Bali, which is not the case now. The place looked deserted, and although some hotels were still operational and some developments were ongoing the place felt like a ghost city.

Dreamland Beach Bali
The steps leading to the pathway
We parked somewhere (15,000 Rupiah | US$ 1.13 for the parking fee) and hopped on a free old school van that transported us to the steps leading to the beach. Souvenir shops and coffee shops lined the covered path going to the beach and then at the end of the stretch were some beachfront restaurants and bars; and then the beach.

Dreamland Beach Bali
Dreamland Beach Bali

The sky was gray and Dreamland was at its most gloomy state. We walked further to the shore and noticed that lounge beach chairs were everywhere and the place was crowded with tourists and locals taking some time off.

Dreamland Beach Bali
Surfers and swimmers were enjoying the huge waves that almost wiped them off. We went to the leftmost side of the beach and spotted a huge hill with its stunning cliffs covering a part of the shore making it look like a secluded cove.

My buddies were having some photo sessions while I ran to the waters and went swimming as if there were no huge waves coming at me. I was having a hard time paddling and kicking but I loved it. I loved the struggle of going under a huge wave. And then it drizzled.

Dreamland Beach Bali
We ran back to the shore and searched for a shelter from the shower but found none. So instead, we tucked our stuff inside our dry bags and enjoyed the drizzle while it lasted. It was fun, that moment when we were just getting wet from the light rain. And I realized how lucky I was to find the perfect travel buddies who didn’t mind getting wet and shiz.

Dreamland Beach Bali
Dreamland Beach - Bukit Peninsula
After our chill out session at Dreamland Beach, we went back to our home in Ubud and had a sunset dip at the pool, as if the beach hopping all day didn’t suffice. Bali has so many beaches but each has its own beauty and splendor, you just have to find your happy beach and lounge the whole day.

Dreamland Beach Bali

I think that the Philippines has some of the best beaches in the world. I’m being biased here, but no, I totally believe that we have beach gems tucked somewhere those 7,107islands. I digress.

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  1. Agree ako diyan Teach, since hindi ko afford balik-balikan ang Maldives Lol. Philippines has the best beaches. I miss Dreamland the current was strong diyan marami nagsusurf. Pero ang linis din ng tubig.

    1. Mas maganda talaga ang Pinas. Pero balita ko nga daw ok sa Maldives. Hmmm... Maybe next year? :)