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The Trans Resort Bali – Bali, Indonesia

The Trans Resort Bali Pool

Oh, and by the way, you have a personal butler available 24 hours, just dial the star button on your phone. Enjoy your stay Miss Carla! And this, ladies and gentleman, is how I define luxury. Welcome to The Trans Resort Bali, our home in Seminyak.

During the last days of our Bali trip, me and my buddies chose the beach town of Seminyak in South Kuta to be our last stop before we head to the next leg of our Southeast Asia Summer Backpacking Trip. Seminyak is known to be the posh area in Bali for its luxury accommodations and high-end clubs and restaurants; to come to the point, we wanna experience Bali’s lavishness.

The Trans Resort Bali is the newest 5-star luxury resort in Seminyak that is perfect for those who wants to experience luxury and style while having the perfect holiday or just pure R & R. It boasts 184 well-appointed guest rooms and suites, and 16 grand villas with private pools. Spell LUXURY.

The Trans Resort Bali Lobby
The check-in time was supposedly three o’clock in the afternoon but our temple tours in Bali lasted longer than expected. Arriving at sundown, the security officers checked our van and asked for our reservations which they immediately confirmed with the front office. We headed to the lobby and were greeted by the General Manager, Alexander Jovanovic, and some of the staff who patiently waited for us to come out of the van; they know us by our first names, amazing!

After the quick welcome, we were ushered at the very sophisticated and classy reception area where they processed our reservations while having some welcome drinks and freshening up with cold towels they offered us. Our booking for two nights was confirmed in a breeze while we were all slumped on the comfy couches.

We booked a Family Suite which is a Celebrity Suite with a connecting door to a Premier Club room (check room types and rates). They led us to our rooms on the first level and we were all overwhelmed and speechless when they opened the doors for us.

As we opened the door to the Premier Club room (which will be the room of the boys), we immediately felt the splendor.

The Trans Resort Bali Premier Club Room
Premium Club Room (twin bed)
The 65 sq.m. space revealed a contemporary Balinese themed room with two queen-sized beds with exclusively designed bedding (100 % goose down) and customized linen made of luxurious Egyptian cotton. The room is well-equipped with; TV with extensive local and cable channels, working desk with lamp, mood lighting control, room temperature and humidity control, multimedia docking station, complimentary high-speed WiFi connection, in-room safety deposit box, 24-hour on-call STAR service and services like laundry, pressing, shoeshine and seamstress.

A huge wall mirror greeted me on one side of the wall as I opened the huge doors leading to the en suite toilet and bath.

The Trans Resort Bali Toilet and Bath
Double wash basin
There’s a bath tub, double wash basin with complimentary imperial amenities from Acqua di Parma, a separate shower area and an automatic water closet (hello dryer and fake flush).

The Trans Resort Bali Toilet and Bath

And then I freaked out when I went into the sliding glass doors that revealed a balcony with a hot tub and daybed overlooking the private pool and the lush tropical garden. I was delighted and couldn’t wait to check out my suite which was, well, connected to their room.

The Trans Resort Bali Premiere Club Room

The Trans Resort Bali Premiere Club Room
There's the private balcony with hot tub and day bed
We went to the connecting door that uncovered the huge Celebrity Suite.

The 130 sq.m. suite was so huge that it could fit my whole class in it. The exquisitely-decorated living room greeted us, and boy it was really big (bigger than most of hotel rooms, and that’s just the living area). It has almost the same features as the connecting Premier Club room but in a more grand scale. It has a mini-bar, dining utensils, coffee and tea-making facilities, a TV with local and cable channels and a separate work station.

The Trans Resort Bali Celebrity Suite
Work station at the Celebrity Suite, oh, there's the door leading to my bedroom
The Trans Resort Bali Celebrity Suite
Spacious living area with private balcony overlooking the secluded swimming pool
I hurried to the comfy couches and collapsed for a minute and then realized that there’s so much to see. I got up and went to the glass doors that exposed a private balcony with daybed and lounge chairs.

I ran into the bedroom, my bedroom, and was thrilled when I saw the huge bed and another TV. I walked into the bathroom that has the same features from the neighboring room except that a folding window opens up to the bedroom making it more airy.

The Trans Resort Bali Celebrity Suite
Oh, that bed...
The Trans Resort Bali Toilet and Bath
My first ever hotel bath tub experience
And then there’s a walk-in closet with vanity mirror and dresser just across the bathroom. I quickly grabbed my luggage and stuffed it inside while I continue my tour around my suite.

The Trans Resort Bali Celebrity Suite
Walk-in closet + vanity mirror
And then I went into the huge draperies on one side of my room and was stunned when it revealed a glass door leading to a terrace with private access to the secluded swimming pool, yes, I have my own access to the pool.

The Trans Resort Bali Celebrity Suite Private Pool
Private access to the pool with jet tub
I was yelling to my buddies to come to my suite but the vastness of the Family Suite swallowed them. I took a quick shower, opened the glass door leading to the pool, turned on the jet tub and dipped into the warm water. 

Later in, my buddies were surprised to find me there as they were just getting ready to check out the party scene in Seminyak.

My buddies snoozed instantly after getting home from our beer session. I was thinking if a midnight dip would be nice but when I saw the bath tub, plans were changed.

I filled the tub with water and dropped a bath bomb from the tray which exploded with essential oils and floral scent. I dipped into the warm water and soaked for I dunno how long. It felt so good to have the luxury of time to do such things. I often stay in hotels with tubs but never did I have the time or the urge to use the tub, just this time.

Waking up the next day was lovely. We didn’t have a call time and I stayed in bed longer than usual. We had the options of having breakfast on our private balcony but opted to check out the Celebration buffet at the in-house restaurant which they aptly called, The Restaurant.

The Trans Resort Bali Celebrity Suite
Good morning!
The Trans Resort Bali Celebrity Suite Private Pool
That's my room out there
Me and my buddies headed to The Restaurant where the complimentary buffet breakfast was waiting for us. And it was a celebration indeed.

The Trans Resort Bali Buffet Breakfast
The Restaurant
The al fresco dining area has the perfect view of the beach pool and the lush tropical garden. The extensive buffet spread included authentic Indonesian, classic Chinese and Western dishes. It was a feast!

The Trans Resort Bali Buffet Breakfast

I frequented the pizza and pasta stations, yes, that’s for breakfast. What I love about the Celebration buffet is that it’s open up to eleven o’clock in the morning, perfect for brunch.

The Trans Resort Bali Buffet Breakfast

The Trans Resort Bali Buffet Breakfast
Pizza for breakfast
We just lazed the whole day on the white sandy beach pool. The kids were having fun at the tropical playground while the beach bummers were perfecting their tan.

The Trans Resort Bali Beach Pool

The Trans Resort Bali Beach Pool
The Beach Pool
We also checked out The Spa and tried their traditional Balinese massage. Before the scheduled appointment, we were treated with some refreshing drinks and were talked to about our usual concerns with regard our bodies. I spoke of the complaints on my lower back which they took note and then the treatment followed next.

The Trans Resort Bali Spa

I was ushered to my private Balinese inspired room. The treatment started with the traditional foot cleansing ritual and the massage followed. And it was pure bliss. I love the pressure they did on my lower back. The interview session was very helpful; I wish they’d do that everywhere.

The Trans Resort Bali Spa
The Traditional Balinese Massage was heaven
For our dinner, on our last day in Bali, we opted to try out the great dishes at The RestaurantWe feasted on traditional Balinese cuisine with Sop Buntut Kerobokan as the main dish. The Indonesian style Oxtail Soup was reminiscent of Bulalo in the Philippines. It felt like home actually, but the rich and tasty dish (complemented with vegetable soup, sambal (chili) and melinjo nut crackers) has this distinct taste that everyone will surely love. The dessert platter and moist chocolate cake were the perfect sweet treat after.

The Trans Resort Bali Restaurant
Balinese appetizers
Sop Buntut Kerobokan The Trans Resort Bali Restaurant
Sop Buntut Kerobokan
The Trans Resort Bali Restaurant
Balinese style dessert plate
And we really felt that we should’ve stayed longer in Bali because of our lovely stay at The Trans Resort Bali. Apart from the lavishness and pure opulence, what I love the most was the personalized service they offer to their guests which made it more memorable. They know us by our first names, need I say more?

The Trans Resort Bali

The Trans Resort Bali (book online)
Kerobokan, Seminyak,
Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact Number: (+62) 0361.898.1234
Email Address:

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