Mia’s Pancit Cabagan – Quezon City

It was extremely hot and my buddy decided to walk rather than take a 3-minute jeepney to his new pancit place. I was expecting for another pancit batil patong find but was surprised when I saw the tarp that flashed Isabela.It was pancit cabagan after all.

Our love affair with pancit batil patong can be traced back during our 2013 Tuguegarao trip. Last year, we went back to the city to simply eat pancit. And it was on the same trip that we tried the legit pancit cabagan when we stopped by at Cabagan, Isabela. Again, the stopover was mainly because we wanna eat pancit. We’re fanatics like that.

Pancit Cabagan Batil Patong Quezon City

Moving on, we’ve been combing the streets and alleys of Metro Manila in search for panciterias that serve our fave pancit in the world. And we’ve been lucky enough to find some eateries that serve pancit batil patong in Metro Manila.

That afternoon, we’ve adjusted our taste buds to the saucy nature of Isabela’s most famed pancit. With the help of my buddy’s map (he’s the techie one), we spotted our rendezvous that afternoon.
Pancit Cabagan Batil Patong Quezon City

Located at N. Roxas Street in Quezon City, Mia’s Special Pansit Cabagan is a 15-minute walk from Welcome Rotonda. Sandwiched between a hardware store and car accessories shop, you surely won’t miss it amidst the bustles on that busy area (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Metro Manila).

The humble panciteria offers pancit cabagan in all sizes; single (P70), small bilao (P199), medium bilao (P499), large bilao (P699), and extra large bilao (P999). They also serve fried rice meals or silogs for as low as P70. Written on a chalkboard were two of their most requested a la carte dishes; Bulalo and Papaitan

Pancit Cabagan Batil Patong Quezon City
Tuloy po kayo...
Pancit Cabagan Batil Patong Quezon City

We were waiting for our two single orders of pancit cabagan when they served an egg drop soup (same as the batil soup of pancit batil patong) for starters. It’s not usually paired with this pancit but they thought of serving one so as to not keep the diners waiting too long for their meal. Nice eh?

Pancit Cabagan Batil Patong Quezon City
Batil soup while waiting.
I was convincing my buddy to try Papaitan (P70). After which, we indulged into a sinful soup of happiness before heading to the main event. The innards were cooked very well and the soup was gingery; perfect for beer sessions. We actually ordered a cup of rice so as to fully appreciate it. Spell hungry.

Pancit Cabagan Batil Patong Quezon City
Papaitan (P70)
Afterwards, our two platefuls of pancit cabagan arrived. The famous thick-sauced pancit was topped with two quail eggs and crunchy fried pork bits. After one spoonful, me and my buddy exchanged looks of happiness and nodded in perfect unison. This one is a sure legit pancit cabagan. We finished everything in no time!

Pancit Cabagan Batil Patong Quezon City
Pancit Cabagan single (P70)
As if not yet fully satiated, we grabbed a bowl of Bulalo (P120) and after trying just its soup, we agreed that it’s comparable to one of the best ones at Mahogany Market in Tagaytay. The secret herb that was incorporated into the soup was a refreshing kick to your good old marrow soup. I wouldn’t tell you what it was though, you have to try it yourself.

Pancit Cabagan Batil Patong Quezon City
Bulalo (P120)
We finished a liter of iced tea and tons of calamansi and chilli during the battle. It was almost three in the afternoon when we ended the feast. This time, I wanna walk all the way to my home to burn the calories I’ve consumed. Buurp.

Mia's Special Pansit Cabagan
Nicanor Roxas Street, cor., Isarog Street,
Quezon City
Contact Number: (+63) 2.742.3844 | (+63) 936.736.1984
Email Address: miaspansitcabagan003@gmail.com
Open Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. | Daily

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