High five! Blissfulguro turns five now and continues to rock the world with her own version of tales along the road. Just the same, no fancy shindig nor revelry. Very #TitasofManila.

It seemed just like yesterday when I first tapped on that key to write about stuff that makes me happy. Of everything, I’m most thankful on the choices I made that led me to where I am right now. And yes, we do have a choice. We choose to be happy or sad or angry or indifferent. We choose to exchange endless stories with backpackers over bottles of beer. We choose to be inspired from stories by the locals. We choose to be connected after a trip with the people we meet on the road (cheers to the guides, drivers and even hotel owners whom I made friends with). We choose to be defeated and we choose to fail. Nonetheless, it’s not the choice you make but the spirit to move forward whatever and wherever that choice may lead you, that's all that matters. 

And as a new chapter awaits I challenge you to explore more, learn more and engage more; wherever life may bring you.

It has been a great five years and thank you for hanging out with me.

Happy 5!


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