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Crema at Marriott Grand Ballroom – Pasay City

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Cakes

We’re still nursing our huge tummies after a satisfying late lunch at Mian when we felt the urge to have some coffee. What supposedly a coffee sesh with the fam turned out to be a mouth-watering dessert feast at Crema.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom

My family is so predictable. Being food enthusiasts, we always find ways to satisfy our cravings. So even after a very filling lunch at Mian - Marriott Grand Ballroom, we crossed over at Crema to have coffee and probably some cakes and smoothies or pastries and frozen yogurts. And just so you know, we’re only four in the group. And I should warn you, this will make your sweet cravings kick in so brace yourselves, please.

The long glass chiller with pastries and stuff greeted us as we breezed our way to Crema. The chill vibe of this upscale gourmet coffee shop is perfect for short meetings or finishing those unending chapters of a favorite book. Me thinking of having some coffee stops here before heading to the airport nearby for those long waiting time for my flight (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Metro Manila).

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Pastries

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Pastries

We chose to be seated on the soft loungers which I think was a bad idea for it was bordering to a snuggly bed. We were attended to in a short while and were given the menu for the coffee and stuff. I was sure to not have any sweets, just coffee, but after they were all raving for a certain cake I slowly participated in the much publicized debate. We ended up almost getting everything on the list.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom

For coffee, they had Café Mocha (P180), Caramel Macchiato (P200) and White Chocolate Mocha (P200) while I had some Cappucino (P180). I love my black coffee but sometimes I do indulge in sweet coffee concoctions such as, uhm, my birthday.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Coffee
Caramel Macchiato - P200
They were so eager to try the cakes but I insisted on having sandwiches first. So we had Breakfast Sandwich (P280), Roast Mushroom and Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich (P250) and Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap Sandwich (P270). I don’t eat dig mushrooms that much so I only tried the two other sandwiches. I love the subtlety of the tastes. Nothing was overpowering anything. I especially love the salad wrap sandwich which felt really healthy.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Sandwich
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap Sandwich - P270
Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich - P280
Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Sandwich
Roast Mushroom and Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich - P250
Our coffee almost didn’t make it to the second round so we had some smoothies and frappes. I had Green Tea Frappe (P240) which was reminiscent of the one they serve on this famed coffee shop in the country. The rest of the gang had Mocha Frappe (P240), Berry Smoothie (P220) and Palawan Honey Mint Iced Tea (P180). I tried the Berry Smoothie and it was oozing with freshness. I didn’t like the Iced Tea for it felt like a tropical orange tea rather than a mint one.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Frappe
Berry Smoothie (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) - P220
Green Tea Frappe - P240
Moving on, we also got to try out the freshly baked pastries and cookies; Chocolate Chip Muffin (P110), Blueberry Muffin (P110), Granola Yogurt Muffin (P110), Cream Cheese Danish (P120) and Almond Honey Cookie (P60).

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Muffin
Granola Yogurt Muffin - P110
Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Pastries
Cream Cheese Danish - P120
The cake creations part was a tricky one, we ended up ordering everything; Flourless Chocolate Feuilletine (P250), White Chocolate Brownie(P250), Caramel Chocolate Tart (P270), Pistachio Sans Rival (P270), Strawberry Tart (P230), Cheesecake(P270), Tiramisu (P270), Apple Tart (P270) and Banana Cake.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Cakes
Cheesecake - P270
Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Cakes
Pistachio Sans Rival - P270
Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Cakes

My mind was mixed up when everything arrived. I was overwhelmed on how colorful and dazzling our table was. It was my birthday weekend and I was confused on what cake to choose as my birthday cake.

I adore the Flourless Chocolate Feuilletine with its smooth hazelnut chocolate as base in contrast with the crispy thin flakes texture. It was superb. Next one was the Strawberry Tart with its fresh strawberries. I also loved the simplicity of Cream Cheese Danish.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Cakes
Flourless Chocolate Feuilletine - P250
to die for...
My mom suggested that we should have some frozen yogurts to clean our palate, which we did. The homemade frozen yogurt (P140 with one topping | + P10 for each additional topping) cleared our taste buds and our minds from the sugar rush.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Yogurts
FroYo - P140 (with one topping | additional P10 per topping)
It was a fun experience getting acquainted with a wide array of sweet goodies. A sweet ending for my birthday weekend foodie adventure.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom Cakes


Of course, we took home some of our fave goodies and I appreciated it more; the uniqueness and yumminess of each treat when eaten independently.

Crema Marriott Grand Ballroom

Ground Floor, Marriott Grand Ballroom,
Marriot Hotel Manila, Pasay City, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (+63) 2.988.9999 local 5055
Open Hours: Mondays to Saturdays | 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

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