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Estancia Resort Hotel – Tagaytay City

Where To Stay In Tagaytay

It was two weeks before Christmas when me and my buddies went Tagaytay City for our last staycation for 2015. Our plan was simple; to laze around all day and enjoy the cool weather with probably a great view of Taal Volcano on our verandas at Estancia Resort. Plus some booze, of course.

It was almost sundown as we emerged from the bus (we endured a 2-hour ride from Manila). We were dropped off on a jeepney terminal and looked for Picnic Grove-bound jeepneys. We easily found one and we then sped off.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay

The Mediterranean-style resort with its hues of blue and white dome and clean architecture was easily spotted. As the resort was on a slope, we needed to climb down for the reception area.

Estancia Resort is located at the prime spot of Tagaytay ridge and the theme echoed inside the sleek lobby (flashback Thunderbird Poro Point in La Union). The staff immediately assisted us and confirmed our booking reservation.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay

The resort is so huge that we needed to be transported via golf carts on the way to our villas for that night. There are three different accommodation types at Estancia Resort; Deluxe Rooms, Casitas and Santorini Villas (check room types and rates).

Estancia Resort Tagaytay
Santorini Villas
Estancia Resort Tagaytay

Estancia Resort Tagaytay

The group is billeted on different Santorini Villas. Each villa houses two rooms on each floor with a roofdeck. Me and my buddy were assigned on a lower floor.

Our room was equipped with a double-sized bed, an individually-powered air-conditioned unit (as if we’ll be needing it with Tagaytay’s chilly weather), vanity desk with mirror, an old school TV, coffee and tea-making facilities (bring your own stash), mini fridge and a wardrobe closet.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay Santorini Villa

Estancia Resort Tagaytay Santorini Villa

The en suite toilet and bath had the basic amenities with hot and cold shower with bath towels and toiletries.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay Santorini Villa

The room was basic and would probably needs a little ummph to hype it up. But hey, with a great view I would be waking up the next morning, I ain’t complaining.

As I walked further, I noticed a heavy draped wall that apparently opened up to our very own veranda with coffee table and chairs. I knew instantly that this would be our base camp.

I prepared some coffee while my buddy was inspecting the room. We had a nice coffee sesh overlooking some pine trees and the other villas that seemed to be filled with guests but were surprisingly peaceful. If you want to relax and be away from it all then this would be the perfect place.

We had a fancy Christmas dinner as we brought with us a huge Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly which was graciously prepared by the staff. We also feasted with some goodies and booze that we had with us. We really intended not to go out and party anymore. Maybe we're too lazy or maybe we just wanted to just, well, chill and relax.

Cebu's Original Lechon Belly

Our group didn’t have those traditional gift-giving shiz and stuff but we had one crazy night as booze and stories filled the whole villa. Surprisingly, we weren’t bothering anyone as the rooms were amazingly soundproofed.

We definitely had a good night’s sleep after that. I woke up not knowing what time was it and headed straight to the veranda where the sun was starting to rise. I took a snapshot, relished that moment and went back to bed again.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay Santorini Villa

Tagaytay Taal Lake Volcano
Good Morning Taal!
I was awoken by my buddy for the complimentary breakfast to be served at the restaurant. The group filled two golf carts and was transported back to the main building, where the free WiFi can be accessed.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay Restaurant

Breakfast options of Big Breakfast (silog meals), Grilled French Toast sets, Pancakes, 3-Egg Omelletes and Oatmeals and Porridges were available. I went with the usual Pinoy fave Tapsilog with brewed coffee while others tried the other silog meals specifically the Biyasilog meal which featured crispy fried biya or a close relative of Cebu's danggit.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay Breakfast

Batangas Biya
My tapa was good and the portion was big for me. We had a great breakfast as we chatted some more on what transpired the night before.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay Breakfast
We planned to take a dip on either the indoor or outdoor pool but were too lazy to do so. We ended up converging on one of the rooms and wasted the day with movie marathon.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay
It was too cold for a dip
And as if on cue, the movie ended as the sun started to bid farewell and we all flocked to the balcony to witness once more the great view. It was starting to feel nippy and donned with our hoodies, we lazed some more as if we weren’t going back home that same night.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay Santorini Villa
Our "party" room
Estancia Resort Tagaytay Santorini Villa
Subtle Taal sunset
It was a fun staycation with TeamRH and right before we head back home, we decided to go to newly-renovated Mahogany Market to have a nice good old hot Bulalo soup; just the perfect way to end a Tagaytay trip.

Estancia Resort Tagaytay Santorini Villa
Merry Christmas!
Grabbed from Julius

Estancia Resort Hotel Tagaytay (book online)
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