Café Causette at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

The Central Business District of Hong Kong with its glowing skyscrapers stood amongst us as we emerged from the MTR passageway. The wind blew hard as we tried to cross the street. We entered Mandarin Oriental and sought the refuge of Café Causette for our evening rendezvous. The homey feel of the restaurant warmed us up as we were greeted graciously by a server.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog

Me and my travel buddies were splurging a bit after our not-so-easy challenge on our cheap food hunt in Hong Kong. It’s been a week and we’re craving for some comfort food. Café Causette is one of the ten dining options at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Hong Kong).

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog

The café was almost filled but it never felt packed or cramped. The warm lights provided a cozy feel. It wasn’t too uptight rather it was informal and contemporary. The overall vibe was soothing as we kept on looking at the glass windows of the windy Hong Kong at dusk.

We scanned the menu and were amazed on the great selections they offer. A wide variety of Asian and Western dishes were listed. It was so extensive that choosing a single meal was a challenge. We then decided to order each from different sections (taking note of the signature dishes) so as to experience a gastronomic tour around the globe.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog

I scanned the menu and paused on a specific item. I continued perusing and went back to it, and did it again. After a minute or so, I finally requested for the Fish and Chips; it was love at first sight. And the group ended up having a crazy good mix of everything.

I first tried the Singapore Curry Laksa and the creamy soup was tasty with hints of mild spiciness. The textures from the prawns and balls blended perfectly well. The freshly-made noodles were tasty. My buddy loved it that he quirked that it was totally comparable to what they serve in Singapore.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Singapore Curry Laksa (HKD 228 | US$ 29.27)
vermicelli noodle, prawn, fish ball, egg, bean curd
I then grabbed a bite of the Fish whilst it’s hot. I squeezed a little bit of lemon juice into it which gave it a zest. The tartare dip balanced all the flavors and textures of the Fish. I was so fixated with the fish that I almost forgot about its greatest ally, the chips. The thick cuts of potatoes were fried in perfection. The crunchy crust was in perfect contrast with the soft inside. With a dash of a little salt, it was great that I almost finished it (forgetting about handing some to my buddies).

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Fish and Chips (HKD 248 | US$ 31.84)
battered cod, chips, tartare sauce
I never liked Hainan Chicken Rice so I was too biased to have it as my least favorite from the bunch. But amazingly, it was cooked very well and there's no gamey taste to it.The Vegetable Spring Roll on the other hand was flavorful and full of flavors. The chilli dipping sauce added an extra kick to it. 

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Hainan Chicken Rice (HKD 268 | US$ 34.41)
baby pak choy, garlic, chilli sauce, rice
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Vegetable Spring Roll (HKD 26 | US$ 3.34 per piece)
pastry, chili dipping sauce
The Chicken, Lamb and Beef Satay were impeccably tender and the peanut sauce was the perfect complement to it. But the satay as is was good that with or without the sauce, it's really good.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Chicken, Beef and Lamb Satay (HKD 28 | US$ 3.60 per piece)
skewer, spice, peanut sauce
I loved the Pork Pecorino Pizza. This handmade wood-fired pizza was seemingly simple yet it was bursting with flavors. The Cheung Fun on the other hand was tender with its spicy and tasty sauce. It was oozing with flavors that it instantly became one of the crowd favorites.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Pork Pecorino Pizza (HKD 178 | US$ 22.85)
pork sausage, chilli, sliced potato, buffalo mozzarella, oregano, pecorino and spring onion
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Cheung Fun (HKD 158 | US$ 20.29)
beef, tenderloin, onion, black pepper
Our dinner was filling and satisfying but we’re yearning for more; a sweet ending perhaps. I am not a fan of sweets but looking at the menu of desserts that had rum-based ice creams on it was tempting.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Mandarin Cheesecake (HKD 88 | US$ 11.30)
bleberry compote, cassis ice cream
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Homemade Ice Cream (HKD 48 | US$ 6.16 per scoop)
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Crispy Chocolate Devil Cake (HKD 88 | US$ 11.30)
white rum, ice cream
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong Blog
Bread and Butter Pudding (HKD 88 | US$ 11.30)
custard cream, vanilla ice cream
I felt a little buzz after finishing the rum-based ice cream and devil cake. But it was a good buzz. We're chatting endlessly that we noticed that we almost finished everything. We laughed afterwards and carried on with our crazy antics.

My favorite part of our lovely dinner at Café Causette in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong was our fun and endless chats that was warmed up by the good food and company. We had dinner longer than usual 'coz it felt like we're at home lounging on a couch with some good home-cooked meals. Really felt like home.

Café Causette at Mandarin Hotel (book online)
5 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
Contact Number: (+852) 2522.0111
Open Hours:
Breakfast 6:30 am to 11:30 am
Lunch 11:30 am to 3:00 pm
Tea 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Dinner 6:00 to 11:45 pm

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