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Ironwood Hotel – Tacloban City

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban

It was a first; traveling with my mom with two of my travel buddies. And all the while I thought I will be having a hard time balancing those two ends, it ended on a fun trip that there were times that I was left behind on conversations. And oh, it was my first time in Tacloban City (and also my mom) so I wanted our home to be in the center of all that’s happening, Ironwood Hotel perfectly fits that prerequisite.

Perfectly situated in the center of downtown Tacloban, Ironwood is the newest hotel in town. Aptly named as such, the old structure on that same spot was ruined by the strongest cyclone ever recorded in 2013. What remained from the former building was the strong foundation of ironwood, the strongest lumber in the country. It is a symbol of strength and resilience amidst devastation which also holds true to Filipinos in general. From there, a new structure was erected that signifies the efforts of Taclobanons to rise from the ground.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban

It was almost dinnertime when our team arrived at the hotel. The Ironwood Hotel's free shuttle service to and fro the airport was such an ease. It was so fresh and new that we just missed the grand opening the day before. The smell of new fixtures and furniture received us as we sought refuge inside its very warm lobby. I love how the hotel may look big outside but feel cozy inside.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Seed Cafe
It's almost Valentine's Day at Seed Cafe
The front desk itself is an art piece. Planks of old hardwood were designed to create a unique counter. The lighting fixture is an installation piece with dangling chunks of wood, chandelier-type. All of which were balanced out by the comfy lounge chairs and refreshing welcome drinks that were served while we’re waiting for the booking to be processed. Our tired bods comfortably rested on the couches when we were told that everything’s ready, faster than I could finish the orange juice.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban
Receiving Lounge
Me and my mom were roomies at the Premier Double Room (check rates) while my two buddies were on the neighboring room.

I tapped on the keycard and was welcomed by the warm earth tones of our room, wood theme I could sense. A wooden wardrobe closet with safe deposit box was on my left while the toilet and bath was on my right.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Premier Double Room

I checked out the bathroom where the rain shower head caught my attention (me wanting to take a hot shower right away). Bathroom amenities were also provided.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Premier Double Room

Tracing my path back, I stumbled upon a mini bar loaded with goodies and drinks. Coffee and tea-making facilities were also spotted.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Premier Double Room

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Premier Double Room

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Premier Double Room

A work desk and lamp with relaxing office chair rested below a flat-screen TV, a full-length mirror was mounted on a wall was right beside it.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Premier Double Room

I went on and explored what’s behind the huge drapes. It opened up to a great city view that still had its after-sundown glow.

I always save the bed for last for it is truly the core of each hotel room and the two single beds were just too perfect for me and my mom who doesn’t want any warm bodies around when sleeping.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Premier Double Room
Premier Double Room
I snuggled the pillow and wrapped myself up inside the duvet and felt the crisp outer cover and fluffy inside of it. I was ready to snooze at that time when my buddies raided our room in time for our dinner/beer sesh.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Premier Double Room

We had to end the beer night early (like 12 midnight) for our intended San Juanico sunrise trip the next day. We had a very relaxing 5-hour sleep that night and were awoken by the alarm clock on my bedside table. I grabbed my phone and utilized the complimentary WiFi connection to research on how to get to the bridge. We had a quick shower and dashed to the lobby and asked for assistance on tricycle and off we went to the longest bridge in the country.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Premier Double Room

We went back just in time for the last call of the complimentary breakfast at the hotel. It was around 10 in the morning as we settled on our seats at Fire Grass Tavern Restaurant, one of the in-house dining options inside the hotel.

We were given a choice of traditional Filipino fried rice meals and Continental toast meals, I chose the latter. My brekkie plate came with two servings of Hungarian Sausage, Ham and Cheese Omellette, toasted bread and butter, pork and beans, and sautéed mushrooms.

I love the tangy taste of the sausage that was paired well with the beans and toast. The omelette was also creamy. And to have a really great morning, I ended it with a cup of brewed coffee.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Breakfast

We all went back to our rooms to catch up some sleep. I pushed the drapes aside that revealed Tacloban starting its day, I had a good vantage point from Ironwood Hotel. I was starting to contemplate about things that happened two years ago, but no, I chose to see a tough and resilient city that withstood the test of time; #BangonTacloban as they say.

Ironwood Hotel Tacloban Lounge Area
5th floor Lounge Area

Ironwood Hotel (book online)
Burgos Street, Downtown,
Tacloban City, 6500 Leyte, Philippines
Contact Number: (+63) 53.321.9999 | (+63) 998.857.1857 | (+63) 917.627.6099

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