Beach Hop Asia 2016

Seven tops. Four bottoms. Two dresses. Four swimsuits. Two cameras. Numerous vitamins and meds. Sunscreen. Snorkel gear. Laptop. Cellphone. sarong, flip flops and sunnies. That’s my life out there for two months, all inside my 40-liter backpack. Because all you need is a handful of stuff and lotsa sense of wander and exploration. I worked hard for ten months so why not play harder for two months, eh?

It has become a yearly summer backpacking thing for me and my buddy. In 2013, we embarked on a trip to Babuyan Islands and then moved south to Patikul and Jolo in Sulu Province. Two years ago we combed the narrow alleys of Nepal and did some land border crossings from Bangkok to Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh. Last year, we ticked off ASEAN countries and went to Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. This year, it’s all about beaches baby!

Of all the summer trips we had so far this, I must say, is the one that was carefully planned out. Airfare tickets were bought as early as last year and routes were meticulously plotted (by my buddy, ‘coz me hate maps and itineraries).

Beach Hop Asia 2016

It’s all about the beaches of Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Maldives! Yes, the Maldives. We also got to squeeze in a Singapore trip to meet up with some friends. Our search for cheap airfares provided us with this route;

Manila > (Malaysia) Melaka > Kuala Lumpur > Langkawi > Penang > (Thailand) Surat Thani > Koh Phangan > Krabi > Koh Lanta > Koh Phi Phi > Phuket > (Sri Lanka) Colombo > Dambulla > Batticaloa > Arugam Bay > Ella > (Maldives) > Hulhumale > Maamigili Island > Male > Singapore > (Malaysia) Johor Bahru > Kuala Lumpur > Manila

The Beach and Full Moon Party in Thailand. Surfing spots in Sri Lanka. Mee Goreng in Malaysia. Island life in the Maldives. Oh my, who wouldn’t be excited?

Fifty-five days. Five countries. Twenty-two key destinations.  Join us on our summer adventure and check out real time updates on my Twitter and Instagram accounts - @blissfulguro | #BeachHopAsia2016

My mom gave me the biggest bear hug ever as I said my goodbyes, she whispered;

Pray ka lagi anak ha?

A far cry from last year’s booze warning.


  1. WAW!!!! Habol ako!!! Hahaha. It sounds great fun! 55 days out wandering and "beaching"! LOL

    I'll surely follow your stories. Share the adventure and safe trip!

  2. wohooo so excited for you, two! Wish I could do south east asia na soon. haha sobrang delayed na! Message Kathleen when you get to Maldives. Kilala ni kuys Macoy si Kath. Blogger from Iliga she lives in Maldives na.

  3. Wow! Update your instagram Maam Carla!!

  4. Another epic adventure, cannot wait for the documentation.

  5. WAW!!!! Habol ako!!! Hahaha. It sounds great fun! 55 days out wandering and "beaching"! LOL
    Another epic adventure, cannot wait for the documentation.

    1. Last 2016 pa po yan. Africa po kami this year :)


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