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For four days we woke up whenever we wanted to and went out whenever we felt like it. Our morning coffee sessions were spent alongside Melaka River and then finished the last season of our favorite series in the comforts of our room. It seems like a staycation but no, we’re on a four-day holiday in Melaka, a far cry from last year’s 23-hour quick trip to the Historic City of Malaysia. The Pines Melaka was our home for four days and we couldn’t be much happier.

Our last year’s Melaka trip was such a disgrace to this UNESCO World Heritage City that we swore to be back again real soon, a daytrip wouldn’t suffice to really capture the city’s soul. So for our Beach Hop Asia 2016, we had Melaka as our first stop.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Traditional fish cage design for light fixtures
The Pines Melaka is one of the freshest additions to the growing hotel scene in the city. I love that it is conveniently located in the heart of Melaka but away from the crowd. It is also along the Melaka River and in front of Villa Sentosa (Malay Living Museum) which made it lovelier. It has its own jetty for the Melaka River Cruise and also provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia

It was nine in the evening and after a 2-hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (RM 21.40 | US$ 5.50) we arrived at Melaka Sentral where we hopped on a domestic bus going to the hotel. And then after a few minutes, we were at the lobby of The Pines.

Sleek furniture and unique light fixtures received us as we stepped into the comforts of the lobby. A gracious staff immediately assisted us on our luggage and ushered us to the front desk. We had prior online booking that provided a hassle-free check-in. We were handed our keycards to our home for three nights and made our way to our room.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Artworks from local artists as hallway decor
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia

We opened our Deluxe Room (check rates) on the 6th level of the hotel and were surprised on the enormity of our room (46 sq.m.).

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Our super spacious Deluxe Room with a great view of the city
The fitted toilet and bath was on my left and I was glad to see the hot and cold shower with rain shower head that made me wanna get a decent shower right away. Bathroom amenities were also provided.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Bathroom amenities are all provided for
I checked the kitchenette on my right and there were coffee and tea-making facilities, complimentary drinking water and mini fridge. A two-seater dining set was also available.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
A kitchenette and two-seater dining set
I walked pass through the hall and noticed a receiving area with a sofa (that doubles up as a bed) and a low table. I immediately made this my own space for my stuff, I usually want my personal space. Opposite to it was a wardrobe closet where it housed the in-room safe.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Sofa that doubles up as a bed
A wooden see-through room divider provided the right amount of seclusion to our king-sized bed. The fluffy pillows and duvet looked so comfy.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia

Across the bed was a work station (which was occupied by my buddy immediately) with lamp and ergonomic chair. A daybed rested underneath the flatscreen TV.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Wardrobe closet and separate work station
I jumped into bed when I noticed the huge drapes covering the windows. I pushed it aside which revealed a full-glass window with a great view of Melaka River and the traditional Malay Village right across the hotel. I sat there for a moment and got too excited for our four-day jaunt in the city.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia

Mornings were usually spent at the Oak Restaurant where the complimentary breakfast for guests is served. We enjoyed traditional Malay breakfast fares every day. I specifically liked the dim sums and fried rice.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Oak Restaurant
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Malaysian breakfast fares
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
My favorite of 'em all
We had dinner once and got enthralled by the food selections. Me and my buddy love local food in every country we visit and if you didn’t know yet, we have this love affair with Mee Goreng.

The dinner feast included; Cantonese Fried Noodles (RM 27), Laksa Over Mee (RM 29), Hainanese Chicken Rice (RM 29), The Oak Club (RM 27) and Mee Mamak (RM 27).

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Cantonese Fried Noodles (RM 27)
Wok-fried flat rice noodles with fresh seafood in egg sauce
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Laksa Over Mee (RM 27)
Yellow noodles in spicy coconut milk broth with cockles,
prawns, fishcake, chicken and bean curd puff
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Hainanese Chicken Rice (RM 29)
Steamed (or roasted) chicken with specially prepared fragrant rice
served with home made Hainanese chili sauce, thick soy sauce and ginger dip
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Trio of Burgers (RM 30)
Grilled homemade lamb patty on charcoal bun,
Fried battered chicken thigh on green tea bun, and
Pan fried seabass on strawberry bun.
Homemade sauces: Thai, Capsicum and Tomato
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
The Oak Club (RM 27)
Sandwich in white bread (or wholemeal) served with sliced cheddar cheese,
grilled chicken breast, chicken lyoner, fried egg, avocado, seasonal greens and French fries.
I loved the authenticity of the dishes. One remarkable thing was that nothing overpowered anything. Like everything blended pretty well that additional spices won’t be needed at all. I, of course, loved the Mee Mamak (a close relative of Mee Goreng).

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Mee Mamak (RM 27)
Spicy fried yellow noodles with prawns, chicken,
bean curd and bean sprouts
The Pines has free scheduled shuttle service to the famous Jonker Street which we didn’t get to avail for we really wanted to stroll along the riverside on our way to the UNESCO Heritage City.

We also got the chance to avail the bike rental services of the hotel (RM 4 / hour | RM 20 / 6 hours) and didn’t think that we’d enjoy it as much. We despised biking in Chiang Rai (Thailand) and Bagan (Myanmar) but we loved our quick biking trip in Melaka along the riverbanks.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Bike Rental from The Pines Hotel
An English Tea Set is served at Grea8 Café and we got the chance to try it out. The loose leaf tea was lovely with some goodies from the three-tiered platter. The view from the café was gorgeous that made that afternoon very relaxing.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
The great view from Grea8 Cafe
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Afternoon Tea Set (RM 56)
Apple crumble tart, tiramisu, velvet sponge with chicken lyoner,
mini croissant with smoked salmon, mango mousse and mini fruits skewer.
Inclusive of Arabica coffee or loose tea leaf
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Care for some tea?
Our last day was spent on the pool area. The warm afternoon breeze was calming and the saltwater pool was definitely delightful.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
The view from the infinity pool
The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
The same floor houses the Poolside suites with private access to the pool
Overall, we loved our stay at The Pines Melaka. More than the comfortable stay and great food, I loved how all the staff were very helpful in all of our requests and queries.We will definitely stay here again on our next Melaka trip.

Me and my buddy were biking on the traditional Malay Houses right across The Pines Melaka when we were greeted by an old man showing us the right way to the houses. We said our thank you’s then pedaled back to the right direction when he asked us if we’re from Thailand, I smiled at him and said that we’re from the Philippines, he gave his satisfying nod and waved at us. It felt like home. I love the simplicity and sincerity of the neighborhood. It felt like home.

The Pines Hotel Melaka Malaysia
Water is my element! :)

The Pines Melaka (book online)
33 Jalan Tun Sri Lanang
75100 Melaka, Malaysia
Contact Number: (+606) 240.2323


  1. May I ask what bus you took from melasma central? Tks

  2. May I ask what bus you took from melasma central? Tks

    1. We asked around and everyone pointed us to a certain bus number (which I already forgot) and we waited for a few minutes for it to arrive. Nonetheless, the ride was smooth and we were dropped in front of the hotel :)


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