Malaysia: Langkawi Sunset Dinner Cruise in Style

Lounging on my director’s chair with wine beer on one hand, I had an unobstructed view of the gorgeous sunset bidding its last farewell to Andaman Sea. I was on my third (or maybe fourth) booze that afternoon and everything stood still as the heavens paved way for a glorious end of the day. Langkawi surprised me more than I could ever imagine. This is definitely one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in Malaysia, well, the fact that we’re onboard a catramaran made it more special.

I’ve been dreaming about a time when I could just lounge and enjoy the sunset with a few friends and some alcohol. And it just happened that one of our adventures in Langkawi on our Beach Hop Asia 2016 summer backpacking trip was a luxurious sunset dinner cruise.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog
Kuah Jetty
We’re in the middle of our week’s stay in Langkawi and we booked a Sunset Dinner Cruise via Naam Adventure. We did some parasailing and mangrove eco-safari tours with the same company and we truly had a great time on both.

Our coordinator mentioned that we will be collected at our hotel in Kuah town at four in the afternoon. After a day of leisurely rest, we were promptly picked up on the agreed time and went to the nearby jetty.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog
55-ft. Sea Falcon power catamaran, our lovely ride for the day
We were greeted by a Naam Adventure staff and asked to proceed on our ride for that day, a 55-foot Sea Falcon power catamaran. We were advised to remove our footwear then went inside the lounge where a few guests were enjoying the chill music while waiting for the others.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog

We were given a cold towel and some welcome drinks and went on with a brief overview on what to expect during the cruise, including safety measures in case of emergencies. It ended as we commenced the cruise along Andaman Sea.

Our gorgeous two-tiered boat is luxurious with its lavish furnishings and romantic sundecks. It has a lounge, dining area, suite with flatscreen TV, mini-bar, outdoor shower and more. A party of 20 persons or more could comfortably fit in on this party boat.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog
Lovin' it
Breaking the ice was easy as majority of the guests are travelers making travel as the favorite topic in every group. Minutes after we started sailing, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks were served. We tried some wine and transferred at the back of the catamaran for a much better view of the sea.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog
The famous Eagle Square
After a glass of wine, we opted for our favorite beer and started to booze the night away. Travel stories, aspirations and everything in between were caught up in the tangle of chitchats as we sail away. And then someone mentioned that it was swimming time.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog
Lounge area cum dining room
Of course, I wouldn’t let this opportunity pass and jumped into the open water (with my life vest on, yes, it’s the rule) and enjoyed swimming for a time, I felt weary of wading and paddling after some time though. The undercurrent was too strong that it made me surface back to our catamaran after a few minutes. I grabbed another fresh can of beer and started the booze sesh once more while cocooning myself on the warm towels given to me.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog
It's swimming time! Oh wait, seriously?
After the very exhausting swim, it was time for dinner. We feasted on grilled fares with fried noodles and fried rice. Fresh fruits were also served and we got to enjoy the overflowing banquet prepared for us.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog
Grilled fares and wine
It started to get dark at half past seven in the evening. Everyone was stationed at the bow of the boat while me and my two buddies were safely tucked at the back of the boat. The moment the sun lowered down, almost kissing the horizon, we snapped a few shots and enjoyed the great sunset while being serenaded by a lovely music from the background.

It was probably the best sunset I’ve seen in Malaysia.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog

Langkawi Sunset Cruise Naam Blog

As we were cruising back to the jetty, never-ending stories of travel and such still dominated our spot. We met a few guests and it’s always been an easy topic to discuss with.

It probably helped that we’re sailing onboard a stunning catamaran with free-flowing drinks and stuff. But what stood out from this experience was the personal service and care of all the staff to their guests. Everyone was friendly and they were enjoying the cruise as much as the guests did, which was really great. Splurging could sometimes be worthwhile.

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