Century Langkasuka Resort - Langkawi, Malaysia

It was midday when I took a plunge into the pool, grabbed a yellow donut floater and basked in the sun overlooking the beach. The swimming pool of Century Langkasuka Resort achieved the infinity effect. I was all alone and swam like a kid on a race. And then my buddy emerged from the spa and mentioned that it was time for my massage. I paddled on the way to the pool steps but lost my balance and fell from my donut. And then laughter echoed throughout the resort as I try to salvage the floater.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog
Century Langkasuka Resort
It was our fifth day and after some tours around Langkawi we yearned for a day of pampering. Staying at Century Langkawi Beach Resort, we decided to visit and check out its sister resort, the Century Langkasuka Resort.

So pamper day it was; the first ever on our Beach Hop Asia 2016 summer backpacking trip.

We started the day in securing an appointment at "The Spa". They have Malay Traditional Mat Mon Massage (RM162) and Balinese Massage (RM176) but we opted to try the 60-minute Signature Massage (RM186).

While my buddies were having their massages, I soaked into the pool to cool down a bit from the intense heat. I was all alone and felt like it was too big for a lone swimmer. And although I wanted to do some laps, a yellow donut floater was too tempting not to try so I snatched it, jumped into it and paddled like I was a racer of sorts. It was totally fun!

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog

Layers of tan after, my buddy emerged from the spa and motioned for my turn. Excited as I was, I quickly paddled back to the pool steps that made me lose my balance. I fell from the donut and laughed on my slip-up. I waded over to my buddy and asked him to take care of the floater while I rushed to the spa (excitement overload).

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog
Pamper me day!
I was welcomed with a hot tea which was really great after my swim and rested for a bit at the waiting area. Aroma from the natural oils soothed my tired body, an easy way to calm the spirit.

I was ushered to the treatment room where I had a quick shower. Chinta, my masseuse, guided me towards the massage bed where I was asked to lie face down. And then cloud nine.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog

The signature massage started off pleasant as the pressure from Chinta’s kneading was followed through with nice strokes with the use of some blended oils. And then the acupressure technique on key points was employed that made it more relaxing. The calming and gentle massage allowed the warm oil to penetrate my skin leaving the muscles feeling relaxed.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog
I'm super ready for my massage
The heavenly massage lasted for an hour and I could say that it was one of my best ones ever. The combined techniques of gentle strokes and acupressure were very effective in relieving my muscle tensions. It felt really great that all those time I was wishing for it not to end.

I immediately thanked Chinta after she expressed that the session was over. I could give her my biggest hug ever but my now too-relaxed body couldn't let go; I remained at rest and savored that good feeling before I go back to the reality of our 2-month backpacking trip.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog

I joined my buddies at the lobby where we compared notes of our individual experiences. As expected, they both had the same impression as mine. We bid our farewells to the lovely staff and went to the restaurant for a late lunch.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog
"The Spa"
Still feeling groggy from the pleasurable massage, we headed to the resort's in-house restaurant to have a celebratory meal. We were given the menu and carefully scrutinized each and every item. We all wanted to sample local dishes and the wide variety of Malaysian meals on the list made it effortless.

Our group indulged on local favorites on this side of Malaysia; Sarawak Black Pepper Beef Pizza (RM36), Sarawak Laksa (RM30), Foochow Noodles (RM30) and Chicken Wings (RM30).

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog
Dig in!
Sarawak is one of the two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. It is known for its black peppercorn produce that’s famous for its pleasantly refined taste and a relatively mild heat.

Our food arrived as we were enjoying fresh coconut juice.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog

We first tried the Sarawak Black Pepper Beef Pizza which was oozing with cheesy goodness and an extra kick of freshly grounded peppery flavor. The server asked if we wanted some more pepper in which we nodded in approval. He then brought a ground pepper shaker and started to crush and spread it around the pizza; its aroma was so tempting that my stomach immediately grumbled.

The first bite was crucial as I was afraid that the black pepper would overpower the whole dish. But no, it actually complemented the tender beef cubes and roughly chopped bell peppers with the gooey mozzarella cheese. I was too captivated by it that I didn’t wanna share it with my buddies for I know they would quickly finish it off.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog
Sarawak black pepper beef pizza
Next one was the Sarawak Laksa. There are so many famous versions of laksa like Penang Asam Laksa and Singapore Curry Laksa but it was the first time that I heard of Sarawak's, it definitely rings a bell. And because I knew exactly how the black pepper from Sarawak complemented the pizza, I knew that this one would definitely deliver.

Vermicelli noodles, chicken and prawns all came to life because of the rich peppery broth. The black pepper totally pumped up the whole dish.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog
Sarawak laksa
The Foochow Noodles was actually the least one I liked from the basis of looks. Maybe I was jaded by the authentic Sarawak dishes that I kinda didn’t look forward in trying it. But I was wrong, it was delicious!

The wok fried egg noodles with chicken and prawns were gently soaked into a layer of thick sauce that had this smoky taste to it. The sauce was strong that the mildness of all the other components blended well with it. It was so great that I immediately put it on top of my list for that day totally forgetting about the crispy fried chicken wings.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog
Foochow noodles
Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog
Chicken wings
After that great meal, I realized that the secret of these great dishes from Century Langkasuka Resort is the marriage of great ingredients with unique concepts of serving it. I loved how they incorporate local produce into their cuisine. It also felt like every dish was carefully planned and executed. I also loved how well the staff responded to our needs and queries.

Century Langkasuka Resort Langkawi Blog

Century Langkasuka Resort was the perfect place to achieve our pamper me day in Langkawi. The massage was great as well as the comforting food. Overall it was a great experience. And please, do try their signature massage.

Century Langkasuka Resort (book online)
Kuala Muda, Mukim Padang Matsirat, 
Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Contact Number: (+60) 4.952.7000

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