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It was our last day in Langkawi and we were too early for our afternoon flight which was delayed for two hours. I hate waiting on airports so me and my buddy checked out some nearby hotels and found out that Century Helang Hotel is just a 5-minute walk to the airport. So it started as our lunch place which ended up being our shortest hotel stay ever.

Airport Hotel Langkawi Blog

The plan was to have a nice and filling lunch before we fly out of Langkawi. Century Helang Hotel (sister hotel of our home in Langkawi, the Century Langkawi Beach Resort) is conveniently located near the airport so it was the perfect place to spend time before our flight. We wanted, as always, to sample out some of the local dishes from the in-house restaurant so we had a feast of Crazy Goreng (RM30), Mee Mamak (RM30), Black Pepper Chicken and Kopi Ais.

The food arrived as I was about to finish my first glass of iced coffee. Me and my buddy were astounded on how huge the servings were. We only had three dishes but it could probably feed up to four persons. In our case, we had to fuel up before hopping on to our next destination.

Airport Hotel Langkawi Blog
Kopi Ais
They had a nice take on the famed Malaysian rice dish of Nasi Goreng. Crazy Goreng is a fried rice meal topped with fried egg and served with keropuk (fried crispy prawn crackers), chicken satay smothered with peanut sauce, prawns, and veggies. The fried rice itself was such a winner but the other components created an added flavor to it. I loved how unique each item was and play on textures and flavors. I was so glad that I made the right choice.

Airport Hotel Langkawi Blog
Crazy Goreng
My buddy’s Black Pepper Chicken was reminiscent of the Sarawak Pepper dishes we had at Century Langkasuka Resort. Thinking that it was a local dish, we dug in and realized that it was derived from western steak dishes only that they used Sarawak black pepper to enhance its flavor. The juicy chicken meat was oozing with flavors brought about by the different herbs and spices.

Airport Hotel Langkawi Blog
Black Pepper Chicken
Last and definitely our most awaited part was the Mee Mamak. I dunno if there’s a difference between Mee Goreng (our super favorite Malaysian noodles that we first tried on hawker stalls in Kuala Lumpur) and Mee Mamak; all we knew was that the term mamak refers to a group of Malaysian people with Tamil Muslim origins. But as for us, we couldn’t distinguish the difference between the two and we always get that same good tasting thick fried egg noodles cooked in high heat with different toppings every time.

Airport Hotel Langkawi Blog
Mee Mamak
Everything was really good that a good meal for three to four persons were gone in a flash. I’m telling you, we’re really hardcore Malaysian food junkies. Haha.

The complimentary WiFi connection from the hotel paved way for us to get updates on our flight in which we learned was delayed for two hours. Our worn-out bodies were aching to have some rest after spending eight days of non-stop tours around Langkawi. Our good friend from the hotel offered us a stay on one of their rooms while waiting for our delayed flight which was really great.

Airport Hotel Langkawi Blog
Dekuxe Twin Room
We were given a Deluxe Twin Room (check room types and rates) which was huge for the two of us. The classic design from the wood furnishings was complemented by the unique stone tiled floor. The plush furniture may seem dated but it added to the timeless feel of the room. I took a quick nap while my buddy was busy working on his writing backlogs.

Airport Hotel Langkawi Blog

We stayed for almost three hours and although we wanted to take a quick dip at the pool, we settled on our room for a much needed rest before we hop on to our next stop on our Beach Hop Asia 2016 summer backpacking trip.

Airport Hotel Langkawi Blog

It was a short but fun stay at Century Helang Hotel. What I love most about it was its accessibility to the airport and other major spots in Langkawi, Malaysia. The food at the restaurant was also great that spending your last meal in Langkawi here is far better than those crappy food they serve on airport restaurants.

Century Helang Hotel (book online)
Lot 274, Jalan Lima Kuah, Padang Matsirat,
Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Contact Number: (+60) 4.955.3030
Email Address: reservation@centurylangkawi.com


  1. Seeing how pleased you are with the Hotel's amenities and other perks, I'd love to reserve a room there too if I ever went to Langkawi!


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