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Cocoon Boutique Hotel – Quezon City

Immediately after breakfast, the group dispersed and went on contemplating, morning blues as they say; blank stares and empty thoughts. Being the morning person that I am, I went to the bathroom of our gorgeous suite at Cocoon Boutique Hotel and stared at the bathtub. I could see the steady pouring of the rain on the glass windows and wanted a warm bubble bath to complete the Saturday morning drama. And indeed, it was a romantic one as I soaked into the bubbly warm water for an hour and took pleasure in doing nothing during that time, and no one bothered me.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City

Rainy days are the perfect time to cuddle and just stay in bed, but for me and my buddies, it’s the time to have a group staycation in the metro. So we did look for a cozy hotel that would satisfy all our rainy weekend melancholies, whatever that was.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City

Cocoon Boutique Hotel is one of the newest hotels in the famous area of Timog/Tomas Morato in Quezon City. Tucked along the corner of Scout Rallos and Scout Tobias, it is surrounded with restaurants, bars and shops that made it as a favorite night-out place in the city (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Metro Manila).

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City

It was around eight in the evening when me and my buddy joined the gang inside our One Bedroom Suite (check room types and rates). The five of them hailed our arrival as we stepped into our dwelling for a night.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City
Living area
The room had three main areas; the living area with its own wash room and two bedrooms.

The rest of the group converged at the living area, but I went past them while they’re busy with their catching-up series and moved to the first room of what seemed to be the master’s bedroom.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City

Earth tones with touches of Asian-inspired d├ęcors greeted me as I opened up the wooden swing doors. The room was huge that it could fit all seven of us in it.

There was a wooden wardrobe closet on one side with bathrobes and slippers. On the opposite side of it were a wooden chair with elongated backrest, stand lamp and a mirror. The huge bed was sandwiched between two end tables with desk lamps on it. The bed and linens were soft while the pillows were fluffy.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City
Master's Bedroom

In front of the bed was a wooden entertainment rack with flat screen TV. There was a door leading to its own toilet and bath that was so spacious it could pass as a room in itself.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City
Spacious toilet and bath
My favorite part of the room was the unique headboard. The wall panel was in wood and there’s a wooden carving with intricate design that served as the border. The focal point was a painting of white flowers that enlivened the room. The headboard looked like a wall of an old house with an opening for the windows.

I hurriedly went back to where I left them and asked if I could stay on the first bedroom, everyone seemed okay with it so I went back and cheerfully jumped up and down on the bed, like a kid on a trampoline.

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Then someone mentioned that I should take a look on the other room.

The second room had twin beds plus an extra one so it could fit in the others. It was compact with fine touches of wooden design and motif. I noticed an open-type bathroom on one corner and a wardrobe closet on the other end. It was equally homey but I still loved the first one though.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City
Second bedroom
Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City

Going back to the living area, someone mentioned about a foot massage that was included on our stay. I hurriedly went to the Spa at Cocoon located at the ground level with two of my buddies and enjoyed the 15-minute foot massage. It was relaxing and all we could wish for was for it to not end right away.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City

After the soothing massage, we went out for our beer night session. A number of bars and clubs can be found on the area but we chose to booze up on a watering hole just across Cocoon Boutique Hotel. It was so near that we could access the hotel’s complimentary WiFi from the bar.

The rain with occasional gust of wind was the perfect setting for that night. It was actually one of the highlights of every staycation of the group. Not that we wanted to be smashed but it was the perfect time to just spend time with each other and talk endlessly about travel and life in between our trips.

I woke up the next day trying to remember where I was and why am I covered with warm comfy duvet. It took me a minute or so to regain my consciousness back and realized that I was inside Cocoon Boutique Hotel. Suffice to say, I’ve been to dreamland long enough that going back to reality wasn’t that simple if you’re on a relaxing ambiance.

The complimentary breakfast was served at the rooftop of the hotel where the pool was. It was kinda unique as they have a buffet station (egg, salad, soup, bread, fruit and drink) while they also have a plated main dish.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City
Rooftop pool
Cocoon Boutique Hotel Quezon City
I had beef tapa with garlic fried rice, tomato salsa and fried egg for my brekkie plate. As expected, the beef tapa strips were good and partnered with fried rice it was perfect. I was just hoping that they could have bigger servings next time.

Beef Tapa
Beef tapa for brekkie
There was a lull moment after breakfast, and I used that time to enjoy bath time which I couldn’t do during weekdays (work problems). I had an hour of soothing warm bubble bath while the others stayed in bed and did nothing but cocoon themselves under the sheets, just the way we all wanted.

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Cocoon Boutique Hotel is all about warmth and comfort. We did nothing for two days but just warming up under the sheets and goofed around while not forgoing our regular boozing up session. Rainy days are truly meant indoors, even if it’s not at the comfort of your own home.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel (check for discounted rates)
Scout Rallos corner Scout Tobias, Barangay Laging Handa,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (+63) 2.921.2706
Email Address: info@thecocoonhotel.com

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