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The ease of sharing a huge party room with seven of your friends is unparalleled. The Party Suite of the newest hotel in Quezon City, the Hive Hotel, was the chosen spot of the gang for another round of rainy weekend staycation in the metro; and so party we did!

Staying for a night at Cocoon Boutique Hotel felt too brief that it was just fit to look around for nearby cool hotels to carry on with the revelry. Luckily, Hive Hotel was a sister company of the former one and is located merely three blocks away from it, still in Quezon City. Transferring was easy even with the sudden downpour of heavy rains.

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog
Funky lobby
The high-ceiling lobby with orange, purple and black shades was adorned with quirky things that seemed disconnected from each other but blended perfectly well together; there’s a collage of wood in different sizes, refurbished wood planks as flooring, a circular metal installation, a tall bookcase, plush seats of all shapes and sizes scattered around, and more. You’d think it’s crazy but it really works; retro, funky and cool.

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog

Wanting to try a different type of accommodation, the group opted to stay on a Party Suite that could fit in all of us. Refreshing welcome drinks of lemon grass iced tea were given as we processed our booking reservation.

Our room was set on the same floor where the outdoor garden, Jacuzzi pools and Sky Garden Restaurant were.

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog
Jacuzzi pools at the Sky Garden
We entered the room and were thrilled on its unique layout.

There was a bar counter in glass and steel with high stools in the middle of the room. It was pumped up with three industrial spotlights. Everything was in black.

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog
Party Suite
A wash basin was at the edge of it with complimentary coffee and tea amenities and jars filled with drinking water. Hive Hotel doesn’t use plastic bottles here as it is an eco-friendly hotel. Another notable thing was that they have two different garbage bins for recyclable and non-recyclable wastes which truly helps a lot in training their guests on the proper waste disposal.

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog
Plush beds were scattered around the room. The mattresses were thick and the linens were soft and luxurious. You wouldn’t feel that you’re in a party room with these kinds of beddings.

A huge wall mirror hung on one side that made us want to do a dance workshop session anytime soon while a wall art cum wall covering was on the opposite end. The wall art was shaped into beehives in neutral colors. It was so cool!

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog
Refurbished wood planks as flooring
There was a wardrobe closet but unfortunately, it could only fit in two or three bags. The separate stalls for shower and toilet were too tight. It would've been better if they added additional stalls for this kind of accommodation.

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog

There’s a flat screen TV mounted on one of the walls and an old school 90’s telephone underneath it; retro cool eh?

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog
Old school
That night, we had a night-out on a nearby bar and finished it off with more booze in the Party Suite until the wee hours of morning; a disco ball would’ve made it more party-ish but would also mean zombie moments the next day.

Waking up with a banging head from last night’s beer sesh made us all droopy as we were called for breakfast. Our room was perfectly situated on the same level as the restaurant which made it easier for us to crawl to our breakfast (exaggeration).

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog
Refurbished wood planks
The complimentary breakfast was unique as it featured a buffet spread of soup, breads, fruits, drinks and sweets while also having a plated a la carte dish. I had pork tocino which was really good with its garlic fried rice, tomato salsa and fried egg on the side. The ensaymada on the bread station was also yummy.

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog
Pork Tocino for brekkie
It was slumber party afterwards as we stayed in bed for the rest of the day. The incessant rain actually made us all sluggish, or was it the hangover? We woke up for lunch and then continued snoozing, lazy Sunday at its best.

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It’s amusing to watch different types of personalities all converge in one space. A good set of friends plus a party suite would mean great times together. I like the idea of confining a group into a huge space without sacrificing comfort. You wouldn’t get that when you’re staying in a dorm room. But nonetheless, whether or not we’re staying at Hive Hotel or not, I’m sure that it would always be one heck of a nice time.

Hive Hotel Quezon City Blog

Hive Hotel and Convention Center
68 Scout Tuazon corner Scout Madrinan Streets, 
South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (+63) 2.998.3117
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