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Krabi Four-Island Hopping Tour - Thailand

It was midday as we docked on a beach after four hours of cruising along the waters of Andaman Sea for a day of island hopping activities. We escaped the intense heat and settled under the shade of huge trees that lined the shore. My buddies insisted on hiking while I chose to bum around with some cans of Chang beer. This was our first and last island stop on our Krabi Four-Island Tour.

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand
Fine day for our sea excursion
It was an impulse trip as we had no plans for our three-day jaunt in Krabi (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Krabi). Coming from Koh Pangan, the party island, we revelled at the infamous Full Moon Party and were all too tired to explore the town of Krabi. Me and my buddy were on our Beach Hop Asia 2016 summer backpacking trip when some of our friends decided to crash the Thailand leg, I knew right away that it would be fun.

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand

After a ferry and bus ride from Koh Pangan (THB550 each), we settled at Holiday Inn Resort Krabi and snoozed the afternoon away for a much needed respite. That night, we went out and searched for a nice dinner place when I saw a small tour agency that offered island hopping tours around Krabi. The gracious Thai lady was suggesting for us to hire our own boat instead of joining shared trips, which actually was a good idea. I haggled, and haggled, until all eight of us were on the counter computing and pleading for the cheapest price (THB1,700 for the whole boat). The lady, amused but confused, agreed to our price which brought some cheers from the group that some of the guys almost kissed her, we’re crazy like that.

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand
The next morning, everyone woke up in high spirits. We’re all too excited for our private sea excursion that day. We were collected from the hotel by our boatman and led us to a traditional long-tail boat docked at Ao Nang Beach, it took us a minute to do so as we just needed to cross the street from the resort.

The plan was to visit some of the neighboring islands and explore snorkeling sites around Krabi. The standard Krabi Four-Island Tour consists of Koh Poda, Koh Hua Gwan, Koh Tub and Koh Mor. There were certain islands that require entrance fees, but we don’t wanna spend that much (as me and my buddy were saving up for the next leg of our trip) so we specifically asked for the boatman to bring us to those islands that are free-of-charge which practically meant that we won’t be visiting the island itself but just the surrounding waters. Haha.

I was seated on the front row seat of the boat and had an unobstructed view of early morning scenes as we sped off across the quiet morning.

First stop was a snorkeling area where a number of boats can be found. The water was crystal clear and everyone wanted to dive in right away. After we anchored in the middle of the sea, the boatman put down a ladder for easy dismount but I rushed towards the bow of the boat, grabbed my snorkel gear and jumped into the water. It was totally refreshing.

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand
Our first snorkeling site
As if on cue, a school of fish circled around me and joined me as I swim, only to realize that our boatman threw in some bread crumbles for them to gobble (tsk tsk tsk, me hate artificial fish feeding).

We had too much fun snorkeling that soon enough our skin wrinkled.

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand
Grabbed from LP
After almost an hour, we headed to another snorkeling site near Koh Hua Gwan or Chicken Island, named so because of the shape of the rocky ridge similar to that of a chicken’s head. 

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand
Chicken Island
The underwater scene wasn’t as fascinating as the first site so some of my friends chose to stay behind as I dove into the water, Filipinos are really hard to be impressed in terms of beach and underwater scenery.

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand
Grabbed from LP
We just enjoyed looking at the gorgeous rock formations off the shore and took a hundred of photos as we sailed on.

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand

Next was beach chill time.

Our boat docked on shore, its first and last, along Phra Nang Cave Beach. A dozen or so long-tail boats lined the beautiful shoreline. Karsts, white sand, traditional boats, turquoise water and glowing midday sun; it was the perfect beach day sans a cool chill music as background.

Phra Nang Cave Beach Krabi
Phra Nang Cave Beach
There was a boat that offered quick chows that were all cooked right inside it. We scanned the food items and found it too pricey, which was understandable as only resorts along Railey Beach offered some food.

Thailand Long Tail Boat Restaurant

We bought cans of beer and basked into the sweltering heat of the sun. I enjoyed that quiet time; chillin’ and people-watching on the beach. While I was relishing that perfect beach moment, my friends decided to explore the whole stretch of the shore and Phra Nang Cave, another lazy friend was left behind and shared that beer time with me.

Thailand Long Tail Boat

Two hours and three cans of beer later my buddies went back to where I was with their muddy feet. I was just about to take my afternoon siesta but was too absorbed with the serenity of the beach. Their stories were great as they spoke of their hike adventure which didn’t captivate me at all as I do not adore hiking that much.

After the hullabaloo, we jumped back into the boat and passed by Railey Beach and were amazed on the beautiful karsts and rock formations. We would’ve docked there for more beach chillin’ action but it was too late. We ended up using it as the perfect backdrop for our group shots.

Railey Beach Krabi Thailand
Gorgeous backdrop of Railey Beach
Railey Beach Krabi Thailand

The Krabi Four-Island Tour was great as we got to see the gorgeous rock formations and checked out the underwater scene along the waters of Ao Nang. The good thing was that we had no time limit as we had the boat all to ourselves and with crazy friends around, it was a great way to spend the day while in Krabi.

Krabi Four Island Tour Thailand
Grabbed form Kurtzky
It was sad, them leaving us behind. After five full days of non-stop chitchat, laughter and mockery, me and my buddy were left with no one to make fun of or drink beer with. But we had to move forward and explore more of what’s left on our 2-month trip bringing with us the memories of Koh Pangan and Krabi with our dear friends. That day when we had nothing to think about but enjoy snorkeling and island hopping around Krabi with our friends were truly remarkable.

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