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It was already two in the morning and we’re still belting out some ballads on the KTV at Fabulous Fifties Bar & Restaurant. Me and my buddies were at the famed party island of the Philippines but we’re rocking it at the in-house bar of Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center Boracay. It was the lively crowd that cheered on me while I was singing and its convenience that we needed not to go out that night to party. Or maybe because they don’t charge us anything for using the videoke machine.

It was two months ago when me and my buddies embarked on our almost cancelled flight because of the thunderstorms in Manila. Arriving at Kalibo Internationa lAirport at ten in the evening, we got a bus+ferry+van combo right outside the arrival area going to our home in Boracay Island for three days (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Boracay).

It was already past midnight when we arrived at Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center Boracay and still, a cheery staff assisted us to the front desk for the processing of our booking. The lobby was airy and filled with wooden knick-knacks and metal sculptures around.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center
I love the layout of the resort as it has this tropical feel with the towering modern villa-like structures surrounding the huge pool.

Our Deluxe Pool View Room was spacious. I noticed the mini kitchenette with its own wash basin and mini fridge. On the same row was a vanity closet with bathrobes, bathroom slippers and in-room safe inside. A ledge underneath the flat screen TV served as a work desk with its own chair.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Deluxe Pool View Room
Two double-sized posturepedic beds rested on a wooden bedstead with clean white beddings. An end table with lamp was sandwiched in between the two beds.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog

Heavy drapes on grey with swirl design swayed as I moved towards it. There’s another sheer curtain in which I pushed aside. It revealed a mini veranda with two chairs and a wooden log that served as a coffee table.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Our private mini-veranda
I went back inside and jumped into bed as we weighed things out; whether we wanted to carry on with rest or go to our favorite beachfront bar for a few drinks, the latter won.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Spacious toilet and bath
Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center is directly adjacent to the road leading to Station 3. We sauntered and reached the shore in no time and went to Exit Bar at Station 2, barefooted. We had a couple of beers, chitchatted a bit and went back home.

Waking up was great as the sun peeped through the glass door. I prepped up some coffee and had my morning caffeine fix at the mini veranda while enjoying the sun kissing my skin. We then went to the breakfast buffet area at the lower ground level where we were greeted with loads of guests.

The buffet spread was a combination of traditional Filipino, Asian and international breakfast favorites. I had garlic rice, sausages, danggit, meat balls and fried noodles. The next day’s breakie was the same with a variation on some of the meat dishes but the dining experience was still the same, everything was fairly good but nothing stood out.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
My brekkie plate
It was nine in the morning and surprisingly, the sun was out so we headed towards White Beach for a walk which turned into a quick one as the rain drew near us as we were having a nice time at the shore.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Wan Shan Lo Restaurant
We went back to the resort and headed straight to Wan Shan Lo Restaurant for the buffet lunch. The buffet spread was filled with Chinese dishes and I could almost taste every dish as I was digging into it. The seafood choices were great as you could savor its freshness. The dessert selections were equally good especially the cakes.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
The lunch buffet was really good!
It was raining really hard so we opted for the guided tour around, yes, they have guided tours inside the resort.

We checked out the koi pond, some rescued sea turtles on a pond (which will be released anytime soon) and the oceanarium. And that’s all inside the premises of the resort, quite amazing right?

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Mini aquarium
The oceanarium was the icing on the cake; it featured mini-aquariums, giant-sized tank with a thirty-meter aquarium tunnel that is longer than what they have at Manila Ocean Park, actually, it is the longest in the entire country!

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
The coolest finale of a mermaid show at the Ocean Bar was the perfect way to end the whole tour. It also featured what is now believed to be the world’s largest discovered pearl or Pearl of the King (estimated to be worth more than a USD$100,000,000). It was originally found in the waters of Palawan but now rested peacefully on an abalone shell inside the heavily-guarded aquarium.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Ocean Bar
Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Mermaid show
Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Pearl of the King - the world's largest discovered pearl
It was still drizzling as we went out to the pool area after the tour. I noticed a certain spot dedicated to the Wave Rider. I asked my buddies if they wanted to try it out (P1,500/person/one hour with guide), nobody answered back.

My eyes were glued on the wave guides as they showed off their riding prowess. I accepted the challenge on riding the waves and one of the guides went beside me to show me the basics; how to ride, how to balance and how to fall properly.

The time came when I needed to do it on my own. And as I battle to stay on the surfboard, my buddies were cheering for me to hang on to my dear life. I kept the pace long enough for my legs to be numb, I fell and bounced at the super padded rubber matting floor. I got the hang of it and let the waves carry me until my legs almost gave up. The thrill of doing it on your own was pretty exciting compared to my actual experience when I did surfing in La Union.

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That night, we checked out the quirky Fabulous Fifties Bar & Restaurant on the basement floor of Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center. Mementos from the said era were scattered around the bar. There are two main areas and both did have a KTV machine (free for all, save your 5-peso coins). We grabbed some ice cold beers and started the show.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Fabulous Fifties Bar and Restaurant
Our planned night-out on our favorite beachfront bar was dismissed after we realized that it was already two in the morning and people who were cheering for me a while ago while I was singing were already gone.

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Blog
Yummy nachos during our KTV sessions
I was nursing a bad hangover during the next morning. I headed towards the breakfast area with my luggage and enjoyed my last meal in Boracay with my friends. I was leaving them as they will still be staying for a night. It was cool that we did lotsa fun activities inside Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center even if it’s raining.

Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center
Station 2, Main Road, Boracay Island,
Malay, Aklan
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