Sri Lanka Food Hunt: Forever Curry

What do you want for dinner?
Hello Mister, I want rice and curry
Oh, we only serve rice and curry during lunch. We have roti and curry at this time.
Oh, that’s better!

We had two weeks to explore around Sri Lanka and as much as possible we wanted a legit dining experience every time. There was just an exception during our last night when we craved for our fast food comfort food of fried chicken only to realize that the rice and gravy were both curry-based. Haha. We were in curry land!

Sri Lanka was the third country on our two-month Beach Hop Asia 2016 summer backpacking trip. After our favorite Mie Goreng escapade in Malaysia and Chang beer drinking spree in Thailand, we headed to Sri Lanka for a great rice and curry expedition.

Sri Lankan Food
All food products in Sri Lanka have a maximum retail price printed on it, great!
Sri Lankan Food
This guy asked for some help with English spelling for his menu.Cute :)
Having been to Nepal a few years back, I was constantly craving for authentic South Asian food. I was excited to know that Sri Lanka was included during our backpacking trip because of the promising glutton sesh. We traveled for two weeks around key areas in the country; Colombo, Dambulla, Kalkudah, Arugam Bay and Ella. During those times, we had a taste of what Sri Lankan cuisine was, the cheapest possible way, as always. So check out our cheap food thrills around Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Food Roti Curry
My first Sri Lankan meal was roti and curry for dinner.
LKR200 | US$1.33
Sri Lankan Food Snacks
Assorted knick-knacks which they sell by gram, so me and my buddy called it "grams".
LKR60 | US$0.40 per 100 grams
Sri Lankan KFC Chicken
Missin' our comfort food so we rushed to KFC on our last night
for a chicken bucket meal with curry rice and curry side dishes, we're in curry land, told yah so. Haha
LKR1,120 | US$7.44
Sigiriya, Dambulla and Polonnaruwa

Sri Lankan Food Rice Curry
Rice and chicken curry with unlimited refill of side dishes.
LKR180 | US$1.20

Sri Lankan Food Spicy Omelet
Sri Lankan Spicy Omelet
LKR200 | US$1.30
Arugam Bay

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Sri Lankan Food Roti Curry
Roti and beef curry
LKR350 | US$2.32
Sri Lankan Food Fried Noodles
Sri Lankan fried noodles
LKR350 | US$ 2.32
Sri Lanka Egg Roti Fried
Egg Roti Fried, they call this type of food as "short eats"
LKR40 | US$0.27

Sri Lankan Food Rice And Curry
Rice and curry for dinner at Ella Jungle Resort
Sri Lankan Food Rice Vegetarian
Veggie clubhouse and potato fries for lunch at Ella Jungle Resort
Sri Lankan Food Rice And Curry
Rice and curry with yummy side dishes for dinner at Ella Jungle Resort
Me and my buddy agreed that our ultimate favorite was the spicy Sri Lankan omelet we had at Kalkudah. I know, it was simple, but perhaps, the overloaded rice and curry may have numbed our taste buds; too much curry for two weeks felt like nothing is special about it anymore. But then again, now, I am craving for roti and curry. Ugh, I hate writing about food.

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