Top 5 Blissful Surprises of 2017

Same Same Summer Trip 2017. Grade 12 teaching load. Approved visas. Winter. Autumn. India (finally). Beach. Snow. Naked trees. Surprises. Those four little words. Yes! 

2017 was a year of surprises. It started with my first solo trip abroad and my first winter, with snow luckily. The second quarter was consumed with our two-month summer trip with a shocker of the year right by the end of it. Balancing my life as a public school teacher and traveler went by on the third quarter. And then me and my favorite travel buddies did some impulsive trips to Japan and India on the last part of the year. Not young anymore, not dumb and not so broke. Living life like it's my first (yes, not last but first.) and never lose my sense of wonder, and wander. 

80 posts. 3 new provinces in the Philippines. 3 new countries (although I don’t really count provinces and countries, only memories, nhuks!). 5 approved visas. 1 bling. 1 dead toenail. 2,339,201 page views (whoa!). 13,595 Instagram followers. 574 Twitter followers. Less than 10 new real-life friends (I ain’t good with mingling). A year of surprises, indeed.

And with that, here are the top 5 blissful surprises of 2017.

Tokyo, Japan
October 2017

Surprise trip. Supposedly autumn. Super typhoon. Outrageous prices. Phenomenal food. Lovely people. 10-hour delayed flight back home. Instant sunny Tokyo stroll.

Linapacan, Palawan
December 2017

Plan A failed. Plan B was much better. Rough boat ride. Clearest waters. Untapped islands. Incredible beaches. Stunning underwater world. Best island in the world.

Kerala, India
November 2017

ASEAN Summit Exit. Impulse trip. E-visa. Buddy bluff trip. No itinerary (as usual). Newest favorite food. Nice people. 

Seoul, South Korea
January 2017

Raffle reward. First solo trip abroad. First winter. Snow. More snow. Minus eleven degrees. Frozen. Numb. Happy.

Sapa, Vietnam
May 2017

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Clouds. Mountains. Clouds and mountains. Silversmith. Chill. More chill. Short hike. Those four little words. Love. Life. Lovelife. Yes!

2018, I am so ready for you! Can’t wait to be the half of a perfect whole.
Happy New Year, y'all!

So here’s a rundown of my 2017 posts













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