Seven-year itch. I googled it and learned that the term suggests a decline of happiness in a relationship when you reach seven years. I may have tons of writing backlogs and almost all the time failed to share with you some of my journeys because of my busy schedule as a public school teacher (read:full-time), I am happy that I still manage to find time to explore the world, one happy place at a time. And my baby is now ready to face big school.

My old self wouldn’t have accomplished things longer than two years, I swear. If there’s one thing that I was keen about, it was to finish school. I never missed any exam or activity in school. I never failed any subject from pre-school to college. I was an A student but I never got any Latin Honors attached to my name. I’m nerd like that. But my current adult self could already distinguish what is important and not, I broke my nerdy feat.

I left graduate school 3 years ago. I already finished all the academic requirements but I was faced with the dreaded thesis writing. I was doomed. 

I wasn’t happy with graduate school at that time and happiness is an important element for me for survival. I whined for a while and weighed things out. In the end, I chose freedom and happiness over heavy loads of readings and researches. Another diploma would be lovely but missing out on great opportunities in traveling and an undivided attention for teaching are way much valuable.

Jessica Zafra once said, “Why do people put off travel until retirement? What are they saving it for? I understand that people want to be financially secure first, and pay off pension plans, but why consign the most active years of your life to drudgery?”. 

So yes, I urge you to find your passion and follow it. I found mine early on in my life and I choose to pursue it. Traveling is love and teaching is life.

I am almost ten years in the academic profession as a public school teacher and seven years in travel blogging. And yes, I’m still happy. I’m still looking forward every day when I go to school and teach. I still get excited when I ride a plane to explore, but I still hate airports. 

Find your passion. Keep the fire burning. Shine bright like a diamond.

Happy 7!


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