Thailand: Serenity Resort at Koh Chang

Three days. We survived three days without the itch to go somewhere just for the sake of doing something. It was a retreat of some sort. To enjoy the art of doing nothing and yet, there’s a feeling of contentment. We were on the quiet side of Koh Chang in Thailand and we literally had serenity at Serenity Resort.

Koh Chang was our second stop on the Thailand leg of our Same Same Summer Trip 2017, our annual two-month backpacking trip. After showing our moms on our favorite sights in Malaysia and exploring the other famous getaways in Cambodia, we crossed from Cham Yeam Border (Cambodia) to Hat Lek Border (Thailand) and found our way to our first town, Trat. We then headed to our next destination, Koh Chang.

We originally planned on staying for only two nights in Koh Chang, but when we learned that it's the third largest island in the whole of Thailand, we knew that we needed more time than that.

Having been to other famous islands in the country, such as Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Rok, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Pangan, we thought we knew what to expect. Koh Chang (Elephant Island) might be the third largest island in terms of size but it is totally incomparable to the aforementioned islands that we've been to.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Family rooms facing the infinity pool
To get there, we took a songthaew from Trat town going to the port (THB50.00 | USD1.50 per person). Every 30 minutes, a ferry brings vehicles and people to Koh Chang from Center Point Ferry Pier.

After the 30-minute scenic ferry ride (THB80.00 | USD2.35), we arrived at Koh Chang where we were greeted by Steve, the owner of our chosen home in Koh Chang, and drove us to Serenity Resort. It would have been fine if we walked our way to the resort but he insisted on collecting us at the port.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Chill vibe
There was an air of homecoming, as if we were long-time friends when we were greeted by our host. The five-minute ride felt fleeting as we exchanged travel stories along the way.

We arrived at Serenity Resort Koh Chang and were instantly transported into safe haven. The homey vibe at the receiving area cum restaurant was made more relaxing by the nice view of the beach.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Infinity to Gulf of Thailand
We were offered some drinks and were left to rest by Steve. He was friendly, yet knows how to make his guests feel more relaxed.

Our villa was situated right in front of the shore. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows and door provided a great view of the beach in front and a garden at the back. Heavy drapes were there for privacy at night (check here for discounted room rates).

Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Inside our lovely villa
Our room was well-equipped with a TV with satellite channels, AC, work station, vanity dresser, wardrobe closet, coffee and tea-making facilities and a veranda with coffee table set.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Outdoor feel
The en suite toilet and bath had an outdoor feel to it with its clear roofing. Hot and cold water shower and bathroom amenities were also provided.

The bed underneath a gorgeous chandelier was the focal point of the whole space which exuded comfort and relaxation. It was too tempting that the moment I laid my tired bod into it, I snoozed effortlessly.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
I woke up to the sound of nothingness and saw my buddy having his coffee sesh on the veranda. I overslept due to accumulated exhaustion that my body was yearning for more. I continued the slumber and was awoken by my hunger pangs. It was already dark outside and my buddy mentioned that we should probably get something to eat.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Cardamon @ Serenity
Cardamon @ Serenity is the in-house restaurant of Serenity Resort Koh Chang. Perfectly situated in front of the beach, the restaurant specializes in Thai, Western and Mexican cuisines. The variety of options was diverse that all of our meals during the course of our stay were spent there.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
We sampled some of the items at the menu and sometimes went overboard that our usual beer night sesh was usually overlooked.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Bacon sandwich (THB140 | USD4.40)
Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Homemade cheeseburger and chips (THB190 | USD5.97)
Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Chicken with cashew nuts (THB150 | USD4.72)
Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Spicy crispy fried egg (THB140 | USD 4.40)
Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Tom kah chicken (THB160 | USD5.03)
Thai chicken coconut soup
Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Tempura prawn (THB160 | USD5.03)
Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Higado Al Ajillo (THB220 | USD6.91)
Liver in red wine, garlic and onion.
Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Shoo shee prawn (THB180 | USD5.66)
Thai prawn curry
Serenity Resort Koh Chang Thailand
Pad krapaow chicken (THB120 | USD3.78)
Thai basil chicken
I loved every meal we had but my favorite was the spicy crispy fried egg. It was a fresh take on your regular egg dishes. Everything was good that every meal left us yearning for more and look forward to our next. 

For the next two days, we tried to work on our writing backlogs, but failed most of the time. The pull of gravity towards idling was far greater than our deadlines.

We aren’t sporty at all but the sports activities at Serenity Resort, which are free for use to all its guests, were our morning routine for the next two days. We tried paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkeling. We also had a great time at the outdoor pool as we showed off our diving skills.

We also had a lovely time walking along the shore at sunset, enjoying the calmness of the Gulf of Thailand. But most of the time, we just hung out on our veranda or hammocks and enjoyed the serenity of the place.

True to its name, Serenity Resort Koh Chang is just the perfect place if you're looking for a quiet and peaceful stay in Koh Chang. We had so many quiet times but we boredom never kicked in. There were silent moments but it was that kind of solitude that we needed. And we had serenity, at its best.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang (check here for discounted room rates)
Dan Khao, Koh Chang,
Trat, Thailand
Contact Number: (+66) 0880.924452
Email Address:

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