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The plan was to wake up really early to check out Balinese sunrise over the terraced rice paddies with Mount Agung on the background. As always, it was a failed plan as I only stirred to wake when the morning light peeped through the glass window. I prepped some coffee, went to the balcony and checked out the early morning scene at SereS Springs Resort & Spa. I then saw both of our moms at the pool, happily chatting. Oh yeah, this is the second time that we included them on our backpacking trip and it’s wonderful to see them getting along pretty well.

The sixth installment of our annual two-month backpacking trip, SEA 2 Africa 2018, allowed us to travel within our comfort zone during the first half and to venture into the unknown for the next half. We were thrilled as this will be our first long-term trip as husband and wife. Yeah, we got hitched a few months back, hello adulting!

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
SereS Springs Resort And Spa
We spent our first ten days in Bali, Indonesia with our moms. It was our third time here (the first time was during our ASEAN Summer Loop and the second time was during the Trip of Wonders) and our moms’ first time. It was last year when we let them experience our backpacking life for the first time by bringing them on the first leg of our trip in Malaysia.

We had a private car with driver that we conveniently booked online. It was our second time to charter the services from Bali Golden Tour and as always, we were pleased with the service from the company. We gave them our trip itinerary and Putu was assigned to be our chauffeur for nine days, including the airport pick-up and drop-off. You may want to check for discounted activities, tours and transportation in Bali here.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
One of the two infinity pools
Our early morning flight left us groggy as we arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport. After the standard immigration procedures, we sped our way to the arrival area where I saw my name flashing, it was Putu. 

From Seminyak, where the airport is, we smoothly traversed into the sleepy streets of Bali and reached the town of Ubud after almost two hours. We then went straight to our home for three days, SereS Springs Resort & Spa.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Gorgeous reception area
It was eleven in the morning when we arrived on what seemed to be a road to nowhere, there was only a bamboo arch trellis that covered the driveway. We were received by a courteous staff who immediately processed our booking reservations.

Tucked in Singakerta, right off the edge of Ubud, SereS Springs Resort & Spa is a relatively new resort in Bali that opened its doors in October 2017. There are thousands of different accommodation types in the most famous island of Indonesia but what this resort offers is a peaceful retreat from Ubud. With a regular free shuttle service to and fro its famed neighboring town, it definitely is a home away from the bustling crowd of tourists.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Cafe Dar Sini and Lounge
A refreshing ginger lemon iced tea and cookies were offered as we waited at the reception area. The glass windows provided an outdoor feel as the lush greeneries from the garden effortlessly blended into the lobby's Balinese theme.

I know it was too early at that time to check-in but we were asked to wait around 20 minutes for the rooms to be ready, it was sweet of them to accept our request.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Tropical haven
And just as promised, they gave us the key cards and we're ushered to our rooms in no time. The moms went straight to their room totally forgetting about us so we checked out the neighboring room, me and my buddy's nest.

Our spacious Premium Room echoed the overall theme of the resort—a tropical haven. Earth tones enliven the whole space with unique touches of Balinese culture and traditions—wood etchings, paintings, and such (check here for discounted room rates).

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Premium Room
A wardrobe closet will greet you as you enter. It houses an electronic safe, ironing facilities, bathrobe and all other knick-knacks for a comfy stay. There's also a mini-bar with snacks and drinks for sale, mini fridge and coffee and tea-making facilities. A huge TV with cable channels rested on a wall opposite the bed.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
The toilet and bathroom was set on a floor-to-ceiling glass walls with the freestanding bath tub as the focal point. A separate stall for the hot and cold shower was provided. Bathroom amenities were available as well as a hair dryer and a digital weighing scale. 

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
One of two bath tubs
A well-designed work station was immediately occupied by my buddy (‘coz his nomadic work lifestyle allows him to work while we're on the road). On the other hand, I occupied the lounge area near the balcony door. I know it’s weird but we’re territorial like that.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Outdoor bath on our private balcony
Our private balcony with outdoor bath tub and seating area was our refuge that steamy hot noon. I was about to get ready for a cold bath when I realized that we needed to have lunch.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
The view from our room
We had all our meals at Mulberry Place, one of the two dining options at Seres Springs Resort & Spa. The menu is a mix of Western and Balinese cuisines and I must say that the varied choices were definitely a drawback every time we had a meal. Choosing what to eat always posed a problem for us.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Mulberry Place
For three days, we got to try almost every meal they had and we weren’t even complaining. What stood out for me was the nasi goreng mawut and Hawaiian pizza.

Balinese Food
Nasi Goreng Mawut (IDR95,000 | USD6.50)
Balinese Food
Mie Goreng Campur (IDR95,000 | USD6.50)
SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Hawaiian Pizza (IDR105,000 | USD7.28)
Balinese Food
Soto Ayam (IDR80,000 | USD5.50)
SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Charcoal-grilled Chicken Burger (IDR105,000 | USD7.28)
My buddy was busy prepping some coffee as I submitted to the lure of the comfy and snuggly bed. It was just days ago when I stepped out from my last day of work and I haven’t had a decent rest, my lazy bones were already moaning in protest. So there I was, collapsed on the bed like a super hero who’s too tired saving the world, having no energy to even lift a finger.

What happened next was a 15-hour slumber with a couple of toilet breaks in between. Cocooned in the warm and soft duvet, my body was molded on my side of the bed. I just had my best sleep in months that I ditched dinner.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Sunrise over terraced rice paddies and Mount Agung as backdrop
I woke up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee as my buddy was having his first cup on the balcony. I went on and did my morning stretching as I watch over the stunning terraced rice paddies with a hazy Mount Agung as backdrop. The soothing effect of hearing the chirping of the birds and the smell of burning dried rice hulls brought me back to my hometown in the Philippines. I felt at ease and energized for our adventures in the next few days. 

We went to Mulberry Place where the buffet breakfast was served. We weren't surprised to see our moms happily chatting with the staff as they enjoy their meal. One of the great things about traveling with our moms is that we don't need to tell them what to do next as they know exactly what to do, like breakfast call time.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Complimentary buffet breakfast
A generous spread of tropical fruits both for eating and juicing were available—the moms swarmed over this area. My buddy, on the other hand, went directly to where the mie goreng (fried noodles) and nasi goreng (fried rice) were. Complete with kropuk (prawn crackers), my buddy's brekkie meal could stand as a hefty lunch. 

I checked out the bread section but was gravitated towards the cereals and yogurt area. Breakfast isn't normally included on my daily routine so in moments like these, I usually choose what I feel like having for that day. And I went to have a bowl of chocolate rice crispies and fruit yogurt, weird combo, I know.

We had a great time at breakfast as our moms got to chitchat with some of the staff where they learned more about Balinese culture. It was sort of a cultural exchange as they share interesting facts about familiar fruits and plants from Indonesia and the Philippines.

After the leisurely meal, we wandered around. Surprisingly, going around SereS Springs Resort & Spa is an adventure in itself.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Natural spring pool overlooking Wos River
We discovered a natural spring pool overlooking the idyllic Wos River on the lower tier of what seemed to be a terraced tropical haven. We had a quick dip and enjoyed the natural scenery. 

We spent the rest of the morning swimming on one of the two infinity pools (there are actually 23 pools in the resort, some of which are conveniently located on the private villas). Me and my buddy showed off our paddling skills while our moms continued their endless chat about cactus and more. It was a well-spent morning until early afternoon.

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Life is beautiful :)
I wasn't even thinking of having my afternoon siesta when we went back to our room. I overslept the night before and I wanted to carry on with my pamper-yourself day. 

The heat was unbearable that day so I decided to have a bubble bath while having Balinese white wine on our balcony. That kept me occupied for the rest of the afternoon while my buddy was stuck on his work station catching up on his backlog. 

After dinner, we found ourselves lounging on our moms' room watching a random travel show. We had chips and wine as we enjoyed funny anecdotes from different trips we had. 

SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Resort's well-equipped gym
SereS Springs Resort And Spa Bali Blog
Children's play area
SereS Springs Resort & Spa was our refuge for the first few days of our, yet again, two-month backpacking trip. The resort created an ideal setting for a much-needed respite to kick-start an exciting trip and it feels great to have shared it with our moms—it was definitely one of the highlights of this trip. And only if I could, I would treat them every chance I have because nobody deserves to get pampered but them.

SereS Springs Resort & Spa (check here for discounted room rates)
No.9 Jalan Taman Ganesha, Banjar Jukut Paku,
Singakerta, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Contact Number: (+62) 361.301.2222
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