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I could barely recall the last time I screamed so loud in my adult life that there’s this newfound joy in giving it all out. The screams from our stints at Sunway City’s Night of Fright and Water Park were the perfect stress-busters I needed at that time. It felt like I momentarily left everything behind and just focused on the challenges at that time—the fright from the horror houses and the thrill from the exhilarating water rides. We had an overnight stay at Sunway Lagoon and it definitely isn’t enough! 

Kuala Lumpur has always been one of our favorite cities in Asia because of, well, the yummy food. So when an invite came from the Philippines' leading low-cost carrier for a KL trip, it felt like a homecoming rather than a quick three-day trip. Cebu Pacific Air flies daily from Manila to Kuala Lumpur for as low P2,088 so it’s now easy to visit our neighbor city.

A group of thirteen wanderers joined together as we embarked on a three-day Malaysian adventure. We had a Kuala Lumpur city tour on our first day then went to Ipoh in Perak the next day. Sunway Lagoon was our last destination on this particular trip and we had almost 24 hours to explore it (check here for discounted entrance tickets to Sunway Lagoon).

The Sunway Lagoon is a theme park in Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia which opened in 1992. The 88-acre estate provides the best theme park experience on their six adventure zones including Water Park, Scream Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Wildlife Park, and Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. Aside from that, the property also has a mall, three hotels, university, hospital and more. Sunway is definitely more than just your typical resort, it's a city on its own!

Fright Night @ Sunway Lagoon’s Scream Park

The group arrived at Sunway Lagoon from our daytrip to Ipoh at around eleven in the evening. We went straight to Malaysia’s Premier Festival of Fear that was happening at that time (taking place during selected nights of October each year). It was on its sixth year and we were scheduled to visit six horror houses. We had an express pass which was paid on top of the entrance fee so we got to skip the long queue and went straight to the houses through a dedicated access.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
Don't be fooled by those cutesy Halloween thingamajigs
I'm easily tensed so I was never a fan of suspense-thriller movies or anything associated with Halloween. That being said, I was the least excited amongst the group as we entered the park. 

The initial warning before we entered the first house (with a slaughterhouse theme) was to not let go of the persons in front and back of you as we're moving in a single file. I kept on whispering to myself that everything was staged and that I need not to freak out as we went inside just to keep my cool. 

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
Random folks in costume would roam around then scare you, it's part of the production.
We entered the slaughterhouse and all I could hear were screams and creepy sounds. The flickering light added to the terror factor as we went into the maze-like dark house. Though I knew that everything was fake, my heart was pounding really hard as we emerged from one room to the other ‘coz it all felt so real.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
Fright Night at Sunway Lagoon is definitely my best scare ever!
I was so terrified from the first house that I kept my eyes closed the entire time on the next houses. If only I have the guts to face my fear but I don’t. The whole thing made my buddy realize that I wasn’t faking my fright when we watch horror movies. We’ve been together for five years now and this was the first time he saw me like that.

Sunway Pyramid Hotel

After the scare, we all went to Sunway Pyramid Hotel to settle in for the night. The newly-renovated 4.5-star hotel is just 35 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and features 564 well-appointed rooms as well as conference and event venues.

Sunway Pyramid Hotel Blog
Deluxe Park View Room
Me and my buddy were billeted on a Deluxe Park View Room (check here for discounted room rates). The 26-sq.m. space room is equipped with basic necessities for a comfy stay plus more!

What I noticed first as we entered the room was the installation on top of our bedhead which resembled to that of a starry night sky. Our twin beds were snuggly as well as the lounge seat near the floor-to-ceiling glass window.

Sunway Pyramid Hotel Blog
It's free!
There’s also a mini-bar, coffee and tea-making facilities, in-room safe, ironing facilities, and hair dryer.

Our bedside table had USB charging station and a complimentary handy smartphone with free calls and internet that you could use anytime, anywhere during your stay.

Sunway Pyramid Hotel Blog
Spotless toilet and bath
The en suite toilet and bath was spacious and complete with bathroom amenities. My body wanted to retire right away after an adventure-filled day but one of my favorite movies was shown on TV, so I had to watch it while my buddy was already perfectly moulded in his bed.

Breakfast was included on our stay so we headed straight to The Resort Café at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa where our group was assigned to meet.

Sunway Resort Hotel And Spa Blog
The Resort Café
I was surprised with the extensive buffet selections including Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, Greek, and Middle Eastern dishes. I was so confused while looking at the choices that I needed to scan everything before digging in. They also have a dedicated section for the fresh fruits, breads, salads, and drinks.

Of course, I had to have my daily dose of roti canai and hot teh tarik for my first plate then I went back to explore more. I also enjoyed their pastries and fresh fruit juices.

Sunway Resort Hotel And Spa Blog
Private villa at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Our day was just about to start so we ended our glutton sesh and went to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park for a full-day adventure. What I love about the park is that it’s located next door, and with direct access, to the famous Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Sunway Pyramid Mall and Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. 

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park 

I am not the type of person who’d go gaga over theme parks given my anti-social nature. But we had an amazing time at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park that it saddened me that we only had limited time inside it.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
Sunway Lagoon's Water Park
The vast property houses the world’s largest surf pool and is divided into five sections; Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park, and Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. Our group, with its different inclinations, split up into two teams—Team Hangin for those who desired to go to the Extreme Park and Team Tubig for those who wanted to go to the Water Park. Me and my buddy knew beforehand where we’d wanna go, of course.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
Wishin' we had more time at Sunway Lagoon
Honestly, I never had any water park experience prior to this. I dunno why but I just don’t have the patience to line up just to experience a thrilling ride before. Good thing is that we each had an Express Pass on top of our day passes which allowed us to skip the queue which made us enjoy the rides without the hassle of waiting in line for our turn.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
Vuvuzela, my favorite water ride!
First on the list was dubbed as “the belly of the beast” or Vuvuzela—the world’s highest, largest and thrilling water ride. The ride is the most prominent in the whole of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park because of its ginormous orange funnel-shaped slide. We didn’t know what to expect when we went here but we knew that it’s going to be fun!

We had to climb up a steel tower where huge circular rubber boats are launched. Our group, four of us, hopped into it and held on to the handgrips. After a quick notice from the guide, our boat plunged through the rapids then made some twists and turns into a huge funnel then plummeted all the way down. It was so fun that we did it again, and again. It’s totally my favorite ride!

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
Congo Challenge
The next ones were just about gut-feel, we didn’t know what to expect on each ride but we went anyway.

The team went to the nearby Congo Challenge wherein we were given a rubber mat. We had to ride down a slope using the mat with gushing water head first down. It was scary at first but we totally loved it.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
African Pythons, my second favorite!
After which, we went to African Pythons, my second most favorite ride.

Me and my buddy went inside a tandem rubber boat and were launched into the rapids. Not knowing what to expect, I closed my eyes and screamed as the twists and turns went on. When I opened my eyes, I realized that it was pitch-black. Apparently, it was an enclosed tube ride so nobody would anticipate a certain twist which made it more exciting.

After three straight water rides, we went to Surf Beach to chill a bit. The manmade beach felt so real that I wanna swim right away upon seeing it. But then, my buddies saw the Flow Rider.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
Surf Beach
I’ve tried a surf pool before in Boracay and it perfectly simulated the waves for surfing. So this time, I’m confident enough to try it. I was the last one from the group and the turbulent waves were intimidating at first. But when you forget about your fear and just go ahead with your board, then you’d be surprised on how well you'd groove around with it. An instructor will also guide you where to steer and stuff.

We had an hour left before leaving and although I wanted to lounge on the beach, we’ve got one more spot that we needed to check out.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
Victoria Falls and Zambezi River
Victoria Falls along Zambezi River was our last stop. Just like the Surf Beach, the waterfalls and the river are also manmade. With its seemingly legit features, we were  excited to jump into the river and swim towards it.

If it were not for our flight back to Manila that day, maybe we’d spend the whole day exploring the whole of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Or maybe that was also good as we’ve all got more reasons to come back, and hopefully really soon.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Blog
We had so much fun!
Sunway City is perfect for those who want to have a unique adventure in Malaysia as it offers different activities that will fit every individual. Whether you wanna go shopping or go on an adventure to a unique theme park or maybe just lounge all day in your hotel room, you’ll definitely have a good time here. 

3 Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 
Contact Number: (+60) 3.5639.0000 
Email Address: 
Theme Park Operation Hours: Daily |10:00am to 6:00pm 
Published Admission Rates: Adult (13 years old and above) – RM190 | Child (13 years old and below) and Senior Citizen (60 years old and above) – RM160 

Sunway Pyramid Hotel (check here for discounted room rates)
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,
47500, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Contact Number: (+60) 3.7492.8000

This trip is made possible by 
Cebu Pacific Air 
in partnership with 
Tourism Malaysia.

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