Great Eight. Symbol for infinity. Favorite anniversary date for lovers. Lucky number, for some. Today marks my eighth year in the blogosphere. My longest intimate relationship lasted for seven years so I guess my personal space on this overcrowded online world is going stronger. Video bloggers and online influencers with huge followings are the trend now, but I’m still tucked in my old school narrative way of blogging but I know that I’ve been too lazy on writing regularly (especially on my school-related posts), and hopefully I could do better this year. 

I never imagined myself getting married but I did hope for a lifelong relationship with someone who would understand me and could tolerate my crazy antics, regardless of its gender or whether what we have is intimate or not. I just want somebody who’ll be my “last call of the day” or that one person in the world that you know his/her cellphone number by heart. 

Change of name may not be required for newly-wed women but I chose to do so. We just got our official certificate of marriage but only my driver’s license has been replaced with my new surname. And just the thought of going to each and every government agency or bank is stressful. I’m not in a hurry though. I want to do things when I’m ready and happy to do it. 

Adjusting to having a person beside you at bedtime when you grew up having your bed all by yourself is not an easy feat, although it’s a happy problem. Waking up every day feeling more alive and with a new sense of purpose is amazing. 

I experienced mid-life crisis (I’m 35 years old and my father died at the age of 57 so yeah, I’m on mid-life now) last June and wanted to quit teaching at that time because of too many reasons like corrupt administration and practices. But here I am, still hanging on to the reason why I went into teaching in the first place. 

Choosing and buying furniture, cabinet, and huge bed. 
Painting, re-painting, plumbing, and hardware stores. 
Adulting at its best. 

I ain’t complaining though. 35 years of solitary wandering to almost 1 year of being part of an awesome team. 

Thank you for rockin’ it with me for eight years now! To infinity and beyond, or wherever life takes me. 

Happy 8!


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