Lucky nine. A cat’s assumed life. If it were my child, he/she would’ve been in fourth grade. Cheers to my ninth year on this little space of mine in the blogosphere. My blogger friends and I now consider ourselves as semi-retired bloggers (if there’s such a term). I haven’t written in a long time now ‘coz ‘adulting’ hit me really hard when parenthood consumed me the past year. Tatay Lakad Pilipinas. Nanay Blissful Guro. Baby Akira. We’re now three in the team. Woot! 

My old self wouldn’t recognize me today. I never set goals (which won’t work for everybody) and didn’t have much expectations when it comes to my life as I’m a ‘live for the moment’ kinda person. I never dreamed of being a mom (and a wife as I mentioned on my previous posts), but here I am, happy doing both. 

Me and my buddy have been married for almost 2 years now and 2019 gifted us with a chubby baby boy (I will definitely dedicate a separate post on my musings as a first-time momma). From knowing that I am preggo in January until I gave birth in September, and up until now, Akira has been teaching us on how to love selflessly ('coz I ain't gonna do those momma things if it weren't my child, I swear). Plus, for the first time in 36 years I left our house, for good. And yes, I’m still a teacher in a public high school and I’m on my 12th year now. 

My phone’s notepad is filled with stories that I have been meaning to share here. From changing diapers and chasing catnaps, my life has been dictated by our son that going back to work after almost four months of my maternity leave felt different as everyone’s lives went on while I was happily stuck there in our tiny home with my lovely family. 

So it was weird. Everything felt weird. Weird, in a weird way, that I’m feeling weird. 

Three hours and counting. I’ve been typing, re-typing, and browsing through my phone’s camera roll and got consumed with hundreds of my son’s photos and videos. That finishing this uber short write-up is extremely hard for me as my mind wanders off often. I’m having a hard time getting through this writing thing as it felt like ages when I composed something. 

Slowly, I’m catching up `with life as I remembered it four months back. And I can’t wait to share our family’s adventure in the coming months and years. We’re now a team of three and if you’re still reading this part (and my blog), thank you for just being there. I’m happy and steady, and hoping the same for you. 

Happy 9! 


  1. Hapoy 9!! At napapasmile ako sa transition ng blog mo. Hihi. So more baby stuff na ba sa susunod? Hihi.

    1. Thanks! Hihi. Hope makahanap ng time magsulat kasi more more dede si baby. :)

  2. Solid fan here! Do you have a name for your team?? Can't wait to read your upcoming adventures with your little man!❤❤


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