Fun Things to Do in Toronto During the Summer

Toronto is a cultural cornerstone that has something plucked from each quadrant of the world.  Unfortunately, we don't have unlimited time, so we have to narrow down our decisions of what we can do.  If you're ready for fun in the sun and a chance to kiss the snow goodbye, summers in Toronto are like nowhere else.

These are the top fun things you can enjoy in Toronto in the warmer months!  If you plan carefully, you can catch them all. 

Visit the Toronto Islands.

Most people would be surprised if they knew you could sneak away to beaches with white sand and beautiful water as far inland as Toronto.  The Toronto Islands are beautiful artificial beaches that have been party islands since they were first settled. However, instead of leaning into debauchery like many other party islands, these have become family-friendly resorts that still have a tinge of adult fun to them.

Lather on some sunscreen spread out a beach towel, and you'll feel like you're on the coast without having to deal with the cost of travel or the pressure of being swamped by tourists.  Toronto beaches are fun year-round, but in the summer is when they shine.  

Explore Rouge Park.

Centered around the Rouge River, this national park is a scenic mix of walking trails and untouched nature.  Many Toronto natives use this park as their go-to space to stop thinking about rent payments or homes for sale in Toronto.  Instead, with a bit of sunscreen and bug spray, you can bask freely in the open natural beauty of Rouge Park.  This park is massive, so you may never run out of trails or views to take in.  From fishing to biking and hiking, families and singles alike can spend weekend after weekend getting to know this park. 

Bike Through Toronto.

Toronto has more walkable streets than most other neighborhoods, and it's unparalleled when it comes to sightseeing while biking.  You can bring your bike or rent one of the hourly bikes offered around the city.  Tourists and locals alike will love the feeling of getting into motion and working out while absorbing the skyline, incredible architecture, and beautiful street art that make Toronto the city it is.  Biking through the city streets and alleys will leave you feeling like you know the city far more intimately than you would sit in a car. 

Visit a Botanical Garden.

Summer is when everything is full of life and color: especially plant life.  If you want a full view of summer and all of the splendors it has to offer, consider visiting one of Toronto's multiple gorgeous botanical gardens.  

From the Edwards Gardens have a high class and sophisticated air about them, to the Toronto Botanical Garden’s ability to wow and amaze with a gorgeous array of plants: you won’t get bored taking in these plants. 

Species from all over the world, incredibly clever layout and design, and award-worthy wildlife conservation combine to make every botanical garden in Toronto better than the last.

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